Sweet good night messages for him: best ideas for wishes

Sweet good night messages for him: best ideas for wishes

In case you have someone special in your life, how are you planning to end the day with them thinking of you? Good night messages are the recipe in keeping alive the thoughts of each other fresh as you head to slumber. Whether you are in a relationship or just thinking of getting into one, this is the best way to show effort. You will feel a rush of feelings when sending them and it is a healthy way of maintaining a relationship. So, whether it is your boyfriend, husband or guy crush let them know exactly how you feel when the night is still young.

Sweet goodnight messages for him
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It won’t cost you anything, these good night messages paint a perfect picture of your thoughts and also your anticipation to see them again soon. You do not have to become a wordsmith when penning down the romantic good night SMS, not every one is talented in this sector. For all those struggling n this area, we have compiled a list of romantic goodnight messages from which you can chose from. All are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your loved one. As much as you love getting them, it is time to return a favor as also send them to your loved one.

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Lovely good night SMS

Before we jump on this bandwagon of sweet dreams text, the list contains different messages ranging from candid, romantic, sarcastic, and some even coy. Try to find the ones that best suit your current situation and make the most of them. For those in a long-distance relationship, these would help you get closer to each other:

“Today has been really hectic, just got home and exhausted about to hit the bed. Wish you were here for those sweet hugs and kisses. So, before I fall asleep, I will just be thinking of you till I fade away. Love you babe”

Work has been a major contributor in keeping couples apart. This does not have to be case for you too. You probably know the time your partner will be off work and the time before they doze off. Calling can be a bit tiresome so take advantage by sending this message just right before they hit the bed. Throw in some emojis to make it more romantic.

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“Even though we are miles away for some time now, I do not let it get to me since I will be meeting you in my dreams my king. Sleep tight and let’s meet in our dreams.”

Before leaving on that journey, leave a card behind besides your bed to remind him that you will be with them in your dreams. You can also carry a souvenir to remind them of you. Make time to send them the text and show them how much you miss them.

“As the day comes to a close I am reminded that there are many things I wish I could be doing this moment. I want your lips against mine, touching your face and your body next to me as we watch the stars. But for now, all I can do is send this good night message, sweet dreams and let’s meet in the morning love you babe”

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Sweet good night messages

Whoever said romance is dead was wrong. Just because you are the lady in the relationship does not mean you have to wait around to be shown romance. Take initiative and charge by showing your affection too. If he is far away, here are some goodnight love text ideas you can use:

“My need of you only increases when the darkness sets in. The silence and coldness of my room only reminds me of the warm memories we had together. I wish that our days would not end up with us in different paths. How I pray that some day my home will be your home. I can’t wait for the day we will be husband and wife. Good night love, sweet dreams.”
“Reminiscing of the memories we had should be part of my occupation since that is all I am doing lately. I spent the best part of my day just dreaming of you and me in an island together. I cannot wait until the sun lights up the world so that we can see each other again”.

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“Every time when I can’t fall asleep I look into the beautiful night sky and wonder whether you are also looking for it. I wish we could stare at the night together for life. There is nothing more I could give up in this world just to live in this moment forever. Good night darling.”
“The hard part is bidding you good night and sweet dreams; the hardest part comes when it is my time to fall asleep and tell my mind to stop thinking of you. I hope that you had a fruitful day. I know you are worn out so before you fall asleep, I would like to wish you a good night and sweet dreams.”
“Every minute spent with you is a fortune and treasure which I would like to hold on till the end of this earth. You have a unique way of making me fell young, wild and free. It causes my heart such pain and sadness that we have to bid each other a good night. Praying for those times we could stay up all night just staring at the stars. That may be wishful thinking on my part. For now, just go to sleep knowing someone somewhere is wishing you a good night. Love you babe”

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“Words can’t describe a man like you. Always working hard so I can never run out of anything. I want to take this moment to appreciate all the effort you put in order to place a smile on my face. As you return home worn out, let me be your energizer. Have a sweet night full of sweet dreams dear. See you in the morning”

Romantic good night message

Sweet goodnight messages for him
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How many times has he gone out of his way to make you fell appreciated, well it is about time you paid back. Not necessarily paying back as in a competition but to also show how you feel. Here is some good night love text that help capture the moment:

“A moment with you is like the beautiful and endless summer nights. You rejuvenate my life and make my spirits came alive. It totally brings me pain to see us apart although I console myself it will only be for a while. I wish I was with you sharing your bed with you but you have to bear with that for some time. Good night darling and best of lucks tomorrow.”

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“When the sun bids the earth farewell and darkness slowly approaches, I do not fear since I know you are right by my side to keep me warm and make me feel safe. Your memories keep me up at night. Have a peaceful night babe”
“If I had my way, I would travel a thousand miles just to watch you sleep. Words can describe the way I miss you. Just the mention of your name has me on guards. The sound of your voice melts my heart away. The thought of your kisses and embraces throws me up in flames. Really love you to bits. Sweet dreams my sugar pie.”
“I want to be the one that puts you to sleep every night. The one to protect you from all the nightmares. The peace in your sleep and the warm smile on your face. It may take some time but I am in it for the long run. Have a wonderful night sweetheart.”

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“I would rather spend rough nights sleeping out in the cold if it means you lay next tome rather than in this king size bed with all these sheets without next to me. It causes me pain that we are apart but it brings me joy that it is only or a while. Love you to death handsome.”

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Good night wishes

“Just learnt that ever since you went on your trip things have never been the same. The nights have become so cold and long. The space in the bed has become so big for one person. Still wearing your t-shirts to remind me of your smell. Hope you will be coming home soon, but for now good night handsome”
“Even if we are million of mile away, I can still feel you in my head. The thoughts of what we may be like keep me up at night. I have re-lived the part where I run into your hands for the first time after a while. Tonight, I will be running into your arms in my dreams. Have a lovely night”.

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“If only you could see how much your absence in my life is ripping me apart. The bed has become an ocean and I haven’t learnt to swim so I try to avoid it. The couch is like a bed of spines. The loneliness has become a prison. Please come back soon. Good night”
“Seconds turn to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days and days to months but my love for you remains the same. Distance won’t do us apart, time has nothing against us, speed will only increase so that we can be together again. Good night my knight and shining armor.”
“An empty bed keeps me up all night just thinking of when you are coming back. The loneliness is driving m cray, but I will keep myself for you. And when I see you my heart will skip again because right now it is silent. Lovely night babe.”

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Sweet good night messages

Sweet goodnight messages for him
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Playing around with words is the best gift you can possess in a relationship. It can help you out of some serious relationships. Here are some ideas on good night message to my love that will definitely warm their hearts:

“A dawn is soon to come and my love for you is set to be renewed. Laying my head on your chest is the best place I can be in this be. There is no other place I would rather be. Promise me that it would be like this forever. Lovely night and see you in the morning”
“Used to have the fear that I can’t leave without you, now I am comfortable because even when you are far away you will always have a piece of my heart. I know you are busy making a future for us and we are really appreciative of your effort. Good night wishes from your kids and loving wife”.

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“You thought me how to be strong in the face of danger. I learnt the meaning of brave through you. You thought me how to stand my ground at a time when everybody saw me as a pushover. You are the greatest teacher I have ever had. But you did not teach me how to stay strong without you. I miss you so much. As you go to sleep remember me in your dreams. Lovely night.”
“Before the night comes to an end, I would really like to hank you for your generous contribution of my heart bank account. You have been the largest donor of feelings and emotions. I don’t know how to ever repay but I hope this lovely god night message puts a smile on your face”
“I would always remember the first day you kissed my lips. You drew me in and changed my whole life. You came into my life and shifted it into paradise. Without your presence here, it feels like there is something missing. Please come back my love but for today sleep tight”

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“I am tired of sleeping on this bed alone, today is the final day. If tomorrow you aren’t here I am packing my bags and coming where you are. I can’t handle loneliness when you are there. I would travel around the world just to sleep next to you. Lovely night babe but stay warned”
“I would ride for you with no destination, I would die for you with no hesitation. But it won’t mean nothing if I have you right beside me. I can persevere through pain if it means it is all for you. Sleep tight tonight and may the angels guard you throughout your sleep”

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Good night SMS to my love

“Tonight, I saw a star in the sky and it reminded me of your smile. I know we have been having our issues off late and these long-distance spells doom on our current relationship. But rest assured I am willing to talk things out since I cannot live without you. Love you babe”

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“Hey babe, I am really having a hectic time at work and by the looks of it I would be running later. However, the fact that I would be coming to your loving arms s giving me courage to continue working. Hope I find you in that night dress. Sleep tight”
“Distance can’t come between what we have. Just to show my love I will have to build a bridge to your side so you can always have the access to my heart. I am sorry that all I can give you right now is words in this night love message but hoping you will come home so I can show you what I mean. Night love.”
“My heart has never lied to me on what it feels. So, when I tell you that I love you and miss you, you better believe it. We may have had some rough patches in the beginning but with time I know we can walk past through this. Love you to death. Sleep tight my love”.

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“I hope this good night SMS to my love finds you at the moment when you are trying to put your head to rest. May it warm your heart and put a smile on our face. May it be saved on the phone as evidence of ho much I miss you. Sleep tight babe.”
“I know that today may not have turned out the way you anticipated but I want to let you know that tomorrow holds a lot of opportunities. There is a chance to try again tomorrow babe. Never give up. You taught me this and it has helped me a lot. I hope this is the sweetest way to say goodnight and that tomorrow is your day.”
“You make it feel like heaven every time you are around. I want to be in heaven if it means you are next tone. I know you may have many sweet dreams messages but I hop this is the last you see before falling asleep. Sleep well my love”.

No matter the length of your relationship, good night messages help set the tone and tempo. Most men find ladies who take initiative to express their feelings through a love good night message as attractive. Do not be like the rest of the ladies who anticipate the man to make the first move and also send them the sweet dreams text. Take charge!

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