Study finds that 1 in 3 gay men are left-handed; grew up with a lot of brothers

Study finds that 1 in 3 gay men are left-handed; grew up with a lot of brothers

A scientific study has revealed left-handed people are likely to be gay compared to their right-handed counterparts.

According to Canadian researchers, left-handed men are around 34% or 1 in 3 times more likely to be gay than heterosexual men.

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Gay men 34% more likely to be left-handed, have more brothers - Study

Gay men 34% more likely to be left-handed study shows.Photo/Star

In a report released on Monday, June 10, 2019, researchers suggested that having one or more older brothers increases the likelihood of one being gay by 14.8%.

According to the University of Toronto scholars, gay men who had several older brothers were found to have been ‘primarily’ right-handed.

The finding further indicated that having gay members in the family, on either the mother’s or father’s side increases chances of one being gay.

The scholars, however, noted having all the three or two of the above factors do not necessarily make one more likely to be gay compared to a person with only one factor.

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For instance, being left-handed and having several older brothers does not add together to make someone more likely to be gay.

On why males with several older brothers become gay, the study suggested every time a woman gives birth to a boy, an immune response in the mother’s body is triggered.

This immune response increases with each boy born, and this in turn affects the brain development in subsequent boys, including that of his future sexual preference.

Scholars found that most of the gay men with many older brothers were likely to act in a way typical of women.

On the other hand, gay men with none of the three factors were found to be gender conforming meaning they acted in a way typical of a man rather than a woman.

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