50+ motivational make time for those who make time for you quotes

50+ motivational make time for those who make time for you quotes

To lead a happy life, one must be prepared to let go of the people who don’t appreciate them and devote their time to those worthy of it. It will be a waste of time and resources to try to impress people who are not interested in you. Sometimes it may be hard to let go, but it is the right thing to do before you get hurt. Make time for those who make time for you quotes always remind you to always look after your interests.

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make time for those who make time for you quotes
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If you can’t make time for me quotes serve as a wake-up call to those people who take advantage of others without repaying them. They have to change if they want others to continue making time for them, or else they will be left alone. These quotes can help them learn the value of doing unto others what they want to be done to them.

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Make time for those who make time for you quotes

What is the best saying about trying times? In most cases, people will be around you when you are doing okay and abandon you during trying times. Below are examples of make time for those who make time for you quotes:

  • Nothing is sadder than making time for those who barely make time for you.
  • You make time only for what is important. Make time for family and your true friends always.
  • Your time should always be for those who make time for you, not those who have excuses.
  • When apportioning your time to the people around you, you have to keep in mind that lost time can never be recovered.
  • It should never be about “having time”. It ought to be about making time!
  • “Too busy” is a myth! People will always find time for the things that are important to them.
  • Never waste your time reserving a space in your heart for a person who does not make an effort to stay.
  • No amount of money can take the place of time spent with the people you value most.
  • Be good to people who are by your side at good times because the best time to make friends is before you need them.

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make time for those who make time for you quotes
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  • The time you have made for me is an investment that I will have to return someday.
  • There is nothing like spending too much time with the people that matter to you because they are the essence of your existence.
  • Make time for those friends who can grow separately without growing apart.
  • If you want to grow, you have to find a group of people who inspire you and spend a lot of time with them.
  • The best thing you can give a friend is not bought with money; it is spending time with them.
  • Happiness can be found even during the darkest moments, as long as you associate with those friends who never get tired of turning on the light.

My boyfriend has no time for me quotes

It is good for a boyfriend to ensure his girlfriend is always happy. This cannot be achieved if he cannot devote his time to his girlfriend. These quotes are ideal for those girls whose boyfriend doesn't have time for them.

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  • Time is something you make. Saying “I don’t have time” is the same as saying “I don’t want to”.
  • Don’t force your boyfriend to make time for you. If he really wants to, he will.
  • If you are important to your boyfriend, he will never have excuses for not having time for you and for breaking promises.
  • With love comes possibilities, not excuses. If your boyfriend does not have time for you, it is because he does not value you.
  • A boyfriend who loves you truly is the one who creates time for you in his busy schedule; he is the one who never looks at his schedule when you need him.
  • If your boyfriend can’t make time for you, he surely won’t die for you either.
  • A boyfriend who wants to stay in your life will always find a way, no matter how busy he is.
  • If your boyfriend doesn’t have time for you, don’t hesitate to move on and let him go. Find someone who loves and appreciates you the way you are.

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make time for those who make time for you quotes
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  • A boyfriend who doesn’t spend time with his girlfriend can never be a real boyfriend.
  • If your boyfriend cannot make time for you, it is not possible for him to see you with the eyes of love.
  • A boyfriend cannot love you if he cannot listen to you. If he doesn’t give you his full attention, then he doesn’t love you.
  • Never beg for your boyfriend’s time and attention. If he can’t give it freely, he is not worth it.
  • If they say they don’t have time, remind them that time is not the main thing; it is the only thing!
  • A person can never lack time; he only doesn’t see any future with you.

Appreciate those who make time for you quotes

"When someone makes time for you" quotes are used to encourage those who appreciate you to continue in the same manner. Check out these quotes that are relatable.

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  • Always create time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive.
  • Value people who find time for you in their busy schedules because you mean something to them.
  • For all you do, for who you are, always appreciate those who stay and make your life better.
  • Words can never be enough to thank those who make time for you. Repay them with actions.
  • Never take for granted people who make time for you because those are your real family.
  • I appreciate you because you have always made time for me, even when I am unsure why I deserve it.
  • Appreciate the people who make time for you. One day they may be gone, and then you will realize how important they were to you.
  • The best way to show gratitude is not through the utterance of words but to live by them.
  • Be grateful to people who make time for you; they are charming gardeners responsible for the blossoming of our souls.
  • Pay attention to people who make you feel happy. Surround yourself with such people because they will give you a rich life.

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make time for those who make time for you quotes
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  • A real friend worthy of your time is the one who walks in when the entire world walks out.
  • Unlike family, the beauty of friendships is that you get to choose who to associate with. Let your friends be people who will always make time for you.
  • Being there for the people who make time for you is the purest and most profound love there can be in the world.
  • Time flies, but you are the pilot. You need a host of deserving people to make the trip worthwhile.
  • To the rest of the world, you may be just one person, but to a special person, you are the world.

Funny make time for those who make time for you quotes

Though a serious concern, there is nothing wrong with sharing a light moment about people not making time for you. What are some of the best and most hilarious when people give you their time quotes to share with friends and loved ones?

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  • Time is the most valuable thing a person can spend.
  • It is funny how people don’t notice when you do nice things for them but will notice when you make one mistake.
  • Many things are not equal, but all people get the same 24 hours a day. Make time only for those who truly deserve it.
  • Time takes away more than it brings. Spend it only with those who deserve it!
  • Friends are people who know you are not worthy of their time but spend most of it with you anyway.
  • Friends will make time for you when you need them. Best friends will always be there for you even when you don’t need them.
  • Your attention is like a constantly flowing river. It will always find the right path to follow where it will not dry up.
  • Make time for the friends who don’t let you do stupid things alone.
  • Best friends always make time for each other – just to mock and make fun of the other.

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make time for those who make time for you quotes
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  • It is the friend that you can call at 3 a.m. that matters. All the others are people you know.
  • What would I do without you in my life? I wouldn’t even tell morning from evening.
  • If a person seeks your attention so badly, it is because he is in need of some attention.
  • Make time for people who encourage you; the rest are spectators waiting to see you fail.
  • Never share your weakness with people unless they will devote their time to help you conquer it.
  • Don’t be afraid of the people who make you grow slowly, be afraid of those who make you stand still.

There are several motivational make time for those who make time for you quotes that will inspire you to choose the right friends. True friends should be there for you no matter what because they know you would do the same for them. Those who look for you when in need and disappear once you have helped them are not your friends.

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