30 surefire signs she loves you but is scared

30 surefire signs she loves you but is scared

Does she like me? This is a ubiquitous question that undoubtedly every man has ever thought of in the dating world. Altogether, what’s more fascinating than avoiding rejection by figuring out how she feels before sharing your interest? Well, women are quite hard to understand, and even when we think they are into us, this might not be the case at all. On the other hand, men aren’t that great in reading signs from a girl most of the time. Whether you are into her or you have been seeing each other often but you are not sure if she is keen to make things more serious, checking for clues can be a minefield. So, what are some of the surefire signs she loves you but is scared to say it?

How do i know if she likes me
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Across all the animal species, males typically initiate mating, and women choose to reject or accept it. While we share this prototype arrangement with most mammals, for humans, this is more nuanced. Men are expected to strike up a conversation first, ask out a woman, and so on. Surprisingly, it is the role of women who initiate any contact by providing clues. In simple terms, girls decide when and if you can start any romantic advances via sign language.

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Those that fail to understand the signs a girl likes you find themselves labeled weird and awkward. At the worst, they might be taken to be creeps who strike unwanted conversations and advances. If you currently seeing someone and the question, “How do I know if she likes me?” keeps running on your mind, below are some signals that a scared girl is into you.

Signs that she loves you but is scared

So, your favorite girl laughs at your boring jokes, acts nervous when around you, and blushes when your eyes meet. However, you are not sure if she is really flirting and open or utterly uninterested. If you have been crushing on her for ages and you are dying to know if she feels the same, there are a few reputable signs she’s into you but afraid.

The surefire clues below will make sure that a woman will never tell you, “I gave you a lot of signs... How comes you didn’t know that I liked you?!” So, shall we get started?

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1. You catch her staring at you

Spotting her looking at you is one of the ways on how to know if a woman likes you. Girls love watching someone they want, whether they like it or not. Even if they are scared, they just can’t help but stare at their perfect man. When you catch her staring at you, that a surefire sign. If she smiles when your eyes meet, that is even a more positive signal, especially if it’s a sweet and shy smile that often comes when you are caught staring.

On the other hand, another sign might never be looking at you, especially if you have never talked before. She will avoid gazing at you because this might be too obvious.

2. She looks for you

One of the ways on how to know if a girl likes you is to check whether she will look for you. If she comes into a room and knows you are there, the first thing the girl might do is seek for you via her eyes. Even if she doesn’t come to sit near you after spotting you, this only means that you have been on her mind.

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3. She treats you differently

If you have been close for some time and then she suddenly develops feelings for you, she will be a good actress to prevent you from knowing this. If she stops being touchy and starts treating you a little different, just know that something is up. She might not be comfortable with being friends with you because, in her heart, she desires for something big, but at the same time is worried about rejection and ruining the friendship.

4. No WhatsApp blue ticks

Girls like quickly messaging back someone they love. However, this might vary from one woman to another. Also, this might not be the case if you reply to her texts after three days. In this case, she might decide to text back after four or so days because most ladies don’t want to seem needy. there might be a couple of reasons making her not to do so. Find out if she is continuously online instead wondering if she doesn’t text back is she not interested. If the girl is always online, just move on.

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5. Nervousness

When you saw each other for the first time, was she tongue-tied? Did she struggle to keep the conversation going on? Was she unsure of how to greet you? Was she torn between a hug, a handshake, or just a simple cheek kiss? Or did she just stand there awkwardly? If a lady loves you, she will have stomach butterflies during your first meeting. This can only mean one thing - her mind takes a short vacation.

6. Touchy

If any girl is really into you, she will have to find a way to touch you, even though small gestures. Reaching for your arm often is always a positive signal. She might decide to flirt in other physical techniques, such as hitting you playfully.

signs she's into you but afraid
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7. Her friends

If any woman likes you, then her friends know this, and how they react will reflect all this. When you approach your girl, they might leave the two of you alone or perhaps drop hints during your conversations. Friends are a reputable source and give excellent signs to the feelings of your perfect match. If you are lucky enough, they might tell you that she loves you!

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8. Plans

Nothing hurts than parting ways with a guy you are into, and you don’t have any definite plans to hang out sometime. If your lassie is interested in you, she will suggest certain days for hanging out. If she is not, then she will probably leave things vague.

9. Laughing at your jokes

If you are 100% that your jokes are lame, but she is laughing at them, that’s a definite clue that she is crushing on you. Being around with someone who makes us giggle puts one in a good mood; therefore, laughter and occasional smiles are excellent.

10. Eye contact

As we all know, eye contact is intimate, so if she holds your look, that is excellent. What’s more, if you spot that her pupils are dilating when speaking to you, be sure that she is interested in you.

11. Occasional blushes

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In some instances, you might do or say something that will make her smile. In the process, she ends up blushing, and this has nothing to do with getting embarrassed but somewhat more nervous and excited. If she hits her cheeks with those scarlet tones when you flirt, she might be hiding extreme feelings for you.

12. Grooming

When around you, the girl will try to look attractive. She will check on her hair, clothes, and have a good posture. She may even tuck her hair behind the ears or even apply lipstick as you talk. These signs are subtle. However, if you aren’t observant, you might never see them.

13. Lip licking

Licking the lips often is an unconscious clue that she is into you. We are talking about those snake-like little tongue licks and not the extreme flirtatious gestures. This is one of the surest signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it.

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14. Turning her body towards you

When we are interested in someone, we just don’t tell them to shut up and kiss us, but instead, we intend to turn our bodies towards them. If the mademoiselle’s shoulders are parallel with yours, it is a clear indication she is paying attention. An open body posture, such as uncrossed legs or arms, is inviting and very warm.

15. Leaning a little bit

If any girl is into you, then she might give a hint by taking a small step towards you so that she is fully engaged with you. This shows that she is comfortable around you.

16. She consistently mirrors your gestures and language

We naturally copy what someone is doing if we want to draw them. This happens in business and friends setting, and so does dating. If you spot the lass mirroring any of your gestures and language, it is her subconscious mind revealing that she is into you. This is one of the surefire ways on how to know a girl likes you but is hiding.

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17. Tilting/dropping her head

Another sign that she is into you is tilting and dropping her head on one side while talking with you. This shows that she is receptive to whatever you are telling her. When accompanied by a slight drop of her chin towards the floor. This pose shows her vulnerability and appeals to a man’s protective nature.

18. Popping questions often

Not only someone interested in you will listen to you, but also dig a little bit deeper by frequently asking you questions. This will be in a bid to ascertain whether you are boyfriend material. She will try to find out if you have any joint goals, hobbies, and likes.

19. She remembers the things you said

If she is into you, she will be more attentive to your talk. If, for instance, you mention the name of your first girlfriend or your sister’s birthday and she remembers, this serves as proof that she is not zoning you out. However, this might not be very effective as some shy girls have atrocious memories.

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20. More intimate and personal things in her talk

As you get to know each other and feel more comfortable sharing ideas. She might start conversations that show a level of vulnerability and intimacy. This can be something from her dreams, beliefs, fears, preferences, trauma from past events, and so on. The fact that she has decided to open up means that she is taking your blossoming connection seriously.

signs she's into you but afraid
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21. She reveals/hints being single

If you met her through friends or at a bar, party, and so on, you might probably be concerned about her status. If she loves you, then chances are that she will find a way to slip out that she is currently single and as free as the wind. What’s more, she will be fascinated by your move to enquire whether she is taken or single.

22. She is attentive

When you are on a date, a girl who likes you will put away her phone and ignore any distractions while focusing her energies to you. This is probably a way of showing that she is investing in your blossoming relationship and that your words mean a lot to her. She will not only listen but also reply just as people do engage in conversations.

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23. Compliments

If a woman wants to make, you feel happy and warm when together, she will throw in some compliments about your delicate things. She will positively speak about your vibe, clothing, and appearance, and so on. She might also talk about a specific trait that remarkably impressed her. This is one of the most definite signs a scared girl can give you.

24. Investing in you

She might cook you a tasty dinner, buy you something silly and small or even do some thoughtful things on your birthday. If she does anything that requires time investment rather than money, then she is into you but trying to hide it.

25. Caressing an object on her hands

A woman holding anything in her hands means different things. However, the key is to figure out how she is interacting with the object. Is she holding it tightly? Does she focus on it most of the time? Are her hands caressing it subconsciously? For instance, if she is holding a drink, she might stir it gently while gazing at you.

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26. Standing taller and s*cking in her stomach

If she stands taller, pulls her shoulders back and her stomach in, then this is one of the most considerable signs she likes you. She subconsciously wants to make an impression. You can also check her while walking past you. If she sees you staring, she will change to the stated posture.

27. She reacts when you touch her

How a lady responds to your physical touch matters a lot. This is one of the most definite signs that she likes you. If she blushes, smiles, or gets close towards you, then this is positive. If she pulls away, try your luck someday.

28. She gets flustered when you find her with another guy

The reaction she gives you when you meet her talking to another guy says it all. If you say hello and she is shy, blushing and flustered, this is a sign that she might be worried that you might think she likes the guy they are together. If she ultimately doesn’t notice you or views your hello as a distraction, then she loves the boy she is walking with.

29. She dials you when drunk

A drunken person never lies and has sober thoughts. Alcohol makes people honest with everything, even emotions. So is she calls or messages you when drunk, just know that she wants to be with you. If this persists, take a step and organize a date with her. Things might work for you.

30. Tagging you on Facebook and any other social media

If she is doing so, just know it is a way of claiming her territory. She wants people to know that you two are very close, and this is a good sign.

The above are the surefire signs she loves you but is scared to say it directly to you. It is also imperative to know that there are a lot of girls out there and it is a joke if you think that that one lassie is the best for you. If you are rejected, just move on, there are different types of girls on this planet and plenty of them that are ready to make you the happiest man in the universe. That being said, it is indeed imprudent, thoughtless, injudicious, immature, and irrational to commit suicide as a result of rejection.

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