50+ cute Persian female names with meaning

50+ cute Persian female names with meaning

A successful pregnancy and delivery is the greatest joy a parent can have. When such happens, parents are tasked with finding a name for their little bundle of joy. Persian female names are a good place to start.

Persian names
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Many countries have names that are inherited from one generation to the next. This is not different from Persia naming system. Netizens give their children unique and trendy monikers that are admirable.

Persian baby girl names Persian female names

Here is a comprehensive list of Persian feminine names with their meaning:

Middle Persian names

  • Anahita - The goddess of wisdom and fertility
  • Fairuza - A triumphant woman
  • Gulbahar - A rose in spring
  • Kohinoor - A mountain of light
  • Mahtab - One who shines like the light
  • Niloofar - A lily of the water
  • Parvaneh - One who is like a butterfly
  • Rosana - A star of magnificence
  • Shahrzad - The one who brings freedom to the city
  • Shohreh - A woman of great fame
  • Zareen - Made of gold
  • Ziba - A gorgeous lady
  • Friya – A woman who is a darling, loving and most affectionate
  • Ham Raz - A close friend or the one who knows all your activities
  • Jasperine - A keeper of the treasure
  • Yegane - A woman of incomparable beauty
  • Nirush - The one who initiates bliss and joy
  • Zarafshan - One who spreads joy and happiness or spreader of gold

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Persian girl names

Rare Persian names
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  • Aafreen - Praise or give thanks. The name is used as an expression of gratitude and praise.
  • Arezoo - A destined child
  • Alborz - The highest one
  • Baigum - High officials
  • Bano - Lady, princess, girl or bride
  • Berina - Highest or the best
  • Esther - The Babylonian goddess of love
  • Jazmin - A tall plant with beautiful flowers and a sweet fragrance
  • Margaret - Pearl
  • Abreshmina - A gemstone that has a spot
  • Avaley - One who is pretty as a bird with sound
  • Jahan - The Persian word for the universe
  • Leila - A time of the day after the sundown and nighttime
  • Leilyn - A dark beauty who is born during the night
  • Lelah - A beauty that comes alive during the night

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Trendy Persian names

  • Avalie - The one who has great desire and strength
  • Arsia - One who is worthy of the throne
  • Darejan - Unique or one of a kind
  • Bakhita - The fortune one
  • Berin - Quick, fair, blond, or an active human being
  • Damsa - A silk of white colour
  • Roya - A vision from the dream
  • Shahimar - A woman with beautiful eyes
  • Abru - The dignity of a person or an honour
  • Dil Shad - A worthy woman with a heart full of happiness
  • Emagine - Image of her mother, blameless or innocent
  • Fraiba - A woman who plays tricks on other people
  • Farvardin - The one who protects the pure and the good
  • Fatemeh - A captivating chaste woman
  • Souri - A woman who resembles a red rose
  • Suraa - A woman who filled with great power and strength
  • Tahirih - A morally excellent or good woman
  • Tigran - On who fights or shoots with arrows

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Coolest Persian names

  • Bahar - delight, prime, spring, glory, or beauty. It represents positivity and happiness
  • Bolour - A woman who is like crystal
  • Caspara - She who is the keeper of the treasure
  • Daana - A knowledgeable person
  • Heer - A lucky bird
  • Kyra - The sun or throne
  • Larmina - The blue sky
  • Roshana - A woman who I bright like a light of dawn
  • Sadie - A noblewoman or princess
  • Tabinda - Bright and shinning
  • Dilbar - A beloved or charming person
  • Firoja - A gemstone, shining or the turquoise colour
Persian female names
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  • Niyoosha - A careful and patient listener
  • Shayana - A woman who deserves all the beautiful things
  • Shahida - A woman who is perceived as genuinely gorgeous
  • Shahrnaz - The town’s most beloved woman

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Rare Persian names

  • Darien - A royal gift
  • Darsameen - Costly, expensive or valuable
  • Diba - A priceless brocade
  • Eartha - From the earth
  • Fareena - A merciful or kind young woman
  • Giti - The universe or the world
  • Gulazar - Land full of flowers or garden
  • Kiya - King
  • Malakeh - A beautiful queen who is also a messenger
  • Parveen - A cluster of brilliant stars
  • Vardo - Rose
  • Shadleen - A happy and soft-hearted woman
  • Oldooz - The natural satellite of the earth or the moon
  • Pegah - A woman who resembles the early morning light
  • Rayhaneh - A girl that smells sweetly like a fresh flower from the garden
  • Ruksana - A lovely and gorgeous Persian princess
  • Ruslana - A lioness or a woman who is as powerful as the lioness
  • Seriyah - A beautiful princess or the daughter of a king
  • Somaieh - A girl who is high above all the others

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Ancient Persian names

  • Daria - A trustworthy natured woman
  • Cyra - Moon faced
  • Darya - Good one
  • Ealasaid - A promise of God
  • Earlene - A woman of noble character
  • Farzeen - A queen who rules the universe
  • Gordie - Having the good abilities of great leadership
  • Mah Tab - One who is as beautiful as the moon
  • Naadiya - The one who announces or the one who calls
  • Paniz - Sweetness or sugar
  • Nahida - Planet Venus
  • Tayyebeh - A good deed
  • Rukhsana - A woman with beautiful cheeks
  • Sherene - A lady who is pleasant to be around
  • Sheeva - A charming woman
  • Souri - A woman who never wilts

The list of Persian female names listed above range from traditional, cool, to trendy ones. Therefore, if you want to give your little bundle of joy a moniker with great meaning, identify the theme you like most and make the right choice.

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