Top latest Nigerian movies 2020 and download sites

Top latest Nigerian movies 2020 and download sites

Nollywood has been entertaining Africans, and the world as a whole for the longest time ever. The drama in their films makes fans wait passionately for the latest Nigerian movies every year. Although 2020 has been a weird year, there are a couple of Nollywood movies that will help make the year better.

latest Nigerian movies 2020
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Full Nigerian movies can be found in almost all streaming platforms. This makes it easy for one to look for and actually watch various Nollywood movies. Which is the best Nigerian movie? If this is a question you've been asking yourself or googling, here is a list of new Nigerian movies that you should make a point of watching.

Latest Nigerian movies 2020

This list consists of all types of movies, and hence there is something for everyone.

1. 4th Republic

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This is a political movie that follows the life of a campaign manager by the name Ikechukwu Obiano. He is the deputy campaign manager for a female candidate who has the hopes of replacing the incumbent governor. It is full of drama, and even sudden violence that will keep you glued to the screen.

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2. The Bling Lagosians

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This motion picture revolves around one of the most prestigious families in Lagos. That is where the film gets its name. A matriarch of the family is about to celebrate her 51st birthday and wants to make it as luxurious as ever. The problem is that the family is in a huge debt that is on the verge of threatening their business and ruining a legacy they've bee creating for years.

It is one of the many Nigerian movies on Netflix.

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3. Code Wilo

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This is another political movie that yet again involves a female candidate. In this film, Nimi must fight for the seat she wants as well as her life as she is kidnapped during her campaign. The father later finds out the kidnapping was a personal matter and not all about the money.

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4. Joba

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This is a religious movie that revolves around a Christian couple that is well tried and tested. The husband seems to be the cause of all their problems, and hence he has to fight these battles while protecting his family and keeping his faith.

5. Nimbe

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This movie is centred on drug abuse. It follows the life of a teenage boy who is constantly ridiculed by his peers until he is accepted and made to feel at home by a local gang. He is introduced to the gang by one of his neighbour's. He is then introduced to the dangerous paths of drug abuse and drug trafficking.

6. Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

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A young, ambitious man experiences things that he never knew he would. He starts as an intern under some wealthy chiefs. He is determined to live a luxurious life by all means. He finally gets his wish, but there is a price to pay as he finds himself deep in a cult society.

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7. Cold Feet

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A couple goes on a romantic getaway to celebrate their 5th anniversary. While there, they meet up with their old friend, who also has a history with the wife. Their meeting sparks an old flame between the two. This has the potential to change all their lives.

8. The Set Up

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The movie involves a lot of manipulation. A con man hires a young woman to help him with his plan to make a rich woman fall in love with him and marry him.

9. Elevator Baby

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Dare, a privileged young man with a tempter, is stuck in an elevator with a pregnant woman. When they are there, the woman gets into labour and Dare is forced to do all he can to try and save both the mother and the baby.

10. Love is War

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A couple both in politics win nominations to represent their respective political parties. This then means that they must go against each other since they are both vying for the same seat. The question that arises is whether their love and marriage will survive this since they all want to do anything they can to win.

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Where can I watch new Nollywood movies?

You can watch the latest Nigerian movies on Netflix, Hulu and Showmax. You can also find some full Nigerian movies on YouTube.

How can I download Nollywood movies?

You can download Nigerian movies from Netflix as they recently introduced a downloading option. You can also download these films from YouTube and the sites listed below:

Which of the latest Nigerian movies listed above is your favourite? Please share with us on the comments section below.


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