History of Okomfo Anokye

History of Okomfo Anokye

The people of Ghana attribute Okomfo Anokye to be one of the founding fathers of the empire of Ghana. Modern-day Ghana. As Kwame Nkrumah later named the country.

History of Okomfo Anokye

The history of Okomfo Anokye.

Kwame Fimpon Anokye was born in the late 1600s at Awukugua-Akwapim. He was born to Ano from the Ayade tribe and his mother Yaa Anubea who was an Ashanti. During his birth, he brought with him gifts from the gods; totem poles which were firmly clinched to his palms.

Anokye was destined for greatness as he later became a priest to earn the name Okomfo (priest) Anokye.

His miracles traveled the land over to the Denkyera’s. The Denkyera’s were at war with the Ashanti and true to their faith in Okomfo Anokye’s miracles, they overcame the Ashanti.

Surprisingly though, the Ashanti people were ruled by Osei Tutu; Anokye’s uncle.

Okomfo Anokye later switched sides and moved to the Ashanti. He helped King Tutu overcome the Denyera’s and was rewarded with a land to settle.The land was named Nzemaa and was later occupied by the Nzema community.

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History of Okomfo Anokye

To signify unity between the two communities of Nzema and the Ashanti, he drove a sword to earth which has stood to date. As part of the covenant he sealed, the Ashanti people are not to fight the Nzema, more so, they can intermarry.

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The building of the Ashanti.

When King Osei Tutu rose to power in 1690, the Ashanti were a divided people living in scattered patches.

Okomfo Anokye, using his political might and his priesthood power, brought the Ashanti people as one in 1695. To bind them for good, together with Tutu, they quelled any loopholes by appointing chiefs, designated Kumasi as the Ashanti capital and restructuring the Ashanti army.

Their might enabled the Ashanti to conquer their biggest rivals; the Denkyera’s and the Akan Doma in their quest to expand the Ghana empire. Their military might included a successful resistance to the British rule.

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The Denkyera’s were the Ashanti’s biggest enemies. They would occasionally fight and the toughest of all wars were staged between 1699 and 1701.

It was a losing fight with which the Ashanti were pushed to their gates.

However, with Anokye on the Ashanti side, his spells confused the Denkyera. They were captured and the Ashanti gained the Elmina Castle which later granted the empire access to the coastal region for trade and politics.

History of Okomfo Anokye
Statue of Okomfo Anokye at Adanse in Ashanti

During this war, Ashanti history has it that the Golden Stool descended from heaven. Landing on Anokye’s laps, he gave it to the Ashanti.

When King Osei Tutu died in 1717, history has it that Omkofo Anokye went back to his homeland; Akwapim. He later died of unknown causes. It was believed he went to bring the key to death and thus no one was allowed to cry. Days passed with no return, finally, there was wailing and Okomfo has never returned.

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Perhaps someday, maybe, he will return; with the key to death.

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