Kwese TV channels, packages and prices in Ghana

Kwese TV channels, packages and prices in Ghana

Are you a television fan? If you are then you are going to like the idea of Kwese Tv channels. Most people want to watch TV at a given time of the day. It could be during the news hours, entertainment hours or any time you feel like especially during those free times. Kwese TV channels don’t disappoint they will keep you glued in your chair with entertaining and informative programs. With the Russia 2018 World Cup looming, Kwese TV would be a great place to start this World Cup season. All you need is to purchase it, have it installed and you will never miss a single thing as Kwese Tv never disappoints. This article will focus majorly on Kwese TV channels, the available packages and their prices in Ghana. It delves deeper to unearth the channels and what programs they are famous for.

Kwese TV channels, packages and prices in Ghana

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Kwese TV Ghana

As mentioned earlier, Kwese TV is available in some African countries where Digital Satellite TV network has been licensed to operate. It is featured as one of the digital TV stations in the country. Alongside Ghana, the other counties are Rwanda, Zambia, Swaziland, Uganda, Kenya, Lesotho, Botswana etc. The list keeps increasing every other single day..

With affordable price rates and exclusive programming, the digital TV station is definitely taking over the Ghanaian market. Viewers of Kwese TV Ghana channels can access them through Kwese TV decoder and Kwese’s Satellite. The two are available at almost all leading retailers in the country. If you want Kwese Satellite TV installed in your home, there about a few options you can choose from. This option only becomes relevant once you have bought Kwese TV decoder. Let’s have a look at them.

Kwese TV channels, packages and prices in Ghana

The first one, in addition to the Kwese decoder, you can also buy the satellite dish plus installation, if you are not the do it yourself person. The second option is, suppose you have a satellite dish compatible to Kwese TV, then you can save money by purchasing the Kwese decoder only. Lastly, you can purchase the digital decoder, plus the satellite then do the installations yourself. This will certainly save on the cost.

These are the available options to choose from. The choice is yours. It should be mentioned here that a dish 90 cm is compatible with the Kwese Decoder. There are a range of Satellite dishes to choose form i.e. Kwese TV dish, Space HD single LNB dish, Samsat Dish, Startsat dish, Dstv Africa W4/W7 dish etc.

The charges for the digital decoders in Ghana are as follows:

  • The decoder price is 76 GHS
  • The decoder plus the dish and installation go for 145 GHS

Kwese TV Ghana channels

Kwese TV has an impressive portfolio with a full suite of unprecedented top-shelf content. Kwese TV channel list comes in the following categories: Faith, Sports, Kids, Factual and Life style, Music, News and finally Movies and Series. Depending on the Kwese TV package, a live TV in Ghana airs the following channel lists.

Having categorized them in the above segments, let’s look at individual Kwese TV channels in each category. It is possible that you will find something that suites you in this Kwese TV channels list:

Kwese TV channels, packages and prices in Ghana

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1. Faith/Religious

These are faith based channels. These channels offer full sermons and other religion related content. If you want to command your morning or wind an evening in style, you can watch them on Kwese Ghana. They include: Flow TV, ITV, EWTN, Hillsong Channel, Dove TV, God TV, TBN Mzansi, Inspire, Daystar and Ezekiel TV.

2. Sports

Kwese sports boasts to offering access to the following channels. Apart from Kwese free sports Ghana we have the NBA, rugby properties, ESL motorsport, boxing, Caribbean cricket and soccer. This is the advantage of getting digital TV channels in Ghana

The channels in this categories are:

  • Kwese sport 1 offers the following sporting actions. Cycling, premiership, copa libertadores, copa sudamericana, world title boxing, copa del rey
  • Kwese sport 2 offers Australian cricket, volleyball, marathon, athletics and golf
  • Kwese free sports Africa
  • Kwese free sports: it’s available in certain countries and subscription charges do not apply. The free sports offers; formula one, premier league and NBA
  • ESPN the world leader in sports entertainment.
  • Other Kwese sports live streaming channels include the likes of Liverpool TV, E sports TV, NBA TV, Arsenal TV, City TV and Spurs TV.

3. Kids channels

Kwese live TV Ghana has channels for your children too. DreamWork animation, POP, Toonami, Boomerang (a home of shows that are classic such as Scooby-doo and the popular Tom and Jerry), Cartoon Network, Kwese kids (empowers children with children friendly shows) and CBeebies. These animations introduce your kids to concepts through a comical approach. Children will certainly fall in love with this channel list.

4. Factual and lifestyle

The channels featured include; Animal planet (focusses on creatures both wild and tame and brings out their relationship to human beings), IDX (this is home to crime shows that are popular), Discovery Science- about scientific exploration, DTX- entertainment channel, Fashion Television, Kwese Know, Kwese Inc. Travel channel (covers explorations that are eye opening, fun and daring), Fine living, Odisseia, Nat Geo Wild and National Geographic

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5. Music

The following channels provides you with entertaining music that will make you want to listen more and more: They include; Trace Africa, Trace Mziki, Revolt TV, The box Africa, Trace gospel and finally Hip TV. For the lover of music these are the channels for you on the Kwese TV digital set top box

6. News

The digital TV station has news channels too. They include the following: Bloomberg Television- for those with interests in financial news, communication, analysis and information, DW the Germany’s international news channel, WION, CNBC, CNN, France 24, Sky News, TVC News, Aljazeera, BBC world news, Africanews and NTV.

These channels are diversified and give a comprehensive life coverage of updates as they happen across the globe. They will keep you informed on trending issues.

7. Movies and Series

This last category of channels air recent movies and series. We all love movies, they are entertaining and relaxing. Kwese TV decoder has channels meant for them. Let’s look at the available channels; Kwese Movies (1, 2, 3), Kwese Stories, Kwese Prime, True Movies, Passion, CBS reality, African Movie Channel (AMC), African Movie Channel Series, Zee BollyMovies, Zee Bollynova, AMC and Viceland (this channel is about current affairs it focuses majorly on food, music, fashion, technology and social issues).

Kwese TV guide

Kwese TV channels, packages and prices in Ghana

Kwese TV guide provides the schedule of favorite programs on different channels. Some programs run concurrently however one can plan on how to view their best programs on the above channel list using the guide.

There are about 3 ways one can watch Kwese TV in Ghana. You can watch it on your Television, using Kwese TV decoder. Note that this digital decoder in Ghana allows you to record live TV and watch at a later time.

The second way is on your smartphone using its operating system or android app. What you need to do is to download the Kwese Now Mobile App then install in your phone and your will be able to watch for example Kwese sport live streaming.

Lastly, you can watch Kwese TV online. This is most applicable to places connected with the internet. The devise is connect to the internet and the TV content is watched on the Kwese TV website.

The choice is yours depending on the convenience, Kwese TV has made it possible for its viewers to get the service anywhere they are.

If you are willing to subscribe to Kwese TV channels, the following are the Kwese TV packages and their prices in Ghana

  • A 3 day Package at a cost of GHS 15
  • A 7 days Package at a cost of GHS 25 and lastly
  • A 30 days Package at a cost of GHS 110

Ghana TV frequency and Symbol rate

Let’s look at Ghana TV frequency and symbol rates.

The following are the latest frequencies for Kwese Sport Free to Air TV.

If you are a sport fan world cup is around the corner and you wouldn’t want to miss any bit of it.

  • On Champion TV, do a blind scan, it's on 11o45 v40000
  • Belintersat-1 51.5 East 3876 v 6419 C-band
  • KU TP on Yamal 55e 10990 v 9.600

Other Ghana TV frequency and symbol rate are:

Kwese TV channels, packages and prices in Ghana

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1. Eutelsat 10east

Frequency: 3768

Symbol rate: 7706

Polarization: H

Encryption: AA BB CC 31 11 22 33 66

2. Intelsat 22@ 72.1 east

Frequency: 3742

Symbol rate: 13930

Polarization: L

Encryption: Free

3. Eutelsat 7A @ 7east

Frequency: 10720

Symbol rate: 30000

Polarization: H

Encryption biss: Free

4. 22w Kwese Viasat

Frequency: 3726

Symbol rate: 1000

Polarization: H

Encryption biss: Free

5. Bilinterast @51.5east c band

Frequency: 3877

Symbol rate: 6420

Polarization: L

Encryption biss: AA BBCC 31 11 22 33 66

6. Intelsat 20 @ 68.5east KU band

Frequency: 12633

Symbol rate: 16170

Polarization: v

Encryption biss: AA BB CC 31 22 33 66

Kwese TV is without doubt one of the best live TV in Ghana. It can serve well as a substitute for Dstv because it comes with lowly priced packages. It provides you with a list of channels that are educative, informative and entertaining. With Kwese TV decoder, one is entitled to free sports thanks to Kwese free sports channel.

We hope that article has been of help to you. Much information concerning Kwese TV channels, packages and prices in Ghana can be found through various means like contacting Kwese by calling or visiting their official websites for inquiries.

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