4 bad things that is likely to happen to a child born at Agbogbloshie

4 bad things that is likely to happen to a child born at Agbogbloshie

Studies have shown over years that children of poor parents or guardians are likely to end up as poor adults because they are not afforded the opportunity to be otherwise even if they are skilled or hardworking.

In Agbogbloshie, an over-populated market area in Accra described as one of the filthiest places in West Africa, kids are being born to parents who cannot give the best of nutrition nor education.

Kids from places like that are in a serious danger of becoming Ghana's future problem if care is not taken. And this is exceptionally hard because life is likely to shape them into what they may become.

Anyone can say anything about how life is how we make it. But when you are not given lemons, you cannot really make lemonade.

YEN.com.gh outlines four things likely to happen in the life of an Agbogbloshie child.

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1. Poor nutrition

To choose to live in Agbogbloshie equivalently says that you cannot afford an average means of a decent life. A huge majority of the people there are poor and cannot afford $2 or GHC 10 a day.

This automatically affects the choice of food they have to eat. Children are thus left behind and they are deficient in nutrition

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2. Exposure to pollution

Agbogbloshie is the home of the biggest electronic waste dumpsite in West Africa. Poor handymen and women get by with collecting metal scraps, sometimes by burning them and raising toxic fumes.

A recent academic research showed that there is a growing number of kids with cancer in Agbogbloshie. Mothers are literally passing on cancer to babies.

3. Exposure to child abuse

Addicts, armed robbers and women of the night are known to hide out at Agbogbloshie. A child growing up there does not have much in terms of the variety of role models.

The ghetto culture of the place means that children are likely to be exposed to physical and mental abuse. A child in those circumstances is not likely to be a properly adjusted adult.

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4. No space to develop skills

When we have children, we want the best for them. But more importantly, we want them to be the best in whatever they have a natural affinity for.

A child at Agbogbloshie has no playground and no way to study in a quiet environment. It will be unfair to expect these kids to grow up and contribute to society as if they had good training.

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