Samsung A10 price in Ghana, specs and review

Samsung A10 price in Ghana, specs and review

Samsung is a technology mammoth that over time has dwarfed other tech companies in product sales. One of the company's biggest sellers is their range of smartphones. They produce in the budget, midrange, and flagship categories. With every release, Samsung expands the horizons of technology with feature-rich smartphones that set precedence for other market players. The Samsung A10, although not a flagship and not laden with features as the high-end and luxurious brands, is an everyday mid-tier phone with impressive workable features. And coupled with Samsung's incredible user interface, it works pretty well – a recommendable smartphone for many.

Samsung A10
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Is build quality your most significant determinant when purchasing a smartphone or the price tag is the ultimate decision-maker? The price of Samsung A10 in Ghana Cedis is 720, and you can get it from online and physical stores. With the phone's narrow bezels that gives it a sophisticated design, it is undoubtedly a good buy.

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It is common for phone manufacturers to make some compromises in their budget and mid-range phones, but surprisingly, all Samsung A10 specs are on point. The phone is no slouch and performs amazingly well, and even has a massive battery, something that mostly comes in handy. What are the specs on this phone?

Overview of Samsung A10

A smartphone's capabilities make it a big or low seller. Even if your initial interest from a phone is aesthetics, you would agree that the internal components and functionalities matter a great deal. What are the most outstanding Samsung A10 features and the not-so-good specifications that you ought to look out for?

The good

  • 6.2-inch colourful screen with a colour depth of 16M.
  • 8.1 mm thick body with a glossy plastic finish and fantastic grip.
  • 13MP rear and 5MP front camera to capture every moment with picture-book snapshots.
  • Powerful 3400 mAh battery (up to 19 hours) that is enough to power your phone the entire day.
  • Face recognition technology to unlock your phone with a simple gaze to your phone.
  • An octa-core processor and impressive user interface.
  • Amazing Bluetooth and wireless technologies.

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The bad

  • Lack of a fingerprint scanner.
  • Basic camera with unimpressive photos.
  • Mediocre performance.
  • Unreliable facial recognition feature.
  • The 2GB RAM is quite low and not up to 2020 smartphone standards.
  • The body is made from plastic which makes it prone to damages.

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Samsung Galaxy A10 full specifications

Samsung A10
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The Samsung A10 specifications are indeed for a midrange smartphone as the phone is not loaded with high-end features. However, all the hardware and software components integrate well to make it a great mid-tier handset.

Samsung A10
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How do the hardware components of the Samsung A10 compare with other phones within the same budget?


Among Samsung A10 features, physical design is one of the most significant. Indeed, the phone looks robust and chic for its price with a glossy plastic exterior that comes in blue, black, or dark grey. Although the colours look amazing on the plastic body, the phone's surface is a fingerprint magnet.

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The Samsung A10's edges have a smooth transition, which gives the phone a premium feel, mimicking flagship, glass-backed phones. When compounded with the display's narrow bezels, the phone looks fantastic for its price.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 weighs 168 grams, making it the appropriate size for many – not large nor light. The phone's design makes it easy for anyone to hold as it has rounded corners, something compact for the pocket.


If you check out any Samsung Galaxy A10 review, you will notice the emphasis on the phone's fantastic display. It features a 6.2-inch IPS panel that operates natively at 1520x720 pixels. One of the biggest disappointments of the phone is that it lacks a brightness sensor that robs users of automatic brightness.

The display has a decent reaction time for the average user, but gamers might find it below average. One of the most important things about the phone is that it has impressive viewing angles thanks to IPS technology.

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Processor, storage, and performance

How well does the Samsung Galaxy A10 core processor score in the performance benchmark? The smartphone's equipped with the Exynos 7884B octa-core chipset that is also found in the more expensive Galaxy A20e.

The 2GB of RAM on the phone is a standard for most of this manufacture's budget phones. However, the 32GB ROM is a significant improvement, and you can hardly get it at this price level on another model. Even though you cannot expect the performance of a high-end smartphone with the phone's features, everything loads quickly for a mid-range smartphone.

Battery life

Samsung A10 is equipped with a 3400mAh battery that delivers solid runtimes even under extreme usage. A user should expect 12 – 13 hours running time. This means that you can use the phone for an entire day with a full charge or for two days with regular usage.

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Speaker and call quality

The phone comes with a mono speaker, quite disappointing for people that were looking for stereo speakers. The speaker’s placed in the back of the device and reaches a maximum of 86.1 dB(A).

The positioning of the speaker at the back muffles the sound when placed on a surface or soft furnishings. It does not do a great job when producing the bass frequency, but it is sufficient for someone looking for regular music playback.


The software in a smartphone is as essential as the hardware. It is a good thing that Samsung regularly updates its user interface, namely One UI and the Samsung A10 comes laden with impressive features.

OS & features

The phone features the in-house, custom version of Android 9 that is present in other Samsung phones. It has been integrated with One UI that has numerous unique features, including the capability of copying apps for use on two user accounts. Samsung A10 also comes with certain pre-installs that one can easily remove.

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Camera, video, and image quality

Among Samsung Galaxy A10 full specifications, the camera is perhaps the most anticipated by numerous clients. The smartphone manufacturer equipped the phone with a single front and rear-facing cameras, which do not disappoint for the budget.

The back camera is 13MP while the front is 5MP. The rear-facing camera produces amazing photos, but they are short on detail. It is important to note that the smartphone takes excellent pictures for its budget.


Since Samsung introduced the A-series with phones ranging from low-end to mid-tier ones, clients have been receiving them with great enthusiasm. The Samsung Galaxy A10 is one of the controversial models in this range.

Some reviewers have said the following about the phone: Samsung Galaxy A10 is a good entry-level phone with an awesome display and an excellent performance that comes with a very reasonable price tag to boot.

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Samsung A10
Image:, @Thamarakshan Biju Cen
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How does this mid-tier phone score? Indeed, Samsung has been making strange decisions when choosing features to include on its budget phones. The Samsung A10 certainly fits within this decision-making process with certain essential elements missing from the phone like brightness sensor, fingerprint scanner, and many more.

With such omissions, the phone underperforms in certain areas, but it is not surprising for a budget smartphone. Ultimately, the Samsung Galaxy A10 is a solid budget smartphone despite its shortcomings. Look elsewhere; you will hardly get a better deal. in 2019 reported on Stonebwoy’s massive deal with Samsung where he signed as the Brand Ambassador. Although the official amount of the deal has not yet been disclosed, it has been rumoured that it is a multibillion-dollar deal.

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Samsung confirmed the great news by tweeting with a welcoming statement to Stonebwoy. Musicians have, in recent times been awarded lucrative contracts by big brands to advertise and Stonebwoy’s deal is one among many in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

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