Top trending Tekno songs

Top trending Tekno songs

Tekno Miles, real name Augustine Miles Kelechi, is the king of Afrobeats; nobody does it better than him. The 25-year old Nigerian star is a popular songwriter, singer, dancer, producer, as well as a performer. Tekno songs have greatly gained massive acceptance not only locally, but also internationally. Basing our judgments from his long list of fanatics on social media, radio airplays, number of downloads, and quality of production, we will present to you with trendy Tekno Miles songs.

Tekno songs

Keep scrolling and find out if your favorite Tekno songs Nigeria has been nominated in our list. If not, you can take your time and download them and be entertained. Below are the top 10 songs from Teckno.

1. Tekno song - Duro

Tekno songs Duro is a breakout hit song that was released back in 2015. This song proved that there will be no Nigerian music scenes without Tekno Miles. The lyrics are quite friendly and the danceable beats crowning it all. The hit song is still viral hitting more than 44 Million views on YouTube. The streets accepted ‘Duro’ song just as it was expected. The title of the song Duro translates as wait/stay/stop; it is a Yoruba word. The write-ups are awesome making the Tekno jam a banger. Thumbs up to the producers of the jam Young John together with DJ Coublon.

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‘Duro’ is lovely song with lovebird’s declaration. You don’t have to listen to the whole song to notice the affection flow of the song because Tekno did justice to it. ‘ Duro song has a beautiful content and therefore there is no harm if you dedicate this hit song to your lover to express how you feel about her. Coming up with the right words to bring out your feeling must be a challenge to most men, but not anymore. You can download the trendy Tekno song or send her a YouTube link for the clip.

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2. Tekno & Cuppy song - Green Light

Green Light is one of the Tekno love songs that was awesomely crafted to get his long list of fanatic’s attention. The mid-tempo afro song has Tekno tradition presentation style that had an excellent influence on the hit song blending beautifully with Dj Cuppy powerful vocals. ‘Green Light’ has beautiful sounds with soft and cool beats that can make you forget your trouble away. The lyrics has a message for the lovebirds who are yarning for more love from their partners. Love is beautiful as far as there is respect, dedication, as well as honesty

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Tekno and Cuppy lines flow awesomely making the song hit more than 6 million views on YouTube. The artists, the producers, and the directors of the banger song nailed it. ‘Green Light’ is a pure Naija Afrobeat track has perfect everything from the video quality to the performance.

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3. Tekno -Yawa

Tekno songs Yawa proves that the gifted Nigerian artist has a golden voice making his hits to gain favor from everybody in love with Afrobeats music. ‘Yawa’ is one of the Tekno new songs released in 2017 and still in airplays to date. The lyrics are great with a plot of Tekno Miles cheating his lover, apologizing, and eventually the lady forgives her. If you are in a relationship, it is always good if you accept your mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and move on with your love life. If you cannot come up with the right words to apologize to your sweetheart, it will not harm if you dedicate them this Tekno song Yawa

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Honestly, the melody can only be described as immersive or infectious. The beats are friendly, the vocals are super awesome, the video quality excellent, and the flow can only be described as incredible. What does slang name ‘yawa’ the title of the song mean? Well, it is a popular slang used by the Nigerians to mean embarrassment, trouble, or even insult. In this Tekno hit song, ‘Yawa’ literally means ‘trouble’. Right? Currently this track has more than 21 million views on YouTube.

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4. Tekno - Pana

‘Pana’ is a banger Afrobeat, Hip-hop, rap, and pop song released in 2016 by one of the best Nigerian artist, Tekno Miles. The song is incredible and people could not hesitate to nominate it at the Nigerian Entertainment for Best Single. Currently the song has over 75 million views on YouTube proving that Tekno is the king of Afrobeats. The Rhythm is on point making it an incredible groove.

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Tekno songs Pana became so popular from the day its release to date in clubs as well as streets of different countries accepting it in massive numbers. Yes, some may say that the video did not elevate ‘Pana’ track, but the truth is that it did not diminish it. It has a lovely introduction setting with Tekno taking a bow that is followed with an amusing caricature like that of an action movie. Tekno cinematography choice was awesome, the dark shadows as well as plenty colors crowned the video quality. If you watch the video we are sure you wont miss to see the walls writings and the awesome Tekno moves. Tekno songs Pana remix with Yemi Alade, one of the popular Nigerian female artists, also killed it.

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5. Tekno - Go

‘Go’ is one of the Tekno top trendy songs released in 2017 and still viral this year, 2018. We can also place it among the Tekno club songs for its awesome cool as well as danceable beats not forgetting the top-notch piano melody. The message of the song revolves around Tekno praising himself and telling his listeners the realities of life. Yes, the message of the song might not be the main carrier of the song, but the vocals, the beats, and the video quality are at the top notch. As per now, the video has over 15 million on YouTube and the download numbers increasing in day out.

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‘Go’ track lyrics are simple and easy to hum in that once you listen to the song for the first time, you will find yourself humming and singing “Go! Go! Go Shawty.” Tekno nailed it and the song sticking on the lips of his listeners is left unquestioned. Tekno moves are also a killer because they make his performance outstanding.

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6. Tekno - Wash

Tekno songs mix such as ‘Wash’ have the same awesome presentation style making one to recognize Tekno songs wash more easily. He is unique, creative, as well as original and they is no any sign of the popular Nigerian artist slowing down. Tekno released this hit track on 2015 just after his trendy breakout hit ‘Duro ’remix that featured renowned artist Phyno and Flavour.

The dance moves of Tekno and his dancing crew was incredible making one to enjoy watching the hit song. Currently the song has over 23 million views on YouTube proving how it was widely accepted from different streets. The lyrics of the trendy hit revolved around declaration of love just as most of his songs. In fact, almost all Tekno hit songs have love messages.

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One can just predict that Tekno Miles respects lovebirds. You can dedicate it to your crush that is if you are finding it hard to come up with the right words to express your inner feelings. Tekno sings the love songs so flawlessly and his fans love him for keeping it real. In fact, if you are a good fan of Tekno Miles, we are sure that you have noticed that he releases a banger-hit song every year.

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7. Tekno - Rara

Tekno songs that are trendy such as ‘Rara’ got nominated at The Headies Award for Producer of the Year and City People Music Award for Popular Song of the year events. ‘Rara’ the title of the song translate as ‘no’ and he proved his lyrical prowess in this song. Tekno addressed the issues facing his country indirectly showing how creative and talented he is.

His main target was his country leaders and his message delivery was to tell them to deal with the small things (the basic amenities) such as to improve the stability of electricity, improve the infrastructural facilities, and ensure that there are good accessible roads. Tekno also added verses that condemned corruption and he told his ‘country people’ to make Nigeria a better place. The Nigerian artist awed his listeners for being too daring to address such isolated situations.

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Honestly, Tekno challenged many artists by telling them that great music can also preach valuable information and not the dominant love messages. The music instruments as well as the English and Pidgin language gave the song a beautiful flow. Thumbs up to Tekno for releasing such a great hit that is currently having 15 million views on YouTube. Tekno never disappoints when it comes to Afrobeats.

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8. Tekno - Diana

‘Diana’ is among the Tekno popular songs released in 2016. His vocal skill work magic on his hits making many Afrobeat lovers to give him a big tick. The love jam is currently hitting 25 million views in YouTube proving how trendy the track is. ‘Diana’ video quality is awesome and Tekno dancing moves catching all the attention. The track has very simple lyrics that can easily stick on your lips after a single listen to it. Tekno choice of beats are danceable and you wont spare your feet or head from moving.

The lyrics revolve around the love Tekno has for his lover; is a declaration of love. This means you can also dedicate it to your lover to appreciate her for being in your life. Some may take dedicating a song to a lover as a very small deed but to be honest, it revives and strengthens your bond. Yes, ‘Diana’ is not the best song by Tekno, but he nailed it for giving it great everything not forgetting his incredible performances. Furthermore, Tekno has loads of fanatics and his hits are greatly accepted no matter his streamlined lyrics and flow.

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9. Tekno - Be

‘Be’ is one of the Tekno latest songs released in 2017. Tekno has not released a video for this single hit, but the YouTube views are currently 2 million. The love jam beats are at the top notch and you can help it but move your body when listening to it. Thumbs up to Sarz, the producer of the trendy song. The lyrics have a message for the lovebirds just like most of his hit songs, but ‘Be’ nailed it. We are very sure most of Tekno fans can’t wait for the video of the song. Tekno is popular for releasing hits with quality videos and we are definitely sure that if he is planning to release a video for ‘Be’ he will nail it.

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10. Tekno - Yur Luv

Tekno songs latest 2018 is ‘Yur Luv’ and the hit song has 4 million views by now on YouTube. This song is swiping in most if not all countries making gaining Tekno more fame. His dance moves crown his songs, his vocals great as always, his video quality awesome, and his performance incredible. In this song, Tekno praised the Kenyan girls and Africa ladies as whole. It has simple lyrics that are easily understandable. The flow is fabulous, Paul Gambit being the director of the awesome track.

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Tekno songs have been widely accepted for his creative styles and performances. Most of his songs are love jams; ‘Duro’ is Tekno hit song that welcomed him into the world of fame. Tekno all songs such as ‘Where’ are also trendy and we are sure most of his fans are waiting for him to release an album. Right? Tekno is great artist among the top-class kings of Afrobeats that have succeeded in their career. If we failed to nominate your favorite song by Tekno in our list, kindly feel free to dispute it using our comment section.


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