Top 100 pretty French female names with their meanings

Top 100 pretty French female names with their meanings

No one can explain the joy that comes with a successful pregnancy and birth. The happiness in a mother's eyes and the pride in the father's, are the type of emotions that can only be understood when you experience them. Finding a pretty name for your adorable baby can be quite cumbersome since there are so many to choose from. If you're expecting a girl, you won't go wrong with French female names.

French female names
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Why choose a French name for your baby girl? French female names are not only pretty but also come with subtle nuances in their meanings. Furthermore, every baby is usually given a unique name that depicts the specific characteristics that parents would want to be reflected in the lives of their children growing up and in their adulthood.

Pretty French female names with their meanings

Most of the female names are inspired by the uniqueness of humanity, nature's beauty, life meanings, and morals. It is believed that girls are like treasures that need protection, delicate like flowers and need gentleness. It is the same case when it comes to naming. Here are pretty monikers to consider.

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Pretty French last names

Do you love your name or you have always wanted to change it? How about you save your newborn from the trouble of having to change how they are called? Here is a nice collection of pretty French last names at your disposal.

  • Alvia - Friendly, creative, and intuitive
  • Lucienne - Light, illumination
  • Dominique - A person who belongs to the Lord
  • Émilie - One who excels in all things
  • Michelle - A person who is like God
  • Eleonore - Shining light
  • Estelle - Star
  • Francine -The free one
  • Lizette - A pledged to God
  • Clementine - Mild and merciful
  • Hughette - Bright in mind and spirit
  • Lise - God is my oath
  • Mireille - Wonderful, prosperous, to admire
  • Maeva - Welcome
  • Lea - A person who brings good news
  • Juliette - Youthful, beautiful and vivacious
  • Lina - Tender and delicate
  • Louise - Renowned fighter
  • Mila - Gracious and beautiful
  • Aamber - A precious jewel or gemstone
  • Melanie - The little dark-haired girl
  • Adreanna - The favour of gracefulness of sea
  • Aaida - A helpful person
  • Abella - Breath that is the source of life
  • Abrielle - A woman from God
  • Acadia - The land of plenty
  • Acelin - A noble girl
  • Aemela - An admiring person

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Unique French girl names

Do you fancy unique monikers with beautiful meanings? There are quite a substantial number of names in French that have imposing implications. Their connotations are just equally charming.

French female names
A baby girl playing in an outdoor place. Photo: Pascal Saez
Source: UGC
  • Sylvie - One who is from the forest
  • Margot - A child of wishes
  • Nicolette - A victory of the people
  • Patrice - Noble, born into nobility
  • Suzette - A person who is pretty and graceful as a lily
  • Zoe - Vibrant and full of life
  • Natalie - Birthday of the Lord
  • Baileigh - An administrator, officer of justice
  • Berta – Famous, noble, splendid
  • Bertilda - The woman warrior
  • Agace - Good
  • Agathe - A kind-natured woman
  • Noelle - Born on Christmas Day
  • Noemie - Pleasant
  • Octavie - Eighth
  • Odette - Wealth
  • Odile - Fortunate or prosperous
  • Reine - A queen
  • Rochelle - The classy little rock
  • Veronique - True image
  • Violette - The beautiful purple colour
  • Yvonne - An archer
  • Zelie - An individual who is highly admired
  • Risette - Pleasant little laugh
  • Adrienne - One who is from the city of Hadria
  • Bernadette - Brave
  • Christine - Follower of Christ
  • Colette - Victorious One
  • Danielle - God is my judge

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Trendy French female names

There are many reasons why you should consider giving your daughter a fashionable moniker. With it, she will easily be distinguished from her fellow peers and set apart in many milestones. The following are the current trendy French names that you should consider.

French female names
A baby girl making eye contact with the camera. Photo: Tim Clayton
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  • Geneviève - A race of women
  • Joséphine - God will add
  • Madeleine - An elevated tower, magnificent
  • Pauline - Humble and small
  • Sophie - Having wisdom and is skilful
  • Edelie - An individual with high principles and a high level of discipline
  • Mathilde - Strong in battle
  • Andree - Strong and courageous
  • Catherine - Pure and clear
  • Belle - Beautiful
  • Celine - The sky or heaven
  • Lottie - Tiny and feminine
  • Delphine - Dolphin
  • Mirabelle - Plum
  • Alice - Truth, gracious, reality
  • Alouette - Optimistic, dignified and visionary
  • Stephanie - The crown of glory
  • Aloysia - A strong-willed person renowned in the battlefield
  • Cosette - Small and tiny
  • Marion - A lady of the sea
  • Blanche - White and fair
  • Camille - Girl in white or a religious attendant
  • Charlotte - Strong and free
  • Jolie - The pretty one
  • Lucie - Illuminating and light
  • Chloe - Fresh blooming or a ripe green shoot
  • Emma - Universal whole
  • Desiree - Highly desirable and longed for
  • Jules - Youthful or one who is calm, simple, fun and easy to understand

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Fancy girl names

As a parent, you are in a position to decide on the name you will give your child. You have the freedom to come up with any fancy name of your choice. The following list will surely inspire you during your naming process.

French female names
A little girl playing in a playground. Photo: Davide Pischettola
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  • Bessy - God is my oath
  • Beyonce - Beyond others
  • Aurore - Goddess of dawn
  • Blaise - Royal or kingly
  • Camille - Unblemished and perfect
  • Eulalie - A well-spoken or sweet-speaking person
  • Rosalee - Garden full of roses
  • Solange - Solemn or religious
  • Nadeleine - A ray of hope
  • Severine - Highly respected and revered
  • Diamanta - Strong
  • Jacelyn - Protected by God
  • Tatienne - A fairy queen
  • Trinique - A pure or unique person
  • Valerie - Strength or health
  • Naeva - Born during sunset or dawn
  • Corinne - A maiden
  • Marcelle - God of war
  • Dior - Golden
  • Elaine - A bright shining light
  • Jacqueline - The one who comes after or replaces
  • Jeanne - God is gracious
  • Gabriele - God, is my strength
  • Jade - A precious green gemstone
  • Davignon - A dearly loved person
  • Marlene - A graceful star of the sea
  • Fleurine - Little flower
  • Garcelle - Little spear
  • Seychelle - An island
  • Monique - Advisor
  • Lourdes - From the town of Lourdes in France

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It is always good to choose a great moniker that will not only make the child feel good growing up but also develop a sense of greatness in all life occasions. These French female names with their meanings will help you choose a moniker worthy of that beautiful child of yours. published an article on the best Colombian names for boys and girls. These names are not only beautiful but also have significant meanings behind them.

The best part is that the list has 100 names for both genders. You will be spoilt for choice as all of them are unique and extraordinary. Having these exotic names will make them the coolest kids among their peers, and every parent wants that.

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