Sweet good night quotes for friends

Sweet good night quotes for friends

Finding the best goodnight quotes for a friend is very important. A good friend is hard to find and easy to keep. These are your second family from your biological family. As true as this is, many are the times we take our friends for granted. It’s not late however, you can still show your friends that you do care and cherish every single aspect of your friendship with them. To help you achieve this, we have compiled a list of good night quotes you can share with your close friends just before they retire to bed. Read on to find out more.

Sweet good night quotes for friends

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Friendship is one of the oldest gifts on earth. If you cannot offer anybody anything, at least you can show them love and compassion by being their friend. However, this is not all there is to friendship. With the continuous challenges in the world, it is quite easy to lose a dear friendship but at the same time easy to maintain and flourish one. As YEN we are committed to ensuring that your friendship blossoms and that your loved ones feel loved and appreciated thanks to our goodnight friendship quotes.

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Good night quotes for her

good night quotes to her

A night is a moment when you relax after having a long day of hustle or work. Night time, to most people is a special time whereby, all you desire is just to get into dreamland for we all would love to achieve those dreams we get while sleeping in real life scenario. Send good night quotes to her just to let her know that you really do appreciate your friendship. Show her that there are those moments you need her shoulders to cry on and someone to laugh with and that really means the world to you.

  • In your sleep, I would wish to be the cool night breeze just to give you some goose bumps and some fresh air to make you have the coolest night. Good night.
  • The universe is angry at me because I have declared no one can light or make my day as brighter as you do. The moon and stars are jealous of you, for you the only one who can light my night. Have a lovely night my best girl.
  • After doing all my research on the words that I can use to wish you a good night sleep, all I could get from Google was that I should ask my heart. And here is what my heart is leading me to do. Have a splendid night girl.
  • As much as the moon is glittering, and stars are shinning all over the space, nothing will ever replace you from being a glitter and a diamond that you are. Tonight I wish to say good night to the most amazing woman that you are.
  • I am moved to tell you that friendship is sweater than honey, comforting than a teddy bear, and sparkling than a diamond, smoother than silk, white than snow. Have a splendid night dear friend.

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Sweet good night quotes for friends
  • You defeat the shinning moon and stars at night in the sky. For you make my sky of life shine more brighter, this time I would love to wish you a blessed night full of sweet dreams my dearest friend.
  • As much as chocolates may be sweeter than anything else, to me your smile is much sweeter than a chocolate. I know you would be smiling reading this text and that’s my greatest joy to see my friend happy. I wish you sweet dreams girl.
  • I know we do fight, argue and all but we can leave all that behind and promise ourselves that we can make our tomorrow more beautiful than our yesterday. Let’s cherish our future together by making our friendship stronger. You mean the world to me my dear girl. Good night.
  • Listen to the moon and the stars singing you a lullaby song. The comforting song wishes you to have a peace of mind tonight and just close your eyes and rest. You deserve all the sweet dreams tonight. Have a restful night girl.
  • Maybe I have not been as good as you would wish me to be but just know you are the brightest and the biggest star in my life. Allow me to wish you a lovely night baby girl.
  • My wish is to see you in my dream for I really love you my friend and when we love, all we want is to dream with those that we love. Tonight my wish is to dream of you. Have a wonderful night girl.
  • Whenever the sun is set and the moon is rise and the stars are twinkling all I think about is you having a great night full of peace. Wishing you all the blessings tonight. Have a wonderful night girl.
  • After having along tiring day, tonight I want you to know that I’m happy and grateful to have you as my friend. You rock my day and you make me happy whenever I’m sad. It humbles me to be your friend. Have a wonderful night dear girl.
  • I think about you every single time, and I know you also think about me. But one thing for sure I know you do think about me whenever I send you messages. And tonight I want to just wish you a good night full of love. Good night girl.
  • Let tonight make promises to you, for it is not all about the sweet sleep we get, but also the inspiration we get at night in our beds. May you get inspired tonight and wake up with more new ideas. I wish you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding as you get yourself in bed and that’s the gift that I pray this night gives you. Have a glorious night dear girl.
  • Sending my good night message to you just to make your smile much brighter than this moon. And bring twinkle in your eyes than these stars. You are my wonderful friend that I would never want to lose. Just know that you are a friend for keep. Don’t forget you are an angel sent for me. Have a great night sweet girl.

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good night quotes to friends

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Good night quotes for a friend

Did you know you can still bond with your friend even at night? Friendship is a source of joy to many. As much as you treasure everything around you don’t forget to treasure and to care about your friend. Express your gratitude by sending good night quotes to friends. Rock their nights and make them feel loved and cared for with some sweet night quotes. Through these quotes, they will go thinking of you all night and this will keep your friendship stronger.

  • A friend like you who brings brightness along my way, may it be day time or night time, should be cared for. I make the stars to be my friends just like you. They are not just like any other planetary objects.
  • Relationships will come and go but friendships will stay forever. Making something radiant is by loving, respecting and caring for it and above all treasuring it. That’s how serious I take our friendship and all I can say tonight is that I’m grateful having a friend like you. Good night best friend.
  • All the memories we have shared together are just like the radiance of the moon, and the unforgettable fun games we had are just like the twinkle of the stars. All that lights up the sky in my life. Wishing you a lovely night dear best friend.
  • When two imperfect friends come together, they create that one perfect moment. And I still can’t stop thinking of those best moments we have created. Wishing my best friend a happy night full of wisdom. Good night friend.
  • Thanks for being part of my life and allowing me to share my dreams with you. In this life, most people are surrounded by millions and millions of people but they don’t bring change in their lives. But to me I am just surrounded by you and you have brought so much impact in my life. Thanks so much dear friend. Have a great night ahead.
  • Selfies are not as pretty and attractive as they should whenever you not part of it. And because of that I will not take any till I meet you soon, I can’t wait for tomorrow just to take as many selfies as we can. Have a blast night my one and only friend.

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Sweet good night quotes for friends
  • Nights are my favorite time, the calm and sweet silence that I dive into makes me happy, therefore, brings out the blissful and serene life after meeting you and making you my best friend. Have yourself a peaceful night.
  • You have brought so much light in my life through our friendship, you have light up the darkest part that not even a boyfriend/ girlfriend would do. Just like the stars bring light in the sky, the sweet memories we have had twinkle in my life. Wishing you a great night dear friend
  • The only thing I would ask for from you my dear friend, is to allow me be part of this friendship forever. Have yourself a very good night.
  • I feel good when my day ends with a message from you. That shuts everything in my life and it’s in that moment I realize the day has ended and I should be resting in my bed. And that makes me the luckiest person. But I wouldn’t want to dive into my dream without wishing you a very good night and send kisses to my one and only friend. I love you and goodnight.
  • I know you have been through too much but you should not count what you have lost in the past for the future holds it. It is said that past is gone and we should focus on the future. Taking this moment to let you know that I care about you and count me in, in whatever you may be going through. Have a great night best friend.
  • Get a happy heart night by brushing all the troubles in your blankets, all the worries in your pillows and put the sadness under your bed, it doesn’t matter how messy you will leave your bedroom in the morning but the most important thing is that you will wake up happy and energetic. Have yourself a peaceful and relaxed night.

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Help your friends enhance their motor skills and improve performances by you complimenting and encouraging them. Whenever you see your friend sad cheer them up, let them know that they have a shoulder to lean on. Help her use her weak points positively and this will boost their self-esteem. Take advantage of their strong points to push them achieve their dreams.

After having a long day with your friend or if you have not seen each other for a couple of hours or days you can send them the best goodnight quotes ever. This will make them feel remembered and cared for. Friendship is built with simple positive things created towards each other’s life. Embrace their efforts and show some gratitude by sending some good night quotes to them. As mentioned above use those quotes to make their nights memorable.

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