Actress Xander Kamel: 10 quick facts you need to know and photos

Actress Xander Kamel: 10 quick facts you need to know and photos

An actress’ lifestyle is always intriguing. What are they up to away from the camera? Of course, their television characters do not represent what they are in real life, but one cannot help but wonder; what if? Kumawood actress and singer Xander Kamel is one popular personality in Ghana because of some of her most phenomenal screen moments. The actress has had her fair share of controversy out of her not-so-popular outbursts that many consider as insults. Do you want to know more about Xander? What are the most interesting things about the actor?

Xander Kamel
Image:, @xandykamel
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With numerous talented actors popping up, it might seem like Ghana’s entertainment industry has come of age. A climax of some sorts? Maybe, but the avenue is still expanding with many young acts pioneering new paths for themselves and creating a great reputation. And with the innumerable avenues, actors like Xander have managed to make a great name.

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Not only is she gorgeous and controversial, but she also plays her character pretty well. She has defied all odds to emerge as a reputable actress with an unimaginable spotlight in her career. How long has she been in the game, and how did she rise to stardom?

Who is Xander Kamel?

Xander is a highly controversial Ghanaian beauty expert turned actress. Are you wondering about the curvy actress’ personal life? She does not shy away from expressing her mind and tackling controversial and sometimes taboo topics.

Although there is not much information about the actor's background, her ascent has not been without struggles. This is quite evident from her hardcore personality, showing that she has a very strong perception.

Who is Xander Kamel’s father? Interestingly, Xander's father was a famous politician and minister. She is her first daughter. Unfortunately, he died on December 25, 2012. After his passing, Xander was raised by her single mother, and since her father never prepared a will, life was very difficult.

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Aside from acting, Xander Kamel’s controversies are quite common, and it is hard missing her on the tabloids and online gossiping sites.

10 quick facts about Xander Kamel

The actress has mentioned so many controversial things that makes it hard to separate facts from rumours. One cannot even be certain about Xander Kamel age.

Many people claim that she is living the "ashawobrity" lifestyle, but her back and forth statements make it hard to sperate the facts. Interesting facts about Xander might suffice to expound on her personality.

1. Xander’s father was a famous minister

Were you aware that Xander Kamel’s father was a renowned politician that also became a minister during his heydays? His name is Hon Ford Kamel and was the former Volta Regional Minister and MP for Buem Constituency. He died in 2012 and left Xander’s mother to take care of them, which proved to be a great challenge.

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Her father trained as a banker and was once the Managing Director of the North Volta Rural Bank Limited. He was a member of the National Democratic Congress party, which he was affiliated to when he won the December 7, 2012 election.

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2. She doesn’t celebrate Christmas

Xander Kamel hates Christmas as it is the day that his father died in 2012. She opened up about the incident when she made an appearance on Mona Gucci’s show on Kantanka TV.

Even worse, upon her father's death, his family members wanted to take over all his properties, making the incidence extremely traumatizing.

3. Xander is philanthropic

You probably were not aware of Xander’s philanthropic efforts. Xander Kamel’s controversies are all over the popular tabloids that her good work is often overshadowed.

She is affiliated with the Kamel for Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization created to honour her later father. The foundation’s intention is also to reach to the deprived people in Ghana.

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Xander revealed that as the first daughter of the famous minister, she couldn’t sit back and watch the less privileged in society suffer. And that is why she choose to continue what her father started by promoting his agenda and initiated programs.

In October 2019, Xander embarked on “operation feed the street,” another of her philanthropic efforts. She toured different parts of the capital city Accra including Dzorwulu, Accra Girls and National Theatre.

4. She is married to King Kaninja

Xander Kamel
Image:, @xandykamel
Source: Instagram

Have you been wondering about Xander Kamel husband? It all started as a rumour, and within no time, Xander was married to her journalist sweetheart, King Kaninja.

The ban on public gatherings during the Coronavirus pandemic couldn’t stop the two love birds from tying the knot. The Xander Kamel wedding was colourful, and she was all smiles as she welcomed her new name; Mrs Mensah.

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Considering her famous personality, she is certainly going to be tackling a lot of encouraging and hateful comments on her social media channels about her recent marriage to a wonderful husband.

5. Xander advises young boys and girls

Although Xander Kamel is one of Ghana's controversial actresses, she has some society-enriching programs that advice young people. She has had various "Teen Talk" tours, whereby she advises young teenagers on the dangers lurking on social media.

Xander advises the young population to avoid posting naked images of themselves on their social media platforms. She does this on selected Basic and Junior Schools across the country as a way to sensitive and educate teenagers.

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6. She doesn’t know the father of her three children

Shocking, right? Xander made this outrageous statement while being interviewed by Zionfelix. According to her, she is only aware that two of her children are from the same father, and the other is from a different man. However, no one has ever come out to claim responsibility.

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Xander has three biological children and six adopted ones. She has recently married her soulmate and might be looking to add another child and expand her family.

7. Xander is uncultured

Perhaps one of the most confusing traits about Xander is her lack of conformity to society's norms. The bubbly actress that seems to take on anyone that comes her way revealed that she is aware of her uncultured nature and is comfortable with the trait.

The actress is aware of her uncouth nature, and she cannot do anything about it. And it seems like Ghanaians have learnt to accept her personality over time.

8. She has been crowned best role model

Xander Kamel’s controversies never seem to end, and being crowned the Best Role Model is quite confusing for many. It happened on Friday, November 29, 2019, at the Pentecost University in Sowutuom. Xander was awarded the Best Role Model of the Year at the Ghana Tertiary Awards.

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9. She started having fun at a young age

Xander Kamel
Image:, @xandykamel
Source: Instagram

Xander Kamel has revealed that she was very popular in her hometown and also in secondary school. She made this statement to debunk assertions of her being desperate for fame. Xander even mentioned that she became sexually active in Primary 4.

10. Xander dated many men to avoid heartbreak

In one of her interviews, Xander stated that she was at a certain moment dating ten men to prevent herself from getting heartbroken.

Xander Kamel is very popular in Ghana for the right and wrong reasons. She is a talented actress that doesn’t fear expressing her mind. Many fans are waiting to see what the future holds for the star. on August 24 highlighted five interesting facts about Dave Chappelle as he turns 47. He is a famous United States of America comedian with a huge following and a very successful career.

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