Best Whatsapp status about life

Best Whatsapp status about life

It is always a good thing to express one's feelings and emotions. A Whatsapp status about life will help you do just that. It is always great to encourage, to motivate, to put a smile and even to have fun on Whatsapp. Today, people can get the encouragement they need online by viewing their friends' statuses. Most people post their experiences, the happenings in their day as well as lessons they have accumulated in life. The simple act of reading through these statuses can have a positive impact on one's life. Whatsapp statuses have given many people a reason to smile in life because it helps them express themselves. With the dynamic changes in life, ups and downs, happy moments and sad moments, people will always appreciate a word, or a short message that suits their situation. This article shows some of the statuses posted by different people on Whatsapp concerning their life experiences.

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very short whatsapp status about life
unique whatsapp status about life
whatsapp status school life video
happy life status

Life is a journey that can be both exciting and limiting. Every person has their moments in life. Some of these moments will cause you to be proud while others can trigger you to rethink. Regardless of what you are going through, there is always a lesson to learn from it. Most people, out of the desire to share their life's lessons tend to post on their Whatsapp statuses. The following are some of the views people have posted.

Whatsapp status ideas

You can post about anything you want. The following ideas will help you get started.

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Whatsapp status about life motivation

Motivation is a driving force for one to achieve their goals. Whatsapp status about life is one of the modern ways to get motivated, or to even motivate someone else. This kind of motivation will encourage you to get through anything in life, no matter how difficult. Nearly every person will appreciate being motivated at any time. It does not matter if they are sad or happy, satisfied or in want or if they are successful or struggling. Statuses of this nature will help motivate somebody.

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Do you want to find yourself? Face the truth. There are no two ways about it

This is an excellent status for someone struggling to accept the truth about their situation.

A human being is a beautiful creature. He has the potential to achieve whatever the mind conceives.

This status will remind you to always focus on your potential. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Waiting for lovely moments in life? Create them; otherwise, you will die waiting.

This excellent status is a reminder for people to take action. Waiting only leads to delay or failure.

Time is always right to do the right thing.

This status encourages people to get started as long as they are doing the right thing.

You are a hero. It is only that you have refused to come out of your comfort zone.

This encouraging status will encourage you to believe in yourself. It is a nudge to push yourself beyond your limits

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Best Whatsapp status about life partner

Most people desire to have life partners. In fact, they do not want just any life partner, but the right one. Whatsapp statuses about life partners are not just for singles but are also for those who are married. The best status about a life partner will prepare the singles for that special person, and teach the married to maintain and cherish their partners. Most importantly, they will excite the two parties. These are just a few examples.

You are my life and that’s why I love you.

This is a show of how two people can love and express their love for each other.

Stop dreaming of getting the right partner. Focus on adding value to your life and training yourself to be the partner everyone will admire. You will attract the right person.

This is especially great for singles aspiring to get married. You will learn how to take care of your own needs first. This one liner true Whatsapp status about life in English will knock some sense into your head.

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What I have in my life matters not. It is who I have in my life that makes the difference.

This is a status showing the value of sacrifice for the one you love.

Short and precise Whatsapp status

Sometimes you need to keep it short and straight to the point. Here are examples.

The truth is always sweeter than honey to the soul.

Since truth is one of the qualities that keeps life partners together, it is essential to ensure that Whatsapp statuses about life partners are accurate. Otherwise, the consequences could be devastating.

A worthy partner will love you because your combined souls perfectly complement each other.

This is a status that will teach others to find the right partner.

Sad quotes about life for Whatsapp status.

Sad moments in life are inevitable. Speaking out what is in the heart is one of the best ways to relieve and refresh one’s soul. Also knowing that there is a person who is going through the same or a worse situation makes the burden lighter. At times we have no one to share issues with. We are therefore left with Whatsapp status as the only way out. You will be encouraged as you move along. Here are sad quotes about life that are good for Whatsapp status.

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Dear heart, your role is unquestionably one and that is to pump blood. Stop getting yourself involved in this traumatizing situation.

This status tries to instruct the heart not to dwell on issues that make it sad.

A goodbye never said or explained is the most painful.

This status reveals the pains that come with the lack of closure.

I have had enough, all I wonder is why things keep happening to me

This is a status showing that someone is fed up with life's issues.

This question can’t get off my mind. Why did you stop loving me?

This is a status showing someone that struggles after a breakup.

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Coolest Whatsapp status about life

very short whatsapp status about life
unique whatsapp status about life
whatsapp status school life video
happy life status

Who would not want to live a cool life? Reading the coolest Whatsapp status about life especially when you are relaxing on your couch after a long tiresome day gives you a reason to wake up the following day and get back to work. Here are a few examples of the coolest Whatsapp messages just for you.

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A new day is another opportunity to better your life.

This status will re-energize and rejuvenate you for what lies ahead

When you get what you want, life becomes your best friend, when you don’t, life is a teacher.

This status will encourage you to take life as it comes. Win or lose, what matters is the lesson that comes from it.

You are worthy of big things in life, not because they are meant for you, but because you appreciate the small stuff.

This is a reminder to appreciate and work through the small things in order to get to the big things.

You dislike my attitude only because you don’t know it’s as a result of how you treat me.

This is a message to someone that may find your attitude cross yet they are the reason behind it.

Do you want a new 'Hello' in your life? Be courageous enough to say 'Goodbye'.

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This status is a reminder to anyone that needs to move on. For it to happen, you must first close the previous chapter that is causing you to stagnate.

Very short Whatsapp status about life

One intelligent person said that a word is enough for the wise. In the same way, simple short Whatsapp status about life can transform a person's life for good. And who knows, these status examples below may just be what you need to read to transform your life.

Everything good or bad happens for a reason.

This is a functional status for a person overwhelmed by difficult issues.

Life is a reality to experience not a problem to solve.

This status is a great reminder on how to handle life. A day, at a time.

Zeal is an inner desire that craves for results.

This status reminds us to be zealous beings if we are to make it in life.

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What else can you do in this life other than to love it?

This is a simple reminder that love for life drives everything.

Unique Whatsapp status about life

For your Whatsapp status about life to remain relevant, they have to be unique. Uniqueness does not just come; you have to create it. It could be an inborn talent but still one that you can learn through practice. These are some of the unique Whatsapp status examples about life:

Worried of how hard the struggle is? Start rejoicing for the victory will be super glorious.

This status shows that life is two faced. Every struggle and pain yields joy and happiness.

You need not fear rejection. It’s an opportunity to take the right direction.

This is a way of encouraging people to embrace life despite the possibility of rejection

Make maximum use of opportunity when an opening shows up. Otherwise, you might regret till the day you die.

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Motivational messages about life

This is a reminder to not second guess things in life. Grab a chance whenever it presents itself.

There are things you can’t change. To be happy about them is only by letting go.

This is a simple way to encourage yourself to deal with things that you cannot reverse.

I only ask for pizza but not anyone’s opinion about me.

Simple and straight, no one's opinion about you matters if they are not your own. Do not listen to negative critics.

I was on my way to hug a very sexy person only to hit the mirror.

This is a great way to appreciate yourself. It is a perfect example of self love.

Whatsapp status school life video

School life is always fun. It is the only time you have people taking care of all their needs. You get to have money that has no definite use. A school life video will keep the sweet memories of when you were still studying alive. It is always good to make a school life video that can be used for Whatsapp status. This will help keep the memories alive long after you are done with school.

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Happy life status

Keeping yourself happy is hard work. Fortunately, it is not impossible. After all, everyone would want to associate themselves with happy people. The following life status will positively express your happiness.

Happiness is like a sweet aroma. It does not just come from nowhere.

This will encourage you to cultivate your own happiness.

This is the moment to be happy. Rejoice and celebrate to your level best.

This status will encourage you to be happy now and not to wait for an opportune time.

Leave whatever does not make you happy and preserve only that which makes you happy.

This is an encouraging status pushing you to chase the things that fulfill your joy in life.

Its 1st January, the beginning of a new year. It comes along with new chances loaded with new feelings.

This is a status that will get you started right when the new year commences.

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Motivational Whatsapp status

very short whatsapp status about life
unique whatsapp status about life
whatsapp status school life video
happy life status

With the hardships in life today, motivation is a crucial component as it keeps people moving.

Life is more about making an impact and not necessarily earning an income.

This status will motivate you not to focus on your pay alone.

Adding value to your life is more important than striving for success.

This status will push you to change your perspective in life by adopting a value system as opposed to chasing success blindly.

Loving what you do enables you to achieve a lot in your work.

This status encourages you to focus on achieving your goals.

New beginning status for Whatsapp

A new beginning is something to celebrate especially when it comes after an extended period of failure and disappointment. We all look for new beginnings and long to embrace new perspectives when we are in hard situations. Consider the following statuses as examples.

Every minute is an opportunity to start afresh for failure is not falling, but accepting to remain down.

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Such is an encouraging status that can uplift the soul of a person who has failed and felt like that is his or her end.

As you start this new year, be confident that it’s full of success and victory.

This status is good for a person who has fought one battle after another for a whole year.

It has been tough, I would have given up if this thing would have persisted, but today my heart limps with joy. I can’t believe it’s over.

Such is a status for a person who has already overcome.

Simple Whatsapp status

Some statuses will only bring out the intended meaning if they are kept short, especially those that are meant to be humorous. In addition to this, some people find it annoying to read a very long Whatsapp status. Here are a few quick Whatsapp statuses that are meaningful.

I’m famous because of my haters.

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Disturb me, please! Am fully available.
You are the only one left. Be yourself.

Described above are some of the best Whatsapp status about life. You can choose to put any of them as your status. They are a representation of what most people post at different phases of their lives. In case you want to describe what you are going through, then they can serve as a good example to get you started.

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