Telecommunication Engineering – meaning, courses, jobs and salaries in Ghana

Telecommunication Engineering – meaning, courses, jobs and salaries in Ghana

Engineering is a very competitive field that demands dedication and passion in studies. Once you have set your eyes on a career in engineering, you will realize that you can major in one of many fields. Telecommunication Engineering is concerned with electrical and computer engineering. Those are the main branches that support telecommunication systems. Those with the passion to pursue a career in this field must understand what it means, the various Telecommunication Engineering courses, job opportunities, and the salary ranges in Ghana.

Telecommunication engineering
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Working as a telecommunication engineer is no walk in the park for shallow-minded people. It is a very dynamic field with a lot of work ranging from something as simple as circuit design to more complex tasks that may involve strategic mass developments. Basically, a telecommunication engineers’ job involves designing and overseeing the installation of various equipment and facilities in telecommunication. Some of the tasks done by telecommunications engineers include designing complex electronic switching systems, optical fiber cabling, and designing microwave transmission systems and IP networks.

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What is Telecommunication Engineering?

It is a field of study that deals with the devices and mediums necessary for the transmission of communication information either in form of words, sounds or even images over long distances. The mediums for which telecommunication engineers develop systems and solutions include radio, television, telephone, and the internet.

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Telecommunication Engineering courses

How can I become a telecommunications engineer? Enroll in a certified school that offers the course. Some of the schools offering Telecommunication Engineering courses in Ghana include:

1. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

The Department of Engineering offers degree and postgraduate certificates in Telecommunication Engineering. Feel free to get in touch with them in case of any inquiries about admission using the contacts below:

Official website:

Telephone number: 233-3220-60317

Physical location: Provost Office, College of Engineering, KNUST-Kumasi

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Email address:

Fax number: +233-3220-60317

2. Ghana Technology University College

Telecommunication Engineering course is offered in the Faculty of Engineering which takes four years to complete. For more information about the minimum admission requirements as well as the fee structure, you can get in touch with the school by using the following contacts:

Official website:

Postal address: PMB 100, Tesano, Accra – Ghana

Telephone number: +233(0) 302 221446/302 21412/302 221479

Physical location: Tesano, Accra

Email address:

Skype: gtuconline

3. Regent University College of Science and Technology

Telecommunication Engineering is offered in the School of Informatics Engineering and Technology. The course takes four years with a minimum credit of 140 hours for completion. You can get in touch with the school through the following contacts:

Official website:

Postal address: P. O. Box DS 1636, Dansoman, Accra, Ghana.

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Telephone number: +233- 0503030999/ +233-0266839961

Physical location: Dansoman, Accra

Email address: Email:

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Telecommunication engineering
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Telecommunication Engineering careers

At the heart of Telecommunication Engineering careers is the installation of high-speed broadband computer networks and other forms of communication such as optical and wireless/ satellite. Some of the popular opportunities in telecommunication engineering include:

  • Computer communications and networking;
  • Mobile communications;
  • Voice and data networks;
  • TV and radio broadcasting;
  • Optical networking;
  • Remote sensing, measurement and control; and
  • Next-generation networks.

Based on the above careers, a Telecommunication Engineer may have a number of roles. Typical roles of professionals in this field include but are not limited to:

  • Designing: Involves coming up with concepts for electronic components, software, new products or systems that can be used commercially in industries and corporations.
  • Developing: Constantly maintaining and testing new procedures for the applications they design and other equipment.
  • Testing: Involves the evaluation of already designed systems and at the same time recommending any necessary modifications. It may also mean the repair of faulty equipment.
  • Debugging: In this role, telecommunication engineers ensure all electronic equipment is safe by regular inspection.

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Telecommunication Engineering jobs

The following are some of the companies that one can apply for employment as a telecommunication engineer in Ghana:

  • West African Power Pool
  • National Communication Backbone Limited
  • Chirano Gold Mine Limited
  • Ghana Police Service
  • CDM Smith Limited
  • West African Power Pool

Telecommunication engineer salary in Ghana

How much does a telecommunications engineer make? The salary varies from one company to another in relation to work experience, location, and the project being done. According to discussions on, a salary of ¢11,576-¢12,402 is paid to the engineers.

Just when we think we have seen it all, something new comes up and reminds us that Telecommunication Engineering will always be important. It is the discipline that will spearhead next-generation networks capable of producing data speeds we can only dream of.

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