University of Ghana Sakai portal: login, registration, e-learning, admission

University of Ghana Sakai portal: login, registration, e-learning, admission

The adoption of technology in universities is gaining momentum by implementing various ground-breaking systems. These technologies help ease university life and administration. Perhaps the most outspoken in the education sector is the online portal that accommodates multiple services for students and administration. The University of Ghana Sakai portal is an ideal embodiment of these advanced systems that facilitate a more comfortable learning environment. How can one register and use the university's Sakai portal?

University of Ghana Sakai portal
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An online learning portal aims to bring teaching and learning activities closer to the student and lecturer. Over time, the Sakai portal has transformed into the lecturer's default tool to engage understudies when necessary. It has set precedence in the education sector, other universities following suit.

What is the University of Ghana Sakai portal?

The Sakai platform is a freely available Learning Management System (LMS) solution for the University of Ghana. Its primary purpose is to boost learning at the university by improving learning conditions and strengthen teaching, research and collaboration.

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Sakai LMS isn't only utilised by the University of Ghana but by over 200 universities worldwide. The schools use the unique open-source software suite creatively to supplement their education curriculum for the different courses.

The Sakai avenue allows users to share documents, perform online discussions, chat online, upload assignments, and even implement online tests. Another important thing is that the University of Ghana Sakai platform is perfect for collaborative efforts towards research and group projects.

Admission and registration on the Sakai portal

Admission to the University of Ghana automatically qualifies a student to different online portals. After enrollment at the university, students are issued specific credentials to access the student and Sakai portal. These include the UG student ID and PIN.

How to log in/out to UG Sakai

You will need a digital device (computer, smartphone, etc.) with an active internet connection to access the University of Ghana Sakai portal.

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In the beginning, the University of Ghana had made specific arrangements with Vodafone to help learners with data. They supplied students with a special SIM card that used exclusively for the platform. However, scholars still utilised their regular SIM cards for data.

You can log into the Sakai portal by using the following steps:

  • One your digital device, open a browser: Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other.
  • On the address bar, type and press enter on the keyboard to access the portal.
  • You will get a page requesting the Sakai login details. Click on the User tab and type your username and do the same on the password section to access the portal.
  • Once done entering your details, click on the login button to access the Sakai LMS portal.

The logging out process is simple and straightforward, and you can do it using the following steps:

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  • When done using the services of Sakai LMS, click on your name or image.
  • The action reveals a drop-down menu with various options. Click on the log-out to leave the Sakai Learning Management System.

One must be a University of Ghana student to access the Sakai platform or online page. It is available 24/7 with information tailored for every student’s specific needs.

Resetting your password on the Sakai platform

University of Ghana Sakai portal
Source: UGC

Sometimes, students forget their credentials and cannot access Sakai LMS. Fortunately, using the password recovery process, any student can regain access to the platform and access all the services they require. Use the following steps:

  • Open any browser on your digital device.
  • Type on the address bar to access the online platform. Press enter on your keyboard when done.
  • On the left section of the page, you will notice a reset password tab. Click on it to reveal the password reset page.
  • Type your email address on the space provided and click send password.
  • The system will send a password reset link to your official email address. Click on the link to create a new password for your Sakai LMS platform.

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If you face any further problems with your Sakai login, get in touch with the UGCS help desk for further assistance.

How to utilise Sakai eLearning

One of Sakai eLearning's most significant advantages is that it is a purely online-based system that affords students and lecturers fantastic flexibility. Students can submit an assessment (test or quiz) or assignment on Sakai LMS and view feedback.

How to submit an assessment on the University of Ghana Sakai portal

It is integral to utilise only supported browsers to stay away from potential problems. Also, students must ascertain that they don't have multiple tabs or windows open and never use the back and forward buttons during an assessment.

  • Once logged into the Sakai platform, go to the test & quizzes section. You can get this from the tool menu of your page.
  • In the assessments segment, click on the assessment that you desire to access the item.
  • Once everything is displayed, click on the begin assessment button. If your lecturer has enabled it for your assessment, you can check honour pledge before progressing.
  • Answer all questions, and when done, save and click submit for grading.
  • You will see a submission information page possessing a confirmation number for your quiz on the next page. Click continue to finalise the process.

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It is that easy submitting a test on the Sakai platform. The system makes learning easy and straightforward.

Submitting an assignment on the Sakai platform

University of Ghana Sakai portal
Source: UGC

The University of Ghana Sakai portal allows students to submit assignments online, which is a great functionality that eases learning. One can submit assignments using the following process:

  • On the online page, go to assignments accessible from the tool menu.
  • Click on the title of the assignment from the list of assignments available. Every assignment will have a title, status, and due date.
  • If your lecturer has availed instructions to the lesson tool assignment, you can use the link to access it.
  • Enter your submission text and click the choose file to upload your paper.
  • Click on the submit button to finalise the process.

After the lecturer or instructor has graded your assignment, you can view the Sakai portal's feedback using the assignment tool. All you have to do is click on the assignment you want to view and access the relevant feedback.

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If your assignment had peer review capability, which your lecturer or instructor allowed, you would notice the section on the feedback screen.

The University of Ghana Sakai portal is a tremendous online avenue for accessing different services, making the learning process more comfortable. It also makes administration processes easier considering the reduction of paperwork and movement. provided comprehensive details about the virtual classroom on This platform is one of the best and most sophisticated in the Ghanaian education sector and other universities.

Universities have been gradually implementing certain technologies to boost their learning systems, and Kwame Nkrumah's virtual classroom has become one of the best.

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