100+ best names that mean dream, illusion, vision for boys and girls

100+ best names that mean dream, illusion, vision for boys and girls

The baby naming process is one of the most exciting activities for parents. Newborns are often named after things or people that inspire the parents or the events surrounding their birth. Names that mean dream or success are a great choice for parents thinking about the child's future and what they hope they will grow to be.

Names that mean dream
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Names that mean illusion are used by different communities in the world. Asian, African, and European names that mean vision are another popular category for parents who think of what is ahead of the kid's lives.

Best names that mean dream, illusion, and dream

Baby names that mean dream inspire you and help you find the name that is just absolutely made for your precious baby girl or boy. They give you a magical and charming vibe. Here is a list of some of the best names that mean dream, illusion, and dream.

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Female names that go with dream

Several beautiful names go with dreams that you can give your child. Monikers from the Bible, ancient societies, and communities across the world, are a good choice. Girl names that mean dream can be modified to sound local if you are creative enough.

  • Aisling - Dream or vision in Gaelic
  • Alora - My dream (Bantu language spoken in Botswana)
  • Esperanza - Hope or dream (Spanish)
  • Devamayi - Divine illusions
  • Fantasia - Fantasy or dream (Italian)
  • Alora - My Dream (Latin)
  • Goda - Lithuanian name that means thought or dream
  • Azlin - A night vision or a dream
  • Alviva - A dreamer as well as an achiever through their ingenuity and leadership abilities
  • Hayal - Turkish name meaning dream, fantasy, imagination
  • Kalpana - Fantasy or drean in Sanskrit
  • Illisha - One who creates an illusion
  • Alyan - The one accomplishing the impossible dream
  • Kanasu - Dream (Hindu)
  • Maya - Illusion (Sanskrit)
  • Joetta - Dreamer (Old English
  • Bhranti - Daydream
  • Nisa - Night, dreams (Thai)
  • Nyx - Night (Greek)
  • Ahlaam - Dreams
  • Menaali - Vision, dream (Irish Gaelic)
  • Chitramaya - Worldly illusion
  • Hayal – Dream, vision (Old English)
  • Oniria - Dreamlike (Spanish)
  • Godusa - Big dream (Old English)
  • Ashling - A beautiful vision or a dream
  • Reverie - Daydream (French)
  • Arkaparna - A desire or a dream; sun's child
  • Nara - Dreamland (French)
  • Roya - Dream or vision (Persian)
  • Guraman - Illusions, dreamer (Irish Gaelic)
  • Sanja - Dream (Serbian and Croatian)
  • Sovanna - Golden, dream (Khmer)
  • Narkissa - Sleep (Greek)

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Female names related to dreams

Names that mean dream
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Dreaming, whether when sleeping or when thinking about one's goals, is something everyone does. There are a dozen Greek, Asian and African names that are related to sleep and dreams. The names that mean dreamer are sweet to pronounce and make one stand out.

  • Penelope - Dreaming or illusion
  • Yume - Dream (Japanese)
  • Chimere - Dreamy (French)
  • Svajone - Dream (Lithuanian)
  • Eislyn - Dream; a beautiful and pretty rose
  • Deisy - One who achieves dreams; passionate
  • Ashlyn - Dream
  • Mahamaya - Of great illusions
  • Yerazig - Little dream (Armenian)
  • Godusa - Ability to change or transfer the dream
  • Ahlam – Dreams, utopia
  • Lourdes - Visions, illusions (French)
  • Baduli - Dreamer, thinker, philosopher
  • Esperaunce - To dream or to hope
  • Swapnika - Visions, illusions (Irish)
  • Narcisse - Sleep (Latin)
  • Anoushka - Fulfilling one’s dreams (Hindu)
  • Marzena - Dreamed one (Polish)
  • Swapan - Dream, vision (Hindu)
  • Zlota - Golden dream (Polish)
  • Samvrita - Invisible due to illusions
  • Sadira - Dreamy (French
  • Avic - Dreams or goals (Irish)
  • Sapana - Dreamy (Irish)
  • Azlin - Dream or night (French
  • Swapnasundari - Woman of dreams (Irish)
  • Joya - Fulfilled dream

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Cute male names that mean visions and dreams

Names that mean dream
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Thinking of giving your child names meaning dream walker or names meaning sleep? There are a variety of good monikers that you can choose from. The names are short and often easy to pronounce. A child with a native name meaning dreamer or one with illusion could be a great blessing for them as they grow up.

  • Almos - Dream (Hungary)
  • Diccin - A casual daydreamer; neat individual
  • Swaranlal - A dreamy person
  • Amets - Dream (Basque)
  • Kilo - Daydreamer
  • Dilshad - One who has dreamy eyes and a happy heart
  • Ayumu - Dream, vision (Japanese)
  • Dissaith - A daydreamer and a hard-working person
  • Eidnuet - A neat daydreamer
  • Jonn - Dreams (Irish Gaelic)
  • Endri - Dreamer (Albania)
  • Helem - Dreaming (biblical name)
  • Morpheus - God of dreams (Greek Mythology)
  • Oneiroi - Personification of dreams (Greek mythology)
  • Brizo - Slumber (ancient Greece)
  • Abhidhyan - Dream or deep consideration.
  • Albadawi - Soul urge, Inner Dream
  • Arien - An enchanted and dreamy person
  • Ceeven - A Name that came to a person from Dream
  • Arman - Dream vision (Kazakh)
  • Dailon - A daydreamer
  • Cenred - An old King who is a daydreamer
  • Chavez - Dream maker; keys
  • Bruadair - Dream (Irish Gaelic)
  • Chelem - Dream
  • Ramiel - Dream (Hebrew)
  • Chimere - A dreamy individual
  • Clochides - A hard-working, impulsive, and a daydreamer
  • Lalu - Field of dreams (Egypt)
  • Eidniuet - Daydreamer
  • Cimon - Sleepy (Latin)
  • Reve - Dream (French)
  • Narcyz - Sleepy, dreamy (Polish)
  • Swapnili - Dreamline
  • Granger - Live in the dream world
  • Nirmoha - Free from illusion
  • Gresham - Dream achiever
  • Guifi - Dream
  • Guaraman - Illusions (Hindu)
  • Joldewin - Vision, visionary

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Name selection should be an easy process for parents that care about their children. To come up with distinct names like names that mean dream, illusion, or vision, start your research early. You can ask neighboring communities or browse the internet for names that you hope fit your unborn child.

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