10 hottest Jaye Love photos that you need to see

10 hottest Jaye Love photos that you need to see

Jaye Love can’t help but attract attention wherever she goes thanks to what has been described as a “mountainous backside”. She has made headlines on several occasions as massive crowds gather to see for themselves her unusually big backside. There have also been claims that the Instagram model's butt is fake, but she has maintained that it is as real as they come.

Jaye Love
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When she is not working as a club host or a DJ, Jaye Love dedicates her time to Instagram modelling. It is through this platform that she has been able to gain attention with many of her fans remarking that they have never seen anything like her backside before. She is a sight to behold, especially for those people who like curvy women.

10 hottest photos of Jaye Love

Jaye is a dedicated DJ who is good at what she does. In addition to her charming personality, the Instagram star is also beautiful. Here are some of her photos:

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1. A goddess?

She could not have a better name than Love because she can get all the love in the world. She can be considered a goddess because most men and women adore her backside.

Jaye Love photos set the bar high for other women, and they can only dream of having half the size of her backside.

2. Love’s figure shames an hourglass

Not even an hourglass can compete with Jaye when it comes to her figure. This has been the reason for Jaye Love surgery claims, but she says her backside is real. Everything seems to be where it ought to be.

Surprisingly, she has a slim waistline and a flat tummy, something that leaves many people wondering what her secret is. Some men will be more than happy to have this photo as their screensavers to see her figure whenever they look at their phones.

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3. Perfect smile

As if it is not too much already that Jaye Love has a vast backside, she decided to parade her smile, prompting fans to label her as the sexiest woman alive.

4. Classy casual

With Jaye Love Instagram photos like this, it is not difficult to see why she is a star. No matter what photo she takes, she will get thousands of likes.

5. Love in Love?

The question millions of men want to be answered is whether Jaye Love is taken or not before they can try their luck. Should it be known that she is single and, in the market, she will be receiving more flowers than the ones, she is holding. Lucky is the man that will have her as his girlfriend or wife.

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6. Vacation mode

After being successful as an Instagram model and club DJ, what's Love got to do during her free time other than vacationing? A trip to the beach is not such a bad idea, but only that there will always be one problem.

People like Love will never enjoy their privacy because they attract attention anywhere; they go. In this instance, there must have been people who got treated to a double vacation because apart from enjoying their time on the beach, they got to see Jaye Love for themselves as well.

7. Once you go black, you never go back

You know what they say, there is no going back once one goes black and Jaye shows us what it means to be black. It has never been a secret that African women are endowed, especially when it comes to their backsides, but then again, Jaye Love is not an ordinary black woman.

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She is on a whole different level. If there were a contest for the most voluptuous women, other contestants would be going for the runners up spots.

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8. Fashionista

Instagram influencer Jaye Love can never afford to go wrong when it comes to her dressing. In her line of profession, image is vital. She represents many fashion brands as an Instagram model.

From this photo, most of her female fans will want to know details about the outfit she is wearing and where they can get it. As you can imagine, Love is one with a large wardrobe filled with colourful clothes.

9. Queen of slay-queens

Women like Jaye Love give the phrase slay-queen a meaning. If slaying is about rocking outfits and looking cool in them, then Love has passed the test. She does not need to seek attention because it follows her everywhere she goes.

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10. Battle of the socialites

And the winner is yours truly, Jaye Love. Somehow, it is an unwritten rule that for one to be a socialite, she must have a vast behind and light skin tone. Whatever socialite requirement will be thrown Love’s way, she qualifies.

Most socialites only enjoy national fame, but Love has established a brand internationally; hence she cannot compete with the other so-called socialites.

Jaye Love has put Ghana on the map as one of the countries where one can find the hottest women on earth. The massively curvy Instagram model has been able to attract millions of fans and in the process established a career as a club host, DJ and actress.

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