130+ dark humour pick-up lines that are serious and hilarious to use in 2024

130+ dark humour pick-up lines that are serious and hilarious to use in 2024

Not everyone understands dark humour! Making light of subject matters that are generally considered taboo requires wit and talent. The humourist must assess their audience beforehand to avoid hurting or belittling them. If you love this genre of comedy, you will enjoy this collection of dark humour pick-up lines that are serious and hilarious.

A happy couple enjoying each other's company
A happy couple enjoying each other's company on a picnic. Photo: pexels.com, @Picha (modified by author)
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Did you know dark humour is also known as Black comedy? If you have a love interest who enjoys this type of comedy, you can use dark humour pick-up lines to win their hearts. The mutual enjoyment of Black comedy is likely to create a deep bond between the two of you.

Dark humour pick-up lines that are serious and hilarious

Not many people have a morbid sense of humour. In fact, many get offended when people make light of taboo or sensitive topics. If you are among the people with a morbid sense of humour, you will enjoy reading and telling the collection of jokes below.

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Short dark humour pick-up lines

Having a crush comes with a mix of exciting and confusing emotions. You get excited to speak to them, but again, you are afraid of how they will respond. Catch their attention with these short pick-up lines.

  • Are we at a funeral? Because I'm dead for you.
  • The last time I saw a body like yours, I was burying it in my basement.
  • We all die someday. Wanna go out with me?
  • If you were a zombie, I'd let you eat my heart out.
  • If you were a vampire, you’d be a pain in the neck… just like this conversation.
  • Are you a haunted house? Because I’m dying to enter.
  • You would make a beautiful corpse.
  • If we were zombies, I’d totally eat you first.
  • Is your name Jack? Because you make my heart sink like the Titanic.
  • Is your name Dracula? Because I'd let you take a bite out of me.
  • My zombie plan has been rewritten to include you.
  • Are you a black hole? Because you just sucked all the light out of the room.
  • I will hate having to spike your drink. Simply agree with me now.
  • The cemetery is so crowded. People are just dying to get in, and I'm dying for you.
  • If beauty were an onion, you’d make me cry… with laughter.
  • I hope you are feeling down because all I want is to feel you up.
  • If looks could kill, I’d be dead right now.
  • Are you a cornfield? Because I can’t help but stalk you.
  • Are you a zombie? ‘Cause your looks are to die for.
  • Are you a ghost? Because you’ve left me speechless, and I’m not sure if you’re even real.
  • We all die someday. Let’s just go out before our time elapses.
  • I must be in a dark museum because you are a fine work of art.
  • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because your face is messed up.

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Dark humour pick-up lines for her

A woman in a green top smiling as she uses a smartphone
A woman in a green top smiling as she uses a smartphone. Photo: pexels.com, @Andrea Piacquadio (modified by author)
Source: UGC

If you are trying to figure out what to say to your female love interest, pick-up lines can help you make a good impression. You need to gauge her mood and ensure what you say is not hurtful or inappropriate.

  • Do you know the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Wonderful saying, horrible way to find out that you are the one I want in my life.
  • What does my dad have in common with Nemo? They both can’t be found. Come, let me be the found daddy to your kids.
  • I don’t have a carbon footprint. I just drive everywhere. Let's drive together.
  • Today, I asked my phone “Siri, why am I still single?” and it activated the front camera. Be the one that makes me quit singlehood.
  • I hope you didn’t choke on a light bulb because your chest is all flashy.
  • Are you a school playground? Because I would shoot kids in you.
  • Are you a microwaved pizza roll? Because you're hot, and I'm afraid to touch you.
  • When I see the names of lovers engraved on a tree, I don't find it cute or romantic. I find it weird how many people take knives with them on outings. Let's go on a knife outing soon.
  • You must be a serial killer because I can't help but chase after you.
  • I wish I could be your bathwater. So I can slither all around your nooks and crevices.
  • If you were a vampire, I’d let you consume my blood anytime. But coffee first?
  • Are you a bad girl? Because I’d like to take you to my room and teach you a lesson or two.
  • It turns out a major new study recently found that humans eat more bananas than monkeys. But, I can’t remember the last time I ate a monkey. I can eat you though.
  • Hey, are you a haunted house? Cause I'm ready to scream in pleasure while going through you.
  • Is your name Jack? Because you’re nimble at dark humour, and I’m quick to laugh.
  • I may be a serial dater, but I promise not to kill your love life.
  • Well, you should see what THIS bat can do in the dark!
  • Are you a thunderstorm? Because you’ve electrified my twisted desires.
  • Are you a roller coaster? Because I want to ride you even though you make me scream.

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Dark humour pick-up lines for him

A man in an orange hoodie holding a smartphone
A man in an orange hoodie holding a smartphone. Photo: pexels.com, @Antoni Shkraba (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Finding the words to tell a man you are interested in him is challenging for most women. You can catch his attention using the pick-up lines listed below.

  • They say the surest way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. But, I find going through the ribcage a lot easier. Will you be mine?
  • Is your name Hannibal? Because I can’t resist your appetite for unconventional romance.
  • I dream of enjoying you just as I do my coffee. I seal it in an airtight bag and then put it in a freezer for maximum enjoyment.
  • You’re not completely useless. You can always be used as a bad example. Let's be bad examples together.
  • Wow! I could never have guessed you look way better in person than what I have been seeing through my telescope.
  • What genre of music do you like? Why not heavy metal? I can make you learn how to scream.
  • How are you not tired? You’ve been engaged in a naked marathon in my mind all day.
  • Do you have a death wish? Because you take my breath away.
  • Are you the sunset? Because you are my only hope before the darkness.
  • Is your name Medusa? Because looking into your eyes turns me to stone.
  • I hope you can do CPR because you just took my breath away.
  • Is your heart a haunted house? Because I want to explore its mysteries.
  • I must be an archaeologist because I need to examine your large bone.
  • Are you a rope by any chance? Because I would hang with you.
  • Is your love a ghost story? Because it’s hauntingly handsome.
  • Are you a tombstone? Because I can’t get you out of my head.
  • Are you a toaster? It's so hot, and I would love to get in the bathtub with you.
  • Never break someone's heart, they only have one of those. Break their bones instead, they have 206 of them. I will break you if you do not become mine.
  • I know why you are so tired. It is because you have been running naked all day in my mind.

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Funny dark humour pick-up lines

A happy couple in colourful outfits
A happy couple in colourful outfits embracing in a park. Photo: pexels.com, @Ebuka Onyewuchi (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Hilarious pick-up lines will help you and your crush break the ice at any given time. Here is a collection of dark humour lines for you.

  • Are you an executioner? Because every time I look at you, I lose my head.
  • Hey girl, are you death? Because I hope you come for me soon.
  • Are you a fire alarm? Because you’re really loud and annoying, but I know you’re important.
  • Your outfit is so dazzling. Do you know how it can look better? Rumpled in a bunch of mysteries that still need to be solved.
  • Are you a vampire? Because my heart’s beating so fast, it’s like I’m being chased by one.
  • Want to come over and watch a documentary about cannibalism? Nothing brings people together like bone-chilling terror.
  • There must be a mirror in your pants because I can see myself in them.
  • I am sick, and the only way to get better is by talking to you. I will die if I don't.
  • Is that blood or wine you’re having cause I was gonna get you another?
  • I am hoping to study your shirt in braille without you taking it off.
  • What’s the difference between a Lamborghini and a dead body? I don’t have a Lamborghini in my garage. I can carry you in my Nissan though.
  • Are you a graveyard? Because I’m dying to bury my feelings for you.
  • Are you a ghost? Because you’ve been haunting my thoughts all night.
  • Go ahead and call the cops, but we will see who comes first.
  • Is your dad a serial killer? Because you’re to die for.
  • Is your name Morticia? Because you’re the ghoulish love of my life.

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Best dark humour pick-up lines

A couple in black outfits sticking their tongues out
A couple in black outfits sticking their tongues out. Photo: pexels.com, @Brian Jr Asare (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Pick-up lines give you an easy way to start a conversation. This list has the best pick-up lines you can use to get the conversation going.

  • Is your love life a tragedy? Because I want to be the unexpected plot twist.
  • Is your heart made of ice? Because I’d love to melt it with my affection.
  • The only thing standing between me and you should be latex.
  • Remember my name because you will be screaming it later.
  • There is a party in my pants, and I am inviting only you.
  • Are you a witch? Because every time I see you, I feel like I’ve been enchanted.
  • Is your kiss like poison? Because I’m willing to risk it all
  • Are you a mad scientist? Because you’ve concocted the perfect formula for stealing my heart.
  • You must be a postal worker because you just inspected my package.
  • Is your love life a crime scene? Because I’d love to investigate it.
  • Are you a cemetery? Because I’m dead inside, and you seem like a perfect match.
  • I know a perfect way to burn off the calories in that drink. If we go to a quiet place, I will tell you all about it.
  • I would like to have a clone of you to myself. Can you offer me your groin hair? I hear that works better.
  • It is okay if you don’t want to have children with me. We will just practice.
  • If you ever want to see your children again, you’ll do what I want.
  • If you make heavy metal your favourite music, I promise to make you learn how to scream.
  • Know what would look good on you? Crutches!
  • What’s the special dish in a restaurant for cannibals? Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes. I will serve you those on our first date.
  • It’s like your magic made me a beaver because I am dying for your wood.
  • Are you my big toe? Because I just want to bang you on all my furniture in the dark.
  • Can I ask you to drop dead? I’m a necrophiliac, and I might just think about it.
  • Come for a ride! I am a friend of your dad.
  • Don’t you think the human voice, wailing in agony, is the most beautiful of all instruments?

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Dark humour pick-up lines for Tinder

A man holding a cell phone and a bouquet of flowers
A young man in a light blue polo shirt holding a cell phone and a bouquet of flowers. Photo: pexels.com, @Liliana Drew (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Tinder is one of the most popular dating sites today. You may have a crush on the platform, and one great way to strike a conversation without getting bored is using dark humour pick-up lines like the ones below.

  • You are so hot that you melt the plastic in my underwear.
  • It’s like you are my homework because I am not doing you, but I definitely should be.
  • I thought of taking you to the movies, but I remembered that they don’t allow you to go with your own snack.
  • If you were a sin, I'd go to church every Sunday.
  • Are you a secret? Because I'm terrible at keeping you.
  • You're like a risky investment – high risk, but potentially high reward.
  • You are so beautiful, I wish I were cross-eyed so as to see you twice.
  • I'm like a dubious investment – not the safest bet, but the potential payoff is huge.
  • I'm not a photographer, but I can definitely picture us together – in various compromising positions.
  • You're like a trial version of love – I'm thinking of committing, but I'm worried about the terms and conditions.
  • Are you a forbidden fruit? Because I know I shouldn’t, but I want to take a bite.
  • You're the kind of trouble I want to get into.
  • Are you a history book? Because I see a lot of questionable decisions in our future.
  • I'm not a doctor, but I could give you a physical.
  • Smell this rag! I know you have no problem with inhaling the chloroform.
  • Our love could be like a government secret – powerful and potentially scandalous.
  • I'm like an unsolved mystery – full of red flags but intriguing enough to keep you interested.
  • Our potential relationship is like an unsolved case – full of mystery and anticipation.
  • I must be a climate report because I'm getting hotter, and there's a high chance of disaster.
  • I'm like a controversial political debate – I might not change your mind, but I'll definitely keep you up all night.
  • Today was the worst day of my life. My ex got hit by a school bus, and I lost my job as a bus driver. I am now ready to be yours.
  • Can I order a life-sized hearse? Because I can feel our love driving me to my grave.

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What is dark humour?

Dark humour is a means of handling dark situations. It makes light of sensitive, difficult, or taboo topics. Beware that some people may find it offensive.

What is a pick-up line?

A pick-up line is a prepared remark one uses to start a conversation with a stranger they are interested in having a romantic relationship with.

Who created dark humour?

The history of Black comedy or dark humour can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, particularly comedies of Aristophanes in the 5th century BC and François Rabelais's Pantagruel.

While dark humour pick-up lines can add a unique twist to your approach when pursuing your crush, it is important to be cautious and sensitive. Always be respectful of your communications so as not to hurt them.

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