Pretty Ghanaian bride stuns many with no-makeup look for her wedding

Pretty Ghanaian bride stuns many with no-makeup look for her wedding

- A Ghanaian bride recently trended online for going without makeup on her wedding day

- The photos shared by photographer, Kiwi Gold, shows the bride, Anna rocking a bare face for both her traditional and white wedding

- Anna neither rocked any makeup nor jewellery for her big day

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For most African women, wedding days are often considered a big deal and hopefully a once-in-a-lifetime moment. This explains why a lot of people go above and beyond to look their very best.

Well, a certain Ghanaian bride clearly wasn't up for any of that as she neither rocked any piece of jewellery nor makeup on her wedding day.

Photos shared by their official wedding photographer, Kiwi Gold, on Instagram shows Anna and her man, Harrison donned in coordinated outfits at their traditional marriage with Anna rocking a bare face.

Although there are religious sects who do not believe in the use of makeup, it remains unclear what influenced Anna's decision to make that bold move.

Her smooth and almost flawless skin contributed to give her that happy glow many brides in love are known to have.

Below is a photo of Anna and Harrision on their white wedding day:

A closeup portrait shot by Kiwi Gold shows that Anna wasn't just comfortable in her no-makeup look, she appeared to be one of the happiest brides as she donned on a smile which we are pretty sure is responsible for winning Harrison's heart!

See photo below:

In a similar story, a bride-to-be had a conversation with one of her friends on social media. She told this friend not to wear makeup or make her hair on her wedding day.

Her reason for this funny request was that she does not want her friend or any other person for that matter to look better than her on her big day.

To ensure this, the bride-to-be earnestly begged her friend not to 'look good' so as not to spoil her joy. The surprised friend did not exactly know how to respond to the request.


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