Accra: 8 photos that will make you fall in love with Ghana's capital all over again

Accra: 8 photos that will make you fall in love with Ghana's capital all over again

Accra is the largest city in Ghana by space and by population and in spite of the poor press the city has been getting recently in the media, it is important to find reasons to love Ghana's capital city again.

In 1877, Accra became the most important place in the Gold Coast as the capital of the colony was moved from Cape Coast to the present Ghana capital.

In 1957, it became Ghana's capital city. And for about 150 years, the city has only grown bigger, taking with it the challenges and pains that comes with growth.

For one, homelessness and sanitation is a problem and it gives Accra bad press. But believes Accra deserves better that the negativity it gets.

1. Airport City by night

Thanks to Facebook page This is Accra, this is a shot of Airport City, Accra by night. It is genuinely one of the most expensive areas in West Africa but beautiful too.

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2. Jamestown by night

It gets better with This Is Accra with a shot of Jamestown, Accra-Central. This was the place formerly known as British Accra, owing to the fact that it was the settlement for British colonisers before the country became a republic.

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3. The historic General Post Office

Another remnant of colonialism, the about a century-old General Post Office building is one Accra's most recognisable edifices.

4. Villagio at the Tetteh-Quarshie Interchange

One of the signs of Accra's growing upper middle class culture is high-rise buildings used for offices and apartments. The Villagio Vista has become a symbolic building in this regard.

5. The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

Kwame Nkrumah passed away in Bucharest, Romania but his body has a permanent resting place in a national facility or a mausoleum. The mausoleum is one of the most visited places in the whole of Ghana.

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6. The Independence Arch

You cannot miss the Independence Arch if you are in Accra-Central. And it is lit in the evening, it is particularly attractive.

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7. Trassaco Apartments

One of the most colourful and imposing buildings in Accra is Trassaco Apartments. As a result of its size, it brightens the whole of its location.

8. Movenpick Hotel's iconic pool

It is probably one of the biggest swimming pools in Ghana but the Movenpick Hotel pool is more beautiful from an aerial shot.

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