100+ Hawaiian surnames with their meanings and origin

100+ Hawaiian surnames with their meanings and origin

New parents will often want to choose a name that has some significance in their child’s life. Hawaiian surnames are adored by many because they sound distinct and divine. Selecting such a moniker for your baby can be challenging as every name sounds sweet in every way. The important thing is to ensure that it is charming, unique and carries a great meaning too.

Hawaiian surnames
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You do not have to be Hawaiian to use their surnames. Their popularity keeps increasing as everyone wants to associate with names that bring vibrancy to one's life. Last names also provide a great connection to one's family’s past.

List of Hawaiian surnames and meanings

Hawaiians have an inseparable connection to their land, sea, and nature itself. This beautiful connection is reflected in their names. Here is a collection of unique Pacific Islander last names that prove it right.

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Hawaiian name for family

Hawaiian family names reflect the beauty and uniqueness of their culture. They not only command respect from other individuals but also offer a sense of belonging. Here are some of the best monikers:

  • Alana - Awakening
  • Hale - House
  • Kahele - To go
  • Kahue - The gourd
  • Kalawaiʻa - The fisher
  • Kalili - The jealousy
  • Kalua - The companion
  • Kama - Child
  • Kamaka - The eye or bud
  • Kameāloha - Beloved one
  • Kaʻanāʻanā - The black magic
  • Kaʻaukai - The seafarer
  • Kaʻuhane - The soul or spirit
  • Keahi - Fire
  • Noelani - Mist of heaven
  • Lilo - Generous one
  • Makani - Breeze or the wind
  • Keilani - Glorious chief
  • Alamea - Precious or ripe
  • Hailama - Renowned brother
  • Halia - Remembrance of a loved one
  • Havika - Dearly Loved
  • Ilima - Flower of Oahu
  • Ionakana - Gift from God
  • Kaimana - Power of the ocean
  • Kalei - The flower wreath
  • Kani - The equivalent of sandy
  • Kameo - The one and only

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Common Hawaiian last names

Hawaiian surnames
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Most common Hawaiian last names have religious inflexion or Biblical references. They are also borrowed from the beautiful hibiscus flowers and white sand beaches. The monikers are pleasing to the ears and easy to pronounce.

  • Aka - Noble
  • Akamai - Clever, wisdom or smart
  • Akana - Bright
  • Ka'ana'ana - Black magic
  • Ka'aukai - The swimmer
  • Alama - Earth and eternity
  • Akamu - Of the earth
  • Hale - House or home
  • Havika - Beloved
  • Inoa - Of the virgin Mary
  • Kahale - House
  • Kahele - To go
  • Kahue - The gourd
  • Kai - Sea
  • Akamu - Biblical name for Adam
  • Kahale - The house
  • Mahoe - Twin
  • Halia - Memorial
  • Haoa - Chief guardian, exalted protector
  • Haukea - White snow
  • Kale - strong and manly
  • Naia - Dophin
  • Nalani - Silence of the heavens
  • Kaleo - One voice
  • Kapule - Magic
  • Kawai - The water
  • Wailani - Heavenly water
  • Urima - The fruit of the earth

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Popular Hawaiian last names

Hawaiian parents are known for giving monikers that highlight good qualities and traits. They are distinct and have that vibrant culture and picturesque landscape touch. Be different and try these monikers for a change.

  • Kekoa - Koa tree
  • Kalawaia - The fisherman
  • Kelii - Chief
  • Akana - Play the music
  • Kahananui - Great work
  • Wong - King
  • Kaoule - The prayer or magic
  • Aukai - Seafarer
  • Kahue - Gourd
  • Akina - Bright, autumn, or greens
  • Kalama - Flaming torch
  • Kalili - Jealousy
  • Kalua - The company
  • Kama - Child or person
  • Lokelani - Small red rose
  • Loni - The sky
  • Mililani - Exalt or praise
  • Okalani - Heavenly
  • Mano -Shark
  • Kamealoha - The beloved one
  • Nakamura - Middle village
  • Kahananui - The hard job or the great work

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Hawaiian surnames
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  • Hekekia - Biblical for Hezekiah
  • Iona - Biblical for Jonah
  • Iosua - Biblical for Joshua
  • Hekekia - Yahweh strengthens
  • Ikaika - Determination, powerful or strong
  • Kealoha - Love
  • Keawe - The strand or twisted string
  • Kekoa - The warrior
  • Keliʻi - The chief or nobleman
  • Mahelona - Biblical for Mahlon
  • Mahiʻai - Farmer
  • Māhoe - Twin
  • Alika - The most beautiful
  • Anela - Angel
  • Aukai - Sailor
  • Kahale - The house
  • ʻAkamu - Biblical for Adam
  • ʻAukai - Seafarer
  • ʻŌpūnui - Large stomach

Hawaiians are some of the kindest and warmest people and that alone can make you fall in love with their culture. Hawaiian surnames are also lovely and sweet. It will also be fun to explain to any curious soul how you arrived at the name you chose for your children.

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Yen.com.gh published a list of lovely Philippines female names and meanings. When choosing female monikers, many Filipino parents consider the culture and how deeply religious they are.

Getting to see your child grow to love their names and become the happy individual you hoped they would make parents proud.

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