Anita Akufo: quick facts and photos of the TV3 presenter

Anita Akufo: quick facts and photos of the TV3 presenter

Anita Akua Akufo is a TV presenter on TV3 who is quickly gaining popularity due to her excellent work on screen. She is well known due to her career as a TV presenter and her exquisite fashion sense. Although she is in the spotlight due to her work, Anita likes to keep a low profile, and most of her life is kept private. This is a good thing, but it is also very frustrating for fans who want to know more about their favourite news presenter. So, who is Anita Akufo?

Anita Akufo
Image:, @ann_ita1
Source: Instagram

Anita does such fabulous work when she presents that it is hard to believe that she wasn’t always a mainstream television presenter. The beauty began her career as a Miss Malaika contestant and later as a host for the pageant. Anita has defied all odds and has emerged at the top despite everyone who thought she could not. She has gotten herself quite the fanbase, which comes as no surprise due to how talented she is.

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Quick facts about Anita Akufo

Because she keeps her life private, not much information about the TV personality is available. However, there are well-known facts about her that could give a glimpse into her life and let her fans know more about their favourite presenter.

1. Anita Akufo father was initially against her career choice

Anita Akufo parents were strict when she was growing up. Being the first in her family to join the entertainment industry was not received very well. Her dad probably had his reasons, but Anita did not let this deter her from pursuing her dreams.

Anita is famous for her unique dressing style, which is conservative but still elegant. This is not an easy look to pull off, but she does it effortlessly. She states that she does this so as not to bring shame to her family.

2. She believes appearance is important in the entertainment industry

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While talking about her sense of style, Anita has stated that your appearance matters a lot in showbiz. This is a lesson she learned from her days at Miss Malaika auditions, where the judges checked her appearance before letting her move on to the next stage of the competition.

3. Anita also believes that beauty is nothing without brains

While maintaining that appearance is important to make it in show business, the TV presenter also states that true success is not possible if you are not intelligent. She says that in addition to looking good, people should ensure that they approach situations with intelligence, determination, focus and hard work.

This is true for any business out there, not just in the entertainment industry. She is proof that this is true as anyone who encounters Anita can confirm that her graceful presence is offset by her intelligence and makes her appear even more beautiful.

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4. Anita cautions young ladies from emulating her lifestyle

Anita Akufo
Image:, @ann_ita1
Source: Instagram

It is no surprise that a lot of young ladies look up to Anita Akufo. Her success as a TV presenter means that every young girl who wishes to be like her in the future will try to emulate her. While there is nothing wrong with this, Anita says that it is important for everyone to know their limits.

Because of her put-together appearance, girls who look up to Anita may be tempted to live beyond their means to try and emulate her. Anita cautions against this saying that while her lifestyle may look expensive, most of the things she wears are sponsored, and she advertises them on her socials.

5. She is 27 years old

For those asking how old is Anita Akufo, she was born on 2nd June 1993, meaning that she is 27 years old as of 2020. It is rare to see such a young person with the type of principles that Anita has. There is no doubt that her parents did a good job raising her. Anita has accomplished so much at a very young age, and this makes her someone to look up to.

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6. Anita isn’t dating Kidi

Anita Akufo and Kidi have been in the spotlight consistently due to the rumours that the two were together. This got even worse when a throwback photo of the two of them surfaced online. The persistent questions made Anita tell her fans that there was nothing between her and Kidi.

She stated that the highlife musician and her were classmates for most of their lives before they parted ways and went to different high schools. She says that is all there is between them.

7. Anita is not married

Anita’s amazing fashion sense is undeniable, and one of the greatest fashion statements of all times is rings. This is why she is never seen anywhere without a ring on her finger. She even has different rings to match different outfits.

However, because rings are mostly associated with people getting engaged, many fans have asked themselves the big question “is Anita Akufo married.” She isn’t, and the rings are purely for aesthetic.

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8. Anita has qualities she is looking for in a man

Anita Akufo
Image:, @ann_ita1
Source: Instagram

Although the beauty has not expressed any interest in looking for a husband any time soon, fans can’t help but hope that she is. The stunning presenter states that she is looking for a rich, God-fearing man to get married to.

Anita Akufo husband will indeed be a fortunate man because she is quite the catch. She is beautiful, graceful, smart, modest, and very industrious. One could say that she will make an excellent wife.

9. She was involved in an accident in 2019

Fans may have noticed that Anita was absent from the public spotlight for quite a while. She was involved in an accident, and that made her take a break to rest and heal. A lot of fans asked her what happened, but as usual, she desired to keep everything private and only shared that she was doing well.

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She thanked her fans for showing her love and was very grateful that they were with her when she was not feeling well.

10. Anita is an alumnus of the Ghana Institute of Journalism

After completing her high school education, Anita enrolled at GIJ. She studied communication studies and specialized in journalism.

Anita Akufo is a TV presenter at TV3 who has taken the entertainment industry by storm. She hosts Ladies Circle, COVID 19 360, and GMB 2020. Tune in to TV3 to watch her. has all you need to know about Safo Kantaka. Apostle Safo Kantaka is the man behind one of Africa's most important manufacturing economies in the last seven years.

He is the first person in West Africa to build electric cars, which use batteries that can be charged by solar or regular electricity.

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