KissAsian: Watch and Download Asian Drama free 2020

KissAsian: Watch and Download Asian Drama free 2020

It is hard imagining that there was a time Ultra High Frequency (UHF), a design for radio frequencies was the dominant mode of television signal transmission. And one had to tilt their antennae just enough for a clear signal. The technology still exists and is widely utilized, but cable TV and online streaming have set a new bar. Platforms like KissAsian allow film enthusiasts access to a massive database of captivating content.

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All you need is your gadget and an internet connection. What are you waiting for? Join the tech-savvy bandwagon and watch Asian content on a platform for the most theatrical fans yearning for variety and incredible flexibility.

Indeed, many online movie streaming platforms have set precedence and surpassed expectation in service delivery. However, how many have you explored that provide rich Asian content with regular updates of its database? That is why the KissAsian app is gaining massive downloads and the online site impressive traction.

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KissAsian: watch outstanding dramas at home

You ditched your old VCR once everything started coming out on DVD. Later, the entire entertainment hardware, excluding the sound system became irrelevant with the advancement of technology and ease of streaming online. Therefore, it is about time you switched and watched exciting and latest content on platforms like KissAsian.

And they have given you a straightforward job by availing Asian entertainment, categorized according to the genre so that you can binge-watch your favourite shows. Of course, you are wondering whether it is a worthy move.

The site is crafted for the best dosage of oriental drama and movies, and the design offers a simple user interface ideal for the non-experienced browser. Given the massive database of the platform, it would be a great idea to explore.

Nothing beats streaming KissAsian Korean drama at the comfort of your home with the ease of switching to whatever other content you desire with a few clicks.

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What is KissAsian?

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KissAsian is a sophisticated, free to watch platform holding innumerable links to Asian dramas. As the name suggests, it covers a wide range of Asian countries, but the primary content on the website is from South Korea, Japan, and China.

Many people have fallen in love with the website because of its ease of use and impressive database. Everything present on the platform is in its original form, meaning that it has not been translated into English. However, don't fret, all videos on the website have English subtitles.

The website's immense popularity and high traffic, links are sometimes overburdened, and you will find their proxies quite helpful. These are alternative links that one can utilize to access the website whenever the primary one has expired or doesn't work anymore.

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KissAsian features

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Before you register on KissAsian to start watching Asian drama, wouldn’t it be a great idea to familiarize with the website’s features for the best experience? The site possesses a vast collection including old and new oriental movies and TV series.

Even better, the user has the alternative to watch both subbed and original episodes. Where else would you access unique Asian content like these? The site's features are the most incredible so far, and you will marvel at the sophistication upon access.

Free to watch

Any KissAsian drama and any other content are free to watch, and you do not have to worry about uploading your private credit card information. You visit the website and start watching whatever you are interested in.

However, if you would like to express your sentiments on the series or movie that you have watched, you have to register. It is effortless to register on KissAsian, a process that takes only five minutes.

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Ask for new shows

One of the best features of KissAsian TV is that you can place a request for a television series or movie you are looking for. Not many platforms have this fantastic feature. Whenever you have something in mind, and you cannot find it on the website's database, go to the "Request Drama" section and make your suggestion.

You never know, your request might be taken care of within a day and give you a chance to watch your favourite show at the comfort of your home. The customer interaction platform that provides the capability of providing request is a one-of-a-kind in the industry.

Fewer advertisements

Are you tired of insistent adverts every time you click a movie link on a streaming platform? This is a phenomenon that most online streaming platforms have in common. Thee have to pay bills, right? However, the adverts ought to be to a certain degree and not in any way degrade your experience.

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The KissAsian platform has considerably fewer advertisements than other platforms. Indeed, it is annoying unintentionally opening new tabs for adverts only. The user interface is simple and straightforward.


If you are looking to interact with people of a similar taste, then KissCommunity, a forum for enthusiasts will entice you. This way, you can ask for recommendations and express yourself in a community of like-minded people.

More links for more content

On the KissAsian platform, you will locate other Kiss websites for more content. For instance, there is KissAcartoon and KissAnime, all of which are on the website. You can easily access the links of the menu option and click to visit.

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How to download video from KissAsian

Sometimes, you might be looking to download your desired video from KissAsian to watch offline. Good news, you can easily do it using a straightforward strategy that will have the file on your storage device within no time.

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  • Visit the official website to access your desired content.
  • Specify your search criteria on the drop-down list and type your desired TV series or movie on the search space.
  • Choose from the available titles that appear as you type and click to open the movie or TV series’ page.
  • Scroll down and choose the desired episode and click the available link.
  • Once the video starts playing, right-click on it and choose "save video as" and select the desired storage.
  • Voila! You now have the desired video on your storage, and you can watch it offline when desired.

Is KissAsian legit?

In most cases, safety and legitimacy go hand in hand, and many people are wondering whether KissAsian is a legitimate website to stream content. The platform is safe for browsing and viewing your favourite content, but you ought to be careful to only access the primary site.

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It would be a great idea to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to have your connection secured. Yes, the site does have advertisements, but they are entirely harmless. If you do not click them, you will not experience any pop-ups.

If you are going through a lot of trouble to watch your favourite Asian shows, check out KissAsian. It is a platform for those seeking enthralling and endless entertainment. Forget about poor content or buffering links; the platform gives terrific ease of use and incredible material. on 7 September featured an article that highlighted the best sites to download TV series and movies similar to todaytvseries. The website has undoubtedly set precedence in the niche, providing people with a fantastic platform to access innumerable content at any time.

From sites like EZTV to MKvCage, the internet is full of incredible alternatives for downloading films and television series. If you love todaytvseries' sophisticated platform, you will find similar sites satisfying.

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