35 emotional messages for boyfriend after a fight: sweet ways to bond

35 emotional messages for boyfriend after a fight: sweet ways to bond

You and your boyfriend were in a huge fight. What's next? What do you say to him once the dust settles? It is irrational not to expect conflict in a relationship, and the slightest misunderstanding can spiral into a huge argument. Figuring out what to text your boyfriend after a fight is quite important. Find a good emotional message for your boyfriend after a fight you can use from the list below.

emotional message for boyfriend after fight
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How you react or behave after fighting with your better half quite often determines the rest of your relationship, which is why you ought to act right.

Emotional message for your boyfriend after a fight

Texting your boyfriend allows you to continue the conversation in a less heated and more composed manner. Here are some nice messages you can send your boyfriend after the two of you have been in an argument.

Cute paragraphs to send to your boyfriend after an argument

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Are you looking for beautiful things to text your boyfriend after a fight? Maybe after thinking things through, you discover that you were wrong and must find a creative way of expressing your apology. Here are some lovely options to choose from.

  • Hey love. Have I mentioned that you're the best thing that's ever happened to me? I hate it when we fight. Can we please skip to the kissing and making-up part?
  • I am sorry for my past actions and promise to be more patient when things are heated between us. I genuinely don't want us to fight over every little thing anymore, and I want us to be there for each other now more than ever.
  • I have hurt your emotions, and I feel so bad for doing that. I wish to take everything back. We will make the perfect couple ever.
  • I want my heart to talk to you this time. Fighting with you isn't about me alone. It is about our relationship, and I want you to understand that I love you with all of me, and I want the best for us. I love you, baby. You should know that.
  • I want you to know first that I love you and second that I'm sorry, and I hate it when we fight. I am glad you gave me a chance to express my heartfelt apology and my thoughts about the issue.
  • No matter how much I fight or argue with you. No matter how many issues or conflicts we have in our relationship, I can never stay away from you. After a fight, I might not talk to you for a few hours, but nothing can stop me from loving or caring for you. I cannot live a single day without you. I can't sleep unless you take me in your arms and put me to sleep. A stroke of anger or fight cannot shake our strong relationship. You are my eternal soulmate.
  • Please always know that fights and arguments are signs that our relationship is better than before, and it shows that our relationship is healthier. I want you to forgive me this time, and I will always find a way to work on our differences now and whenever it happens.
  • Right about now, I'm starting to understand that "you hurt the ones you love most' cliché." I feel terrible about what I said. Can I please make it up to you?
  • There are so many things I wish I had not said, but now that I have mentioned them, I can't just take them all back, but I sincerely apologize. I made some disgusting remarks about you and our relationship. My actions are unacceptable, and I deeply regret saying those words. Please forgive me, my love. I feel terrible right now.
  • Yesterday was really tough, but I care about you as deeply as ever, and I know we can get back on track.
  • We fight because we love each other way too much that we do all we can for the best of the person, but you know that we got into this scuffle because I wanted the best for both of us, but I am sorry for trying to be right this time.
  • You know how much I love you. Please accept the fact that this is a mistake and forgive me.
  • I apologize for not handling things better this afternoon. I should have stepped away for a few minutes to prevent it from getting worse.
  • You know I hate fighting because of my family situation growing up, so I'm truly sorry that I let such a little thing spiral out of control.
  • I'm so sorry I blew up at you like that last night. I've had some family stuff happening that I should have talked to you about earlier. Can I come over and explain what's going on?

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How to start a conversation after a fight over text

how to start a conversation after a fight over text
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During a fight, hurtful words or actions often take centre stage. Once the dust has settled, finding the right things to say to your boyfriend can be quite crucial. Here is how to start a conversation after a fight with your boyfriend over text.

  • I can say sorry over and over, but since actions speak louder than words ever could come over and let me show you how sad I am.
  • I'm sorry about my part in our fight. This isn't a problem we can solve with text messages. Can we meet later?
  • My life is empty without your lovely smile. Those sweet moments we had; all I want is to create so many of them, not to lose the ones we already made. No other person completes me as you do.
  • No guy in the world can understand me better than you do. I never feel like I need to hold back while talking to you. I am really sorry I hurt you and will do anything to make it up to you. I love you even when we fight, my prince.
  • You were right in your stance, and I was right in mine, but now it is time to let go of that fight and move forward, so I want to apologize for my mistake, and I hope you will forgive me!
  • I didn't mean to hurt your feelings; I had only wanted to express mine as well. But it's clear I hurt you, which I didn't want to do. I'm sorry.
  • No matter how mad you are at me. Remember, our relationship is the definition of cuteness overload. I am sincerely sorry for today, dear.
  • I'm really sorry for ignoring you when you were trying to tell me something important. I know I need to become a better listener.
  • I hate it when we argue because we don't give each other a chance to finish what we want to say. I'm ready to listen.
  • I tend to fight because I care about you and our relationship too much and want only the best for us. I hope you understand where I'm coming from, and I'll try to see things from your perspective.
  • I want you to know first that I love you and second that I'm sorry, and I hate it when we fight. I think we need to talk.
  • I understand why you walked away from our argument. We both lost our tempers and said things we shouldn't have. If you're ready to talk, so am I.
  • Our relationship is important to me, and I don't want it to end over a dispute that can be solved if we both commit to figuring it out.
  • An apology is the first step in trying to mend a broken relationship, so here I am, saying sorry for all the chaos I had made in the past.
  • My love, I apologize for taking you for granted. You bring so much joy and happiness into my life, and I should have expressed my gratitude more often. I'm deeply sorry and promise to appreciate and cherish you every day.

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Quotes for an angry couple

emotional message for boyfriend after fight
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Do you have a couple of friends or colleagues who have been fighting or are currently in the middle of an argument? Here are some inspirational, angry couple fighting quotes to help calm them down and get them talking again.

  • You always forgive the ones you love, no matter how angry you are.
  • When you really care about someone, their mistakes never change your feelings because the mind gets angry, but the heart still cares.
  • When a woman no longer gets frustrated and upset with you, you can almost guarantee that she doesn't care anymore.
  • Never say mean words out of anger. Your anger will pass. But your mean words can scar a person for life. So, use kind words or be silent."
  • If you care about the relationship, cool down before you speak. Because when you blurt, you hurt.
  • If you are angry with your spouse, then this is a sign that you need to sit back and spend some good quality time together.
  • A single instant of patience saves a thousand seconds of regret at a moment of rage.

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How to start a fight with your boyfriend over text

how to start a conversation after a fight over text
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While fighting in a relationship usually sounds like a bad thing, the truth is that it provides an opportunity for both parties to learn more about each other. When used constructively, a fight can deepen the bond between two people in a relationship. Here are some points to keep in mind when you wish to start a constructive fight with your boyfriend via text.

  • Complain without blame: Quite often, the other person gets defensive when they feel they are being blamed for something. To avoid this, communicate the issue at hand without apportioning blame to your boyfriend.
  • Begin the text with the word 'I' and not 'you.' This shows that you are not solely focused on being right but instead are placing priority on the issue at hand.
  • Accept your boyfriend's influence: The main point here is to exercise empathy and not necessarily look to counter anything your boyfriend says. Practice agreeing on some of the points your boyfriend makes.
  • Observe the basic rules of respect: When starting a fight over text, do not forget to use the words 'please' and 'thank you.' They go a long way in calming things down.

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Figuring out what to text your boyfriend after a fight can be a bit challenging, given all the emotions involved in a fight. Luckily, you can send him a good emotional message for your boyfriend after a fight from the list above.

Yen.com.gh recently published a guide on the best good evening messages one can send their significant other. Having a spouse gives one a chance to share about their day and the challenges faced and make sweet memories. Work commitments and other tasks may, however, prevent you and your partner from seeing each other every day.

The best way to keep in touch with your girlfriend is by regularly communicating with her through texts or calls. Sending good evening messages for her will cheer her up and make her love you more.

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