Sweet love messages for him or her

Sweet love messages for him or her

You are probably one of the people who regard love messages as childish and outdated. There used to be a time when love messages could land you a hot girl or dude. Those were times when we had to pen down our emotions on a piece of paper. But ever since the internet took over, love messages have been reduced to mere memes and emojis with the heart out. In the world we live today, it has become a bit hard given our commitments with life and our careers. It has become next to impossible to maintain a successful relationship for a long time, where did we go wrong?

Sweet love messages for him or her 2019
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Let's look back to when getting a girl you had to hustle. Back when you had to write a letter with short love messages to check if she had interest. I mean back to the times when effort was appreciated. Not this days where you can forward another man’s or girl’s words and land the girl of your dreams. Today we are going to relive these moments that made our childhood. Some of us came to existence when our parents exchanged this love messages after school.

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No matter what the scenario is, whether love messages for husband or wife, you can never go wrong with these heartfelt emotions. Go out of your way and try something new apart from the SMS. There are many techniques you can improvise in order to make the moment perfect. What do you have to loose from going an extra step to spice up your love life? Love is all the small things you do for each other. So it is time to get to get off your high horse and really show your love and affection. Try some of these most touching love messages that are guaranteed to spark emotions in your loved one.

Love messages for her from the heart

After many days of pursuit she finally said yes. She probably moved in with you and everything was great the first few weeks. But now there is trouble in paradise and you want things to go back to what they used to be. Well we have you covered; here are some ideas of deep love messages for her and how you can use them to rekindle your love life:

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  • “Darling I just want to let you know that you are the light in the dark, the sun after the rain, my shelter in the storm, my safe haven where I always feel at home. You are my only love. You are my world”

This love messages sweet nature doesn’t necessarily have to be said during valentines, her birthday or anniversary. You don’t have to wait a whole year just to prove that you love her. On a random day when she is least expecting this, surprise her from work with a card accompanied by a bottle of red sweet wine with a bunch of flowers and chocolate.

  • “The first day I laid my eyes on you it was clear that our paths were forever intertwined. My heart whispered to me softly revealing that the one who was to drive me crazy was right in front of me. Love to the moon and back”

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This romantic love message for her may sound a bit tacky and corny and you probably thinking she has heard it before from other guys. That may be true but she definitely has not heard it from you. It would mean the world to her if the words come out from your mouth. When she has had a long day at work, run her bath water. Help her into her pajamas. Massage her feet as you reveal this love messages her heart is in need of.

  • “Honestly speaking you came into my life and gave me a reason to wake up in the morning just so that I can love you even more. My life would really be boring without you. Thanks for being a blessing in my life. Xoxo

Who said xoxo is dead? I know emojis are the in thing now, but they are just overrated. Pour out your insecurities to her. Reveal these love messages for him and what your life would be if she was not in it. I was once saw a guy engrave the same on a balloon as she gave her girl with some flowers. That scene really made my day, try it out.

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  • “Babe, I you have been with me through thick and thin. When the world was cold to me you held me in your arms and gave me warmth. There are no words that can describe the kindness and affection you have shown me. I can never repay back in equal measure but just know I really appreciate”

Where would you be without your girl? Probably still in the streets hitting on every girl. But she came into your life and gave you a sense of purpose and it is your responsibility to show her that you have in your plans. After these love messages to her, you can organize for a candle lit dinner and have the waiter give her a serviette with the words engraved on it.

  • “Sometimes arguing is the beginning of understanding each other. I know it has been a rough patch the couple of weeks my love but just know my love for you has never flattered. I rather spend my life arguing with you than happy with someone else. Love you babe”

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Arguments are part and parcel of any relationship. In case you have had a fight, it is time to swallow your pride and be the first to apologize. It is with these fights that would make up for great memories in the future. When she is least expecting you to apologize, hold her close and ask her for your forgiveness. It does not matter whether she was the one who was wrong. Take initiative.

Love messages good night

Sweet love messages for him or her 2019
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It has been a long day and you are probably on your way to bed when that good night text hits your phone. How much fun is that? Well there is a joy that comes with knowing there is someone somewhere thinking of you. Here are some tips on how to pen down the perfect love messages romantic for your loved one:

  • “It is senseless for me to even wish you a good night since it won’t be good without me next to you. So at least sleep tight with my picture in your hand. Good night darling.

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You probably have to spent the night apart from each other and its bound to be a long, stressful night. Recognizing the absence of each other can go a long way in consoling each other. This is a simple and genuine way to make your loved one feel warm and fuzzy inside. In case you cannot call them to wish them a night a text is also another ingenious method.

  • “Even though you will have a rough night today sleeping alone, just let the memories of each other together comfort you throughout the night. I’m not be with you physically but just know in the mind I’m with you permanently.”

The worst part about spending the night apart is the memories of each other. The feeling is mutual and it is better to acknowledge that things are not the same with each other. Take some time to notify the other how much they mean to your life even if they are not present currently.

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  • “I know it may take some time before we lay eyes on each other, the nights are going to be long but every moment you feel lonely just hold this teddy bear together and let it remind me of you”

Before leaving each other, you can leave her behind with a souvenir to remind her of you. Teddy bears are the perfect means to be a souvenir. You have heard instances where your loved one wears your t shirts just to feel you next to them. This doesn’t have to be case, leave behind presents so that you remember each other.

  • “My future plans are to create a paradise on earth for you and fulfill all your dreams. This is what I dedicate my life to. Sleep tight knowing there is someone somewhere thinking of you”

This is the perfect love messages my wife you an ever send her. It lets her know that you have a future together. This brings her comfort and joy knowing in the long run you will settle down together. In case these are love messages to him accompany them with hot kisses and hugs.

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  • “Just had the most hectic day at work today. But I am going to bed knowing that I am going to meet you in my dreams. Hope where you are, you are imaging me in your arms. Sweet dreams, I love you”

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Love messages good morning

Sweet love messages for him or her 2019
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There is no way of making his day than through love messages for him. Here are some ideas you can use when writing down love messages for boyfriend:

  • “Even though I woke up miles away from the comfort of your arms, it comforts me that you are forever close to my heart. Good morning love you”
  • “Darling I know that you love the warmth of your bed, but I still hope that you love me more to get up, I promise we will meet each other soon”
  • Good morning babe, hope you had a fantastic night, well today is the D-day. We are meeting my parents for the first time, and later if you are still alive, we will go out on a date at our favorite place. Love you babe.
  • “Remember the day I told you that my dream is waking up next to you. Well very soon it is becoming a reality. Just continue holding on and praying for me. Good morning and have a wonderful day.”
  • “I hope my text fills your day with care, tenderness, love and affection from this moment till the day we bid farewell to this earth”.
  • “I just wanted to let you that I am the person who thinks of you in the morning and before you go to bed. Good morning”.
  • “Just woke up early to watch you sleep. The peace in your sleep really means a lot to me. I always want to wake up to this. Even though the future is uncertain, just promise me that we will stick with each other to the end”.
  • “Let the smell of coffee from the kitchen wake you up, and the scent of these pancakes cloud your nose and wake you up quickly or expect me to finish them all”
  • “Today I watched you fall asleep and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. I watched as a strand of hair fall on your head, as I gently removed it and kissed your cheek. I want this moment to last forever as I wish you a good morning”.
  • “Can you tell the reason why I appreciate you more and every day I wake up? Well if you do not know its definitely the smile on your face in the morning. Please continue smiling!
  • “If I had my way, my job would be to put in place your silk strands every moment you are asleep so that it continues looking perfect. Good morning my ray of sunshine”
  • “You can mess with imperfection, watching you sleep is art at its best. I don’t know why you struggle with that wrinkle on your forehead. It cannot diminish the beauty that lies in front of my eyes. Good morning lovely, you are perfect!”
  • "Good morning beautiful. Just can’t get enough of all your love and kindness that you have showered me with. I cannot start my day without you, lets make a pact that we will always wake up together”
  • “Sometimes I wonder why you ever need makeup, you are already a masterpiece. The only makeup you will ever need is that radiant smile as you wake up. Good morning babe”

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Love messages birthday

A birthday is the perfect space to pronounce your love and affection. Apart from the casual birthday cake and gifts, bday love messages mean a lot especially when engrave in a card. You can also attach the bouquet of flowers with these lovely love messages for her:

  • “Laying in bed thinking of you on your birthday as I wish you everything that brings will bring you total happiness today and forever. Love you”
  • “The fact that I’m in love just doesn’t make me happy. But the fact that I am in love with you year in year out makes me feel like the luckiest man on earth. Lots of love on your birthday babe”
  • “Falling for you was easy, staying in love with you was easier. Happy birthday to you my love”
  • “It is not important that this day to you is your birthday, it is important since this and every single day you are mine. Lovely birthday wishes babe”
  • “As you blow another candle and turn a year older, our love also turns a year older. You have ben a blessing to me these past years and I intend to make it stay so. Have a blast darling!”
  • “Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect words to describe how you are always on mind. Happy birthday beautiful!”
  • “It was definitely a rainy day when you came into this earth since the heavens and the angels were crying as they had lost the most honest, beautiful and hardworking angle. Happy belated birthday love”
  • “Love as if it is the last thing you do on this earth, dance as though no one is watching you, sing as though you have the angel’s voice. Continue living as if heaven was on earth. Keep blowing the candles baby love. Love you to death”

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These love messages combined with the gift ideas are the perfect way to ensure that your loved one has a day to remember. Most of the ideas do not cost a thing. The purpose of all these is to show effort and emotions. Hope with these love messages to my love, will put a smile on their face and end up in their good books.

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