Best motivational books

Best motivational books

Achieving personal goals is not a walk in the park. Occasionally, a person requires a lot of motivation. One way to gain this motivation is by reading motivational books. Several authors have written interesting and helpful motivational books that individuals can rely on to grow. Motivational books also enable a person to realize the strength that they have within them. They contain essential tips on how a person can overcome fears and challenges, what they should do to achieve their goals and what they should do to make positive transformations in their lives.

Best motivational books

Listed below are some self motivation books that people can use as sources of every day motivation. When you make reading a habit, definitely, you are going to achieve immeasurable success.

Best motivational books

Sometimes, people tend to be discouraged by the way things go in life, not as they expected. Once that happens, its always advisable to take time nd motivate yourself. Here are some books that will leave you more energetic and motivated once you read them.

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Best motivational books

1. The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz

This is one of the best inspirational books. This book provides a personal framework upon which a person can find freedom. Often, the challenges we face and the criticism we get from others discourage us from pursuing who we are. In this book, Miguel Ruiz provides four ways or agreements that a person should practice to find freedom. He warns people about gossiping; people should mind their own businesses. He also urges individuals not to take things personally, to avoid assuming things and to do the best they can for themselves. Embracing these practices can enable a person to focus on developing themselves amidst the societal challenges they may face. This book is among the top inspirational books.

2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

If you are looking for ways to achieve personal growth both in finances and other areas of life, this book can provide all the inspiration that you need. Think and Grow Rich is one of the top motivating books. Napoleon discusses about how what we think or do is related to what we achieve. The success in life or business is embedded in what we think. Our imaginations turn to actions. Therefore, if a person is willing to grow, they must embrace a positive attitude and thinking. This is definately one best books of all time

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3. Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

People looking for best books for inspiration should read this book by Tony Robbins. In this book you will find insights on how to achieve success and is one of the most excellent self confidence books. Tony Robbins asserts that if a person wants to make significant changes in their lives, they must have confidence and believe in themselves. This involves raising their standards and developing a belief system of seeing positive things happening in their lives. Success is not a result of something that we do once. Instead, it occurs when consistency is maintained in the achievement of goals.

4. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

This book addresses success strategies for many people including parents, business people and students. The author talks about success being as a result of the passion that a person has towards something and how persistent they are. She argues that if a person is passionate about what they do, they will be in a position to persevere challenges. Failure should not bring down a person and let them half their commitment towards their goals. People must also dedicate a lot of efforts in what they do. In the long run, they will efforts will become fruitful. It falls under the category of one of the best books for motivation

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5. Choose Yourself by James Altucher’s

This book provides insight on what people should to achieve success. James Altucher argues that the best form of investment is investing in oneself. People should learn to choose themselves first. The author uses various case studies and interviews from various entrepreneurs to emphasize on his point. Many people have the ability of opening up successful businesses. Opportunities have been created through innovation. What people lack is the ability to energize themselves in the realization of talents. This is one of the great motivational books.

6. Now Discover Your Strength by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton

This is one of the best books on self-esteem. The authors argue that the ability to grow and become successful lies within us. We are capable of shaping our life, carrying out the jobs or things that interests use. Pursuing what we were naturally born or wired to do is very important. It enables us to build our self-esteem and not be defined by our backgrounds or what the society wants of us. This book also provides insights on focusing on our strengths. We should not force ourselves to do things that highlight our weaknesses. Instead, we should focus on working on our strengths. Consequently, we can achieve immense success in life.

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7. Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning and Momentum by Neil Patel

The author emphasizes on the fact that people should not depend on employment. The reliance on jobs from others is what delays people from achieving success by hindering them from pursuing what they are supposed to do. Neil Patel says that we should pursue what we love; our talents and our hobbies. We should work to develop them until we can earn from them. Doing what a person loves is satisfying and it enables a person to strengthen their abilities. This is what the author calls hustling. A person ought to follow their heart and work hard towards their goals. Persistence and the implementation of good habits can enable us to find more happiness, the meaning of life and more wealth.

8. The Art of War by Sun Tzu

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A person is bound to face challenges when pursuing their goals. These challenges act as forms of war that a person has to develop an art to overcome them. In this great motivational book, Sun Tzu urges us to know who we really are as a way of being in a position to fight the battles that we encounter. When reaching a certain goal, we need to be disciplined and confident. We also need to have a good plan and also establish ways through which we can fight the challenges.

9. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

This is one of the best books of all time. People looking to increase their confidence and learn how to achieve success can find this book helpful. James Allen provides insights on the relationships between our thoughts and personalities. He argues that what we think shapes our personalities. Our personalities then determine the actions that we take. Therefore, what we think is directly linked to what we do. To grow in business and in life, people have to think positively. Their thoughts must be focused on what they want to achieve in life. If a person thinks that they are capable of achieving their dreams, then they will definitely achieve them. The opposite is true.

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10. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Best motivational books

Paulo Coelho is known for producing very inspirational books for all types of readers. The Alchemist touches on what entrepreneurs should do to realize success and growth in their businesses. He asserts that from the moment that we are born, we have the power within us to cause the success we so desperately need in our lives. The author teaches that we must a have a big vision; where we want to see ourselves in the future. This can be quite a process and might seem like a long journey as it entails a lot of learning. However, with a lot of hard work, we can get there. Paulo also suggests that a person who hopes to become a great manager must be observant. Today, the world is experiencing numerous changes, particularly technological. An entrepreneur must be on the lookout for these changes. They must take advantage of the opportunities created by these changes.

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11. Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

As is with many top inspirational books, this book acts as a guide for the achievement of success. The author argues that people must preserve the struggles they face to reach their goals. They must dedicate their efforts all the time to what do they believe in despite the setbacks they face. People can use the insights in this book to find hope.

12. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwarz

This book is not only inspirational but also a great motivator for people to cause positive transformations in their lives. The book provides arguments for people to stop getting accustomed to specific routines. Following routines for a long time makes people to become comfortable with where they are. They think that they have achieved what they should but in essence, there is much more that they need to explore and practice to become successful. We must break our routines and try out different and unique things. This way, we can learn the gaps that we need to fill so as to have a better life and reach our goals.

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Here is a list of motivational books for women

Everybody needs motivation . Women have become more instrumental in the society and so, they have written books just to inspire their fellow women, encouraging them that they can make it in every area of their lives. Below are some of the motivational books for women, written by women.

Best motivational books

13. The Widow Cliquot by Tilar J. Mazzeo

This book summarizes the story of a female entrepreneur, Veuve Cliquot's. Upon the death of her husband in the 1800s, she struggles to make her champagne business to grow. She faced several challenges emanating from sexisms, politics and financial constraints. Despite all these challenges, she was brave enough to keep her business up and running. This book teaches as that the achievement of one’s goals is not very easy. We are subjected to several challenges but we should never give up. The struggles we encounter should be used as basis upon which we build our strengths. Women are encouraged that they are capable of becoming great entrepreneurs. This is among the best motivational books for women

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14. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Women looking for best feel good books should read this book. Rachel Hollis uses her experiences to inspire women to live meaningful lives. She provides a guide that women can use to overcome negativity in their lives and embrace joy and happiness. The society expects a lot from women and for them to survive peacefully, they must be in a position to address the challenges that they face.

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15. Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere by Ute Ehrha

Despite the changes that have occurred in the society, women have found it hard to grow. The society holds very many expectations from women. Consequently, women act to gain approval and fit into the societal norms. Some end up giving up on their dreams to take care of others. In this book Ute Ehrha outlines the benefits of breaking free from such chains. She urges that women, just like other people in the society should be allowed to do what they are interested in. She encourages women to pursue their goals without fearing.

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16. Lean In: Women, Work, and The Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg

There are certain rules that women are forced to work under in big companies. In this book, Sheryl Sandberg provides information on how women can work without being exposed to such challenges. She talks about how women can build their career while marinating a balance between work and life. The book also has insights on how woman can embrace criticism. This book is a great eye opener on how women can lead successful lives.

17. On Becoming Fearless by Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington provides valuable lessons on how women should stop letting their fears overcome them. At times, we are caught up by fears from all dimensions. Women wonder if they are attractive, if they are liked by others, what they should do with their lives or what the society will say about them. Such fears limit women from pursuing success in their lives. The author urges that people must learn who they are and become confidence. This is among the best self-love books.

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There are several motivational books. The ones listed above are a great starting point for one to get inspiration through reading books. Putting into action what a person learns from these books can help in enabling success and personal growth.


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