Popular Fante names and their meaning

Popular Fante names and their meaning

The upheavals and adoption of cultures brought about by European influence during the colonization era tainted African traditionalism. Over time, traditional African names, expressive of one's culture have lost meaning and have gradually disappeared. However, a majority of the populace that still hold cultural values to heart maintain the conventional naming practices. And since Ghana is a multi-ethnic nation, adapting diverse cultures, you are bound to hear different names. The Fante represent one of the largest ethnic groups in the country. Would you like to know the most popular Fante names to give your child?

Fante names
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If you are looking for unique names, then you will find a massive collection of the most interesting and indigenous Ghanaian names for your male or female child. Even if you are looking for baby names, one with a significant meaning, there are numerous to choose from the Fante people.

The most popular Fante names you can use

Picking the ideal name can be one of the most difficult decisions that parents have to make. Getting it right for your forthcoming bundle of joy can be a daunting task if you are looking to avoid the super weird or passing trends.

Therefore, before making a selection from the common Fante names, ascertain that you understand their meaning to avoid regrets. It is not unordinary for parents to choose poor names for their children. Make a wise choice by comprehending the name's significance.

Male Ghanaian Fante names and their meaning

Fante names
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Are you trying to figure out how to choose your baby boy's name? With all the choices out there, numerous parents feel overwhelmed. The secret in choosing the perfect Fante name for your boy is choosing one that fits your family and has a good meaning. Some recommendations would greatly help your naming endeavour.

  • Atu: This is a ubiquitous name for boys that means born on Saturday
  • Fenuku: Means born past term
  • Agymah: This Fante name means he who leaves his home or community. Indeed, it is a sensitive name that requires great insight before adopting.
  • Bobo: The name means Tuesday born.
  • Yorkoo: It means Thursday born.
  • Twia: According to the Fante people, this name means born after twins.
  • Kufuo: This is a great name meaning the father shared the pains.
  • Yooku: It means Wednesday born. It is common for African parents to choose names according to the day a child was born.
  • Osei: This boy name means Nobel, which indeed would be a great choice for most parents looking for a profound name.
  • Abeeku: This name also means Wednesday born. It is a great name for your boy if he is born on the day and you want a name with great significance.
  • Ebo: If your baby was born on Tuesday, then this is the perfect name for him. It means Tuesday born.
  • Yefeu: The name means bold and is a great name for boys.
  • Fifi: It means born on Friday.
  • Jojo: This is a Fante name for boys meaning born on Monday.
  • Kesse: It means chubby baby.
  • Konman: This is another Fante name meaning born on Monday.

Female Fante names

Fante names
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If you are looking for the best Ghanaian last names that represent the Fante culture, you have numerous alternatives to settle on. Remember, all names are pronounced as you would read them with a few exceptions. Therefore, female Fante names are easy to adopt.

  • Antobam: The name means a child born after the father's death and is a common female name in the Fante ethnic community.
  • Kukua: It means Wednesday born.
  • Esi: If your child was born on Sunday, this is the perfect name.
  • Adwoa: The name means born on Monday.
  • Mama: It means Saturday born.
  • Efia: The name signifies that the child was born on Friday.
  • Baba: It is a girl name meaning Thursday born.
  • Panyin: The name means older twin and is considered a female name in Ghana.
  • Papina: It means Ivy.
  • Kakra: The name stands for youngest of twins.
  • Akua: It means born on Wednesday.
  • Adzo: The name stands for Monday born.
  • Adio: The title means born on Monday; be righteous.
  • Aba: A great Fante name meaning born on Thursday.
  • Abena: Popular name standing for born on Tuesday.
  • Kessie: Trendy among Ghanaian last names meaning chubby.

Among the above Fante names, which ones do you fancy? It is evident from the names that they have a unique story behind them and mostly represents the events surrounding birth. Ordinarily, a majority of the names are influenced by the positive or negative circumstances the family finds themselves in around the time the child is born.

Therefore, the names, although short, have complete sentence meanings. Indeed, some even serve as warnings or rebukes. It is upon you to choose such names wisely after familiarising with their meaning.

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You can go for the fiercest warrior names or choose one from a game - you have innumerable options. Always ascertain that whatever you settle on is something you consider a great representation of the traits you want your girls to adopt.

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