Joselyn Dumas bio: family, career and story

Joselyn Dumas bio: family, career and story

Joselyn Dumas, born 31 August 1980, is a Ghanaian television host and actress. The sassy television personality is considered one of the prettiest women in the entertainment industry in Ghana. She starred in the 2008 film Perfect Picture and hosted the TV show Rhythmz. She is among the single mom celebrities in Ghana and the world. Joselyn Dumas daughter is turning out to be fine a lass just like her mother. This post takes you through the Joselyn Dumas full profile.

Joselyn Dumas bio: family, career and story
joselyn dumas biography
joselyn dumas hometown
joselyn dumas relationship

The actress who has raised her child single-handedly is said to have been married and later divorced. Not much is said about Joselyn Dumas husband. He is mysterious.

Joselyn Dumas profile

Joselyn Dumas biography

Taking a peek at Joselyn Dumas biography, you will learn more about her career and life. She keeps making headlines in the entertainment sector due to her beauty, class, style and her work. Most people consider her a style icon and majority of the women would love to have her figure. Most women at Joselyn Dumas age, 38, with a child just envy her. They cannot believe that at that age, she is flawless and still looks so fine. Here is how she rose through the ranks.

Joselyn Dumas education

Dumas begun her basic education at Morning Star School. She then proceeded to the Archbishop Porter Girls High School. At this school she was the entertainment prefect. Joselyn then went to the United States where she graduated with a degree in Administrative Law. However, most of her childhood was spent in her hometown, Accra.

Joselyn Dumas career

Joselyn Dumas daughter
Joselyn Dumas wedding pictures
Joselyn Dumas husband
Joselyn Dumas child

Dumas debut on was as the host of Charter House's Rhythmz, an entertainment show. She interviewed several celebrities. She then joined one of the country's largest television networks as a host of their premier show, The One Show. The show was aired from 2010 to 2014. She currently hosts a new TV talk show. The @ Home with Joselyn Dumas show airs in the country, across Africa and some European regions.

Her impressive career started with her role in 'Perfect Picture', which impressed the director and opened doors to consequent key characters in other movies. Two years later came her breakthrough in the movie 'Adams Apples' by Shirley Frimpong-Manso. She was later designated for best actress in a lead role with Kimberly Elise at the 2011 Ghana Movie Awards making her a more popular with viewers. She has had major roles in various movies and series. She has worked with some of the biggest names including her ex-boyfriend John Dumelo and OC Ukeje.

She also co-produced the Miss Malaika Ghana, a prestigious pageant. Joselyn is the founder and CEO of Virgo Sun Company Limited. With the company, she has already co-produced the movie, “Lover or Something Like That”, which was sanctioned by the UNAIDS. Her aim is to continue producing and investing in more television programs and series.

Some of the movies she has been in include Adam's apples, A sting in a tale, Peep, Lekki wives, The cartel and Silver rain among others. She is always exceptional while playing each role she is allocated.

Kofi Okyere Darko, a radio presenter, introduced Joselyn Dumas to the media industry. The beautiful actress has since then taken the industry by storm. Most people are not aware that Dumas is a trained lawyer. She had practiced paralegal before relocating to her home country of Ghana. Talk about following your passion and making it work for you!

Joselyn Dumas family

Joselyn Dumas and daughter
Photos of Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas parents
Joselyn Dumas husband

Joselyn Dumas parents

A fascinating fact about Joselyn Dumas parents that I bet you didn't know is that she was raised by a single mom. She is very proud of her mother and constantly talks about her. Bridget, her mother, was an exceptional parent to her who carried both mom and dad roles in her life. Her father, on the other hand, divorced her mom and married another woman. She rarely talks about him.

Joselyn Dumas husband

The actress is no longer with the father of the child as they divorced therefore she functions as a single mom. She prefers keeping her past life a secret. However, she once tipped that her past marriage was a "nice experience". She claimed that her age and her inexperienced nature were the reasons for her divorce. This was back then when she was staying in the U.S.

Joselyn Dumas baby father is a shadow in her life. She has managed to raise her daughter on her own. Despite being beautiful, rich and famous, she is not yet ready to settle down.

“Never stand begging for what you have the power to earn.”

She has based her life around this quote and it has been her motivation over the years. She is a passionate reader, loves to travel, admires nature, tries to exercise whenever she can. Above all, she is God-fearing.

Joselyn Dumas relationship

There were rumours that John Dumelo and Ms. Dumas were an item, and they had been seen being intimate with each other at different times and various places.

The rumours went as far as saying the two tied the knot at a secret location in Joselyn Dumas' hometown of Accra and among the attendees were celebrities and renowned people such as Ken Attoh and crew and staff from the Sparrow productions family. This was just part of a movie so the Joselyn Dumas wedding pictures that some of you may have seen were not real.

She has also revealed that John Dumelo and she dated for about two years before they broke up. They fell madly in love after starring in a few movies. The actress revealed this during an interview on the Atuu show with Abeiku Santana.

joselyn dumas relationship
joselyn dumas baby father
joselyn dumas son

John Dumelo got hitched to his pretty girlfriend, Mawunya. In the attendance was Joselyn Dumas. However, most people were not aware that that John and Joselyn were once in love. She was one of those who stole the show at the ceremony. Jon Dumelo joined politics and has declared his interest in contesting the seat for MP in the Volta Region. The classy, outgoing actress also revealed that she is finding it hard to get a man despite being successful because she has a child. Most men prefer women without children and this is becoming a big challenge to her.

I hope that one day she will find the love of her life and settle down as a married woman. I also believe she might be wanting a baby brother or sister for her child often referred to as Born Child.

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Joselyn Dumas daughter

Joselyn is a proud mother whose life is centered around her child. The actress confesses that it is her duty to protect her daughter and keep her away from the public. Just as with any other celebrity child, she is already dealing with attention from the public. The fact that she is as beautiful as her mother draws even more attention to her.

Senia is the exact look alike of her mum and is obviously turning out to be a beauty just like her mother. Senia Dumas was born in the United States. The mother and daughter share a real close bond with her mother. This is evident in the photos her mother shares on various social media platforms. Just like her mother, Senia is a bright and radiant young girl.

Sometimes Dumas shares photos of her daughter. Occasionally, you will find the photos of Joselyn Dumas and daughter posted on her social media pages. Some of these pictures are snapped by paparazzi for various magazines. Joselyn is a proud mom whose focus in life is around her child. She believes in working hard and not begging. This motivated and pushed her through the years of being a single working mother. She loves reading, travelling, nature, keeping fit and most of all dedicates her life and time to God.

Joselyn Dumas divorce

Due to her past divorce, the sassy actress has a different perspective of getting married and being in a relationship. Joselyn Dumas relationship status remains single even though she was married before. There are rumours that she got her baby out of wedlock and some people even talk of a Joselyn Dumas son. The divorce happened while she was staying in the states and has been a single mother since. Joselyn Dumas ex husband is rarely mentioned by her.

Jocelyn Dumas is worth every penny she gets as she continues to work without limit and has risen through the ranks without any favors. She is a successful actress in Ghana with a net worth of $400,000. Her source of wealth is definitely her hard work, passion and effort that she puts into everything she ventures into.

Joselyn Dumas house

A state of the art, well-furnished craft houses Ghana's top actress. The house has been used to shoot the show "@home with Joselyn Dumas".

Joselyn Dumas films

Here is a list of all the talk shows, movies and series that she has featured in:

  1. Adams Apples
  2. Love or Something Like That
  3. A Sting in a Tale
  4. A Northern Affair
  5. Lekki Wives
  6. @ Home with Joselyn Dumas

These and more films can be found at her YouTube channel. Subscribe and enjoy the prowess of this Ghanaian queen!

She also made a special appearance in the hit track "Fine Lady" by Lynxx featuring Wizkid. In the song, Joselyn appears as the bride.

Joselyn Dumas awards and recognition

Her role in Adams Apples where she acted as Jennifer Adams, the lead character got her a nomination for best actress. Joselyn Dumas was made the brand ambassador of Range Rover Evoque in Ghana. Later in 2014, she became the brand ambassador for an advertisement firm, Jobberman Ghana.

Other than receiving awards, nominations and endorsements, she has also been voted the most glamorous actress, the person with the best Instagram page, and even the most outstanding personality in creative entrepreneurship. She has been a game changer in the movie and entertainment industry in her country Ghana.

Since 2011 to 2015, the voluptuous actress has managed to garner several awards and numerous nominations for her role as an actress, TV host among other things.

The renowned TV personality and Ghanaian actress is always catching the attention of many viewers. Jocelyn Dumas caused a social media frenzy when she attended the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Her hips and body have made her quite famous and popular among both her male and female viewers. Nevertheless, when she made the appearance at the awards, most people were left speculating whether the hips were real or she had had them enhanced to be that curvaceous. As usual, she looked gorgeous but her hips left people wondering how big they had grown overnight.

Joselyn Dumas philanthropy

Joselyn is a philanthropist. She works with causes that concern children and believes in giving back to society. She appreciates charity, an initiative which has led to the creation of the Joselyn Canfor-Dumas Foundation (JCDF). The organisation assists children from vulnerable backgrounds and regions in her country of Ghana. The foundation is currently focused on working with children with autism.

joselyn dumas biography
joselyn dumas hometown
photos of joselyn dumas

Joselyn Dumas best photos

photos of joselyn dumas
joselyn dumas biography
joselyn dumas hometown

You can find her on various social media platforms and even see photos of Joselyn Dumas on instagram and facebook. Her accounts are active with thousands of followers and fans from all over the world.

Just like any public figure in the limelight, her life can never be a private as she would love to. Reporters are always following her wherever she goes. Her life is always in the public domain and whatever she does always has people talking. The actress is still going strong and there is no stopping her at any moment. She has the drive and motivation to continue delivering in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

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