Anas to drop an outrageous "Torture Home" documentary (Trailer inside)

Anas to drop an outrageous "Torture Home" documentary (Trailer inside)

The investigative journalist Anas is familiar to the media to his focus on sensitive and controversial societal matters. He is back again, and this time around, Anas is focusing on religious leaders, which is a sensitive topic too. Anas is not revealing the proper actions that this man of God has done for the people, but rather the horrendous activities he is making his followers do.

Anas Torture Home
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Aremeyaw Anas is dropping a shocking documentary known as Torture Home. In the investigative report, Anas and his team are revealing the horrendous activities of a so-called man of God.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has revealed a new documentary series known as 'Torture Home.' The documentary is exposing how inmates of the Echoing Hills Village are being subjected to primitive conditions. In one segment in the documentary entitled 'Torture Home,' Aremeyaw is exposing how a man of God coercively tells a child in the orphanage to feed on his excreta. The particular forcibly action has made people go online to declare their wrath and condemnation on this man of God.

The particular excerpt of the yet to be released documentary has also left people all over the world not only mad at the man of God but also eagerly waiting for the documentary show to be released for watching. The yet to be released documentary show also reveals how the orphanage, under the reign of Rev Lawrence Lamina sells the donations they acquire for their upkeep. It goes to show the lack of concern in this so-called man of God.

The inmates of this orphanage have further revealed that they have never known peace in their stay at this home. Instead of order, they acknowledge that they only know of the daily suffering and torment they acquire from this man of God. It goes further to show the foul deeds of this man of God.

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Even more alarming is the fact that this investigative report has also revealed excerpts of children sharing their harrowing experiences of sodomy and sex at the Jesuit Anas Website. The show will undoubtedly leave most people in tears. Although most people are glad that the evil deeds being done in this home have come to an end, they cannot help but question if justice will be brought about to these affected children.

Anas Torture Home documentary
Image:, @bobogyatv
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The documentary show has left thousands of fans shocked due to the mere fact that a place where children should consider their home appears more fatal than jail. Based on these segments that are just a small part of the massive doses of torture the children bear in this orphanage, one cannot help but shed sorrowful tears and wonder what more burdens the children bear.

When is Torture Home set to be released?

The shocking moments that have been revealed in the trailer of Torture Home have caused so much mayhem online and made so many people look forward to watching this investigative report. Due to this, most people have been asking on the release date of Torture Home. The documentary is scheduled to be released on Friday, June 28, 2019.

The show titled 'Torture Home' by Anas is one of the most shocking documentaries that fans will watch all year. Men of God are known for their good deeds. In this documentary, Anas is exposing one man of God who is not famous for helping his followers, but instead torturing them and subjecting them to extreme horror and turmoil. The investigative report set to be released on Friday, will be nothing short of sorrowful.

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