KakaoStory: How to open an account and find friends

KakaoStory: How to open an account and find friends

When social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram came, people got the opportunity of connecting. They could share their feelings and memories with their followers, and many friends and loved ones who had lost contact reconnected; thanks to these beautiful platforms. Now that KakaoStory has come to join the list, people can now share photos. Beyond that, users can creatively apply different stickers, effects, and filters to what they share on their pages, among other things.

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KakaoStory was launched on the 22nd of March, 2012, as a photo-based social networking site. It enabled users to share photos through their mobile devices. However, after most of the users of KakaoTalk, its sister company, started using the social platform, the service was reviewed and upgraded.

Consequently, users gained the opportunity of posting different things of choice on their page. Interestingly, the social medium became so popular among South Koreans to the level that users became more active on it than the popular Facebook at some point.

How to create KakaoStory account

To use this social platform, the first step in the process is to have a Kakao account. The account works like an email, and with it, successfully registered users can access other Kakao-partnering services.

However, to access the service, the user must either have an existing and functioning email account or be ready to open a new one. Once the users are on the official page, they will be asked to choose between the two options.

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Before a person is allowed to create an account, a few questions would be asked, including if the intending user is more than 14 years old. Also, they need to agree to specific terms and conditions.

Then, whether or not to subscribe to marketing messages and Kakao Alerts will be decided by individuals. Bear in mind that these options are also available to those who already have a functioning email account.

How to use KakaoStory

After the upgrade of KakaoStory, a few more exciting features were added. Specifically, users got the opportunity of using images from their KakaoStory accounts as background images on KakaoTalk.

Anyone using the social platform can find and connect with friends that they are already connected with on KakaoTalk. This works once a person sends a request, and it is accepted.

With that, connected users have the privilege of viewing and commenting on the KakaoStory posts of themselves. Another way through which the platform works is that any user who makes his or her account public will be able to chat with unknown KakaoStory users.

When any user within a network of members posts texts and pictures, other members can view and comment on such posts with either text or five emotion stickers.

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Besides, a user can check a summary of updates from friends, including their pictures, total comments, and excerpts of contents from the Feed page in descending other.

From the MyStory page, posts of users in an updated format are displayed in a four-column table alongside the pictures on the posts, except a post does not contain any image.

A beautiful feature on the app is its ability to capture videos for 15 seconds. Whether an individual uses an iOS or Android device, once they tap and hold the camcorder icon, they can take shots.

Likewise, they can release their fingers to cut to another angle and KakaoStory will suspend the video in between the shots.

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How to find friends on KakaoStory

You can easily search for friends using the app's search window. However, one of the easiest ways of connecting new friends is using their Story ID. To do this, simply enter the Story ID of the person you want to connect with in the KakaoStory search window before pressing the Search ID option.

Then, if you want to find anybody among the list of friends that you already have, go to "MyStory" and then click on "Friends." After that, click on "Following," and you will be able to see the list of friends that you are following.

How to download KakaoStory

You can download KakaoStory for Windows PC and Mac OS using Nox app player and BlueStacks. BlueStacks is an Android App player; it enables Android applications to run on PCs. So, depending on which option you want to go for, the steps involved are explained below:

Downloading through BlueStacks

  1. Download and install BlueStacks on your personal computer and then launch it;
  2. After launching it, in the emulator, locate "My Apps" and click it;
  3. Then, search for KakaoStory. Once it pops up in the search result, install it;
  4. Login to your Google account so that you can easily download apps from Google Playstore through Bluestacks;
  5. Depending on your internet connection, once you log in, the installation process should commence.

Note: In case you have issues with loading through BlueStacks software, what you can do is to install the Microsoft .net Framework software to your PC. That should fix the issue.

Downloading through Nox app player

  1. Download and install the Nox app player on your personal computer;
  2. Once you have successfully installed it, click to run.
  3. Since it is an Android emulator, simply login to your Google account and then, search for KakaoStory.
  4. Click on it once it displays in the search result and install it.

Considering the fantastic features of this social networking platform, KakaoStory is an application that allows users to capture beautiful moments and share with loved ones. It offers the opportunity of connecting with friends and making new ones.

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