Haitian names: most popular in 2020 (Top 100)

Haitian names: most popular in 2020 (Top 100)

Haiti is one of the beautiful countries in North America, characterized by diversity and vibrant culture. Its unique history is a blend of influences that date back to the colonial era. Haiti’s uniqueness and beauty are enshrined in the manner of coexistence among its people and the choice of names. Haitian names bear definite meanings that have, over time, defined the people in this country.

Male Haitian names
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A name has a meaning; whether it is western or European, it bears a specific correlation to a given phenomenon, event or place. Haitian names are also provided according to a time when the child was born.

Top fifty female Haitian names and their meanings

Here are some Haitian names and meanings:

Old Haitian names
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  1. Widelene - It means she is unknown, possibly wide, or wood.
  2. Lovelie - Means a girl is attractive or beautiful.
  3. Esther - Is a Hebrew name for the star.
  4. Mirlande - Means possibly unusual or unknown.
  5. Madeline - Means woman from Magdala or a High tower.
  6. Samantha - The Listener, told by God; possibly a feminine form of Samuel.
  7. Roseline - Is a Latin name meaning the girl is a rose.
  8. Fabienne - She is a bean grower.
  9. Judeline/Judith - Woman of Judea; she is highly praised
  10. Islande - Implies that the girl is like an island.
  11. Abby - She will make her father rejoice.
  12. Abigail - Is a father’s source of laughter.
  13. Abril - Is a child of the Spring.
  14. Adriana - She was born in Adria.
  15. Agostina - She is highly exalted and praised.
  16. Alai - She is the defender of men.
  17. Alejandra - She is very protective and defensive.
  18. Alexandra - She is the female version of Alexander - defender of all men.
  19. Alicia - She is from nobility and got a noble birth.
  20. Alina - From an old German phrase meaning noble - she is simply royal.
  21. Allegra - She is very cheerful and lively to be with.
  22. Ana - She is the receiver of grace and highly favoured by men.
  23. Andera - Very brave; she exhibits unmatched courage in all she does.
  24. Antonella - She is to be praised and celebrated.
  25. Astrid - She wells divine beauty and lightens the face often.
  26. Beatriz - If she is a source of joy and happiness, then she is a Beatriz.
  27. Bibiana - She is not only lovely but full of life.
  28. Bonnie - If your girl is pretty, charming, and beautiful, then she deserves this name.
  29. Carina - Her attributes is cleanliness and purity.
  30. Catalina - She is the epitome of cleanness; she has a pure heart.
  31. Celeste - A girl is divine.
  32. Chira - When a girl is glossy, bright, and shiny to look at
  33. Constanza - Means she is both steadfast and consistent in what she does.
  34. Dana - Means that God is the judge.
  35. Debora - Means a bee; she is both sweet and tough.
  36. Denise - Is a name for fertility.
  37. Edel - She is a noble and brave person.
  38. Elin - She is the most beautiful woman and shines light in her path.
  39. Estefania - The girl is a crown of wealth.
  40. Erika - When she is a ruler of the law
  41. Fatima - Means a daughter of the prophet.
  42. Evelin - Refers to a clean and shapely girl.
  43. Fiorella - Another name for a flower: she blossoms and radiates beauty.
  44. Gabriela - Means "God with us".
  45. Guadalupe - After the Virgin Mary, she is the chosen one.
  46. Irina - She brings peace and harmony.
  47. Ivana - The gift of Jehovah.
  48. Jennifer - She is very fruitful in what she does.
  49. Jazmin - Flowery and lively to behold.
  50. Karina - She is pure in heart and loves cleanliness.

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Male Haitian names

Popular Haitian names
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  1. Abisal - When you are a great father, Abisal is the name for your boy.
  2. Adriel - A good chap chosen for a noble purpose.
  3. Afro - He is a cheery young deer.
  4. Augustin - The boy is honourable and worthy of praise.
  5. Ain - He is of a humble heart and very merciful.
  6. Akeem - Means he is knowledgeably wise.
  7. Alan - Strong as a rock and is very handsome.
  8. Alex - A defender of all humanity.
  9. Alexis - He is a helper and a defender of people.
  10. Andres - He is brave, manly, and exhibits courage in all occasions.
  11. Anton - The boy is simply invaluable.
  12. Aran - He is the mountain of strength on all occasions.
  13. Atlas - A very supportive person.
  14. Aroldo - He is as strong and bold as an eagle.
  15. Bastian - He is highly adored.
  16. Benjamin - He is the son that brings happiness to all.
  17. Chano - He is truthful and should be trusted.
  18. Casey - The proclamation of peace in the family.
  19. Fabian - Refers to a person who is fabulous and gifted in great deeds.
  20. Facundo - Means he is eloquent and significant.
  21. Ferando - He is an adventurer and likes to explore new things.
  22. Gerardo - He is merely strong and committed.
  23. Gonzalo - The wager of battles.
  24. Gian - A declaration that God is indeed gracious.
  25. Gabriel - He is the man of God.
  26. Guillermo - When the guy is really hot and handsome.
  27. Kevin - He is sincere, kind, and handsome.
  28. Jeff - He is the peace of God.
  29. Juan - God is indeed gracious in this life.
  30. Jonathan - He is the gift from God.
  31. Leonardo - He is as brave as a lion; bold and hard.
  32. Liam - Has a powerful will and does not hold back.
  33. Luis -Wins every battle with a resounding victory.
  34. Marcelo - The boy is as tough as a militant.
  35. Martin - The servant of Mars and the God of war.
  36. Matias - Solemn gift from the highest.
  37. Maximiliano - He is the greatest among them all.
  38. Milko - He is gentle, friendly, and a competitor.
  39. Modesto - He is very decent and self-effacing.
  40. Patricio- Means he is noble (a form of Patrick).
  41. Paul - He is very modest and small in size.
  42. Nelson - He is the son of a champion - so he is also a champion.
  43. Noah - A place of comfort.
  44. Nathaniel - Means God-given, so he is blessed.
  45. Ramiro - The boy is mighty.
  46. Ricardo - He is fearless and strong.
  47. Rodrigo - He is handsome and famous.
  48. Sander - Protector of humanity.
  49. Sebastian - Masculine and handsome.
  50. Santiago - The heel creep.

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Popular Haitian names

Male Haitian names
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Whether your child is a boy or a girl, choosing the right name will have a transcendent positive effect in their growing up and in the future. It is not merely a question of identity but also a source of self-esteem. These are just some of the common Haitian names with unique meanings that you can call your child.

Popular boy names

  1. Peterson - Son of Peter.
  2. Junior - Younger.
  3. Emmanuel - God is with us.
  4. Stevenson - Son of Steven.
  5. Samuel - God has heard.
  6. Daniel - God is my judge.
  7. Evens - Son of Evan.
  8. Ricardo - Strong leader.
  9. Stanley - Dweller near a stony clearing.
  10. James - Supplanter, one who follows

Now you have the best Haitian names to call your children. They will not only cheer them up when they know their meaning but also inspire them to greatness.

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