100+ names that mean truth, justice, and honesty for boys and girls

100+ names that mean truth, justice, and honesty for boys and girls

You feel proud giving a child the best names the world can ever have. Are you searching for the most classic baby names that mean truth, justice, and honesty? There are plenty of them for you to choose from.

names that mean honest
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Most parents are cautious when it comes to naming their kids. For instance, they call the children names that resemble their relatives who have outstanding characters incase the kids grow up looking up to those people.

Names with truth meanings for boys and girls

Observe the sparkle in children's eyes and smiles on their faces whenever their names attract love and affection from people. Your child will have the same smile and sparkle if you choose an appropriate name for him or her.

African names that mean truth

The first expression of love from you to a child is by giving him or her a name that comes from the bottom of your heart. If your heart goes after any of these names, do not hesitate to pick it.

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  • Qotho - Genuine and honest
  • Qiniso - Justice
  • Siminya - Certainty and upstanding
  • Omwami - A principled judge
  • Jabari - Courageous and principled
  • Lesedi - Woman of light
  • Raziya - Nice, frank, and hardworking
  • Mwema - Well-behaved, kind, and principled
  • Mkofana - The truth has set me free
  • Melusi - A true shepherd
  • Igutumba - Stands by the truth
  • Ahabwe - Clever and principled
  • Fofana - Gifted with the truth
  • Devotha - God’s just gift
  • Kirenga - Great achiever through honest means
  • Ngere - Exalted one for possessing virtues like honesty

Girls names that mean truth

It feels lovely researching about meanings of girls' names that mean the truth for your newborn, and you will feel unexplainable peace and calmness when you find the right one.

  • Aberash - Shinning or giving off light
  • Adalci - Loves the truth
  • Shaquana - Life's truth
  • Maemi - A genuine smile.
  • Viera - A straightforward person
  • Janelle - Brilliant and seeks justice
  • Ambriel - An angel of truth
  • Eslanda - An Irish word that means the truth
  • Nete - Sacrifices for truth
  • Alatea - A straightforward person
  • Sermalina - Truth will save her
  • Aletheia - Greek goddess of truth
  • Grania - Truth lover
  • Effe - She speaks the truth
  • Aleta - The principled one
  • Verite - Justice exists
  • Amisha - Pure and honest
  • Maeko - Child of truth
  • Sassi - She upholds the truth
  • Panaryma - She is devoted to the truth

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Male names that mean truth

Boys names meaning justice.
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There are plenty of boys names that mean truth that you can consider giving your little prince. These names are unique and sweet to the ears.

  • Denzin - Genuine soul
  • Duima - Owner of truth
  • Denzill - Follower of justice
  • Shaquan - Just and decent
  • Nyaniso - A sincere person
  • Alvaro - The one who speaks the truth
  • Kalifa - Follower of religiousness and chaste
  • Veritas - God of truth
  • Nyatefe - A straightforward person
  • Satyadeep - The lamb of truth
  • Otitọ - Adores the truth
  • Gaskiya - The truth shines
  • Talib - Reliable and ingenious
  • Amish - Genuine
  • Govan - The righteous one
  • Latish - Happy and principled
  • Sancus - Greek god of trust, honesty, and oaths

Boy names that mean trustworthy

Do you know some of the boy names meaning trustworthy that you could spare and choose for your baby boy? Take a look at this list:

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  • Caracy - Genuine and kindhearted
  • Danish - One with a pure soul
  • Evdeam -Honest and pleasing
  • Fidelio - Honest
  • Hemel - Genuine and faithful
  • Joab - Lover of honesty
  • Ratul - Shinning truth
  • Ratesh - The lord of truth

Girls names that mean trustworthy

Female names that mean trustworthy are lovely. Your daughter will appreciate you for giving her one of these beautiful names when she grows up:

  • Brianna - strong, virtuous, and honourable
  • Elsa - An Anglo-Saxon word that means truth
  • Cassandra - An unheeded prophetess
  • Nithi - Well-behaved and frank
  • Nakia - Genuine and realistic
  • Joan - She loves honesty
  • Vedha - True and pious
  • Nadir - Committed to telling the truth
  • Denice - Determined, dedicated, and principled
  • Eloriah - Genuine and faithful
  • Joycean - Charming, youthful, and straightforward
  • Sanny - The new truth
  • Vira - Faith and justice

Boys names meaning justice

names meaning justice
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With so many boys' names available, trendy ones that mean justice always stand out. Please check out this list:

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  • Bulungisa - Justice
  • Okyeame - God is my justice
  • Seyua - One who brings justice
  • Onidajọ - Judge or justice
  • Tsuneo - Eternal justice
  • Haki - Swahili word for justice
  • Billie - Defender of justice
  • Justin - Latin word for fair and righteous
  • Insaf - Judge with justice
  • Redlich - Believes in just practices
  • Satoshi -A just man
  • Nakir - Black-eyed angel of justice
  • Nima - Pesian word for fair
  • Qazi - Indian word for a judge
  • Ull - God of justice
  • Gerade - Fights for justice
  • Justiz - Giver of justice
  • Guillermo - He values justice and discipline
  • Maat - Egyptian goddess of law and justice
  • Satyadev - The lord of justice
  • Takeo - A Japanese word that means a just warrior
  • Tetsuo - Wise and just warrior
  • Jestin - Wales word for fairness

Girls names meaning justice

Parents choose names that mean justice for their children to express how special they consider their kids. Here are different names to choose from:

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  • Adl - Justice reigns
  • Euridice - The Greek word for justice
  • Justice - Fairness
  • Marjo - One who desires the truth
  • Prama - Intellectual and loves justice
  • Ritika - Brings justice
  • Astraia - Goddess of justice
  • Aibueku - Benin word for justice
  • Adalet - Turkish word that means justice
  • Hadiya - Guide to righteousness

Girls names that mean honest

names that mean honest
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Present your daughter with a beautiful lifetime gift, which is a name. Some of the most precious names for girls are:

  • Tirion - Gentle and honest
  • Thembekile - Honest and loyal
  • Nyaniseka - Honest, upright, and upstanding
  • Frank - Genuine, heartfelt, and candid
  • Aminia - Honest woman
  • Joanina - Cheerful, charming, and honest
  • Yakini - A virtuous woman
  • Anisa - Friendly and honest
  • Caris - Gracious, kind, and honest
  • Mehri - Lovable and honest

Boy names that mean honest

Gift your son with any of these boys names that mean honesty:

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  • Thembekileyo – Loyal, fair, and faithful
  • Nokware – Open, accessible, and honest
  • Rein – Pure and straightforward
  • Verdad – Outgoing and forthcoming
  • Hakki – He tells the truth
  • Sadik – Honest and truthful
  • Ithel - Honest, staunch, trusty
  • Heidrich – The German name for kind and straightforward
  • Benigno – A Portuguese name for honest and friendly
  • Lutfi – Indonesian word for a kind and genuine person

There list of names that mean truth, justice, and honesty is endless. You probably have a handful of them that have not been enlisted here. Whichever names you choose for children, ensure that you pick the best.

Yen.com.gh shared a list of 100+ names that mean death and darkness for boys and girls. People with such names exist. For example, Thanatos means he who brings death. You might be boiling with anger and blaming adults who give the children such horrible names.

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