100+ old-fashioned French boy names that are so cool

100+ old-fashioned French boy names that are so cool

The process of naming a new-born baby is an exercise every parent looks forward to. Each parent wants their little ones to have beautiful names that they are proud of. No one wants to be associated with bad luck or pessimism. You do not have to think hard when selecting one for your baby. There are way too many options if you are looking for old-fashioned French boy names for your child.

Old-fashioned French boy names
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Just like vintage dresses, fine wine and antiques, old-fashioned French male names have a long-lasting appeal. These names sound a little familiar yet noticeably different as well. They are the perfect choice for parents who wish to achieve some sophistication.

Old-fashioned French boy names that are so cool

Parents love giving their sons baby boy names that the children will adore and love even as they grow up. Here is a list of more than 100 old-fashioned French boy names that you can choose for your little boy.

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Classy French last names

Nothing makes a kid stand out amid the others like a unique name. When accompanied by a great and significant meaning, it will go a long way in building up your son’s esteem. Here are some classy baby boy names that you can consider.

  • Fabien - A bean grower or farmer
  • Gerard - Excellent spearman-ship or strong spear
  • Germain - An ally worthy friend
  • Jeanne - God has been merciful to me
  • Napoleon - He who originated from Naples
  • Jasper - A valuable and precious mineral stone
  • Henry - To rule over the household
  • Gautier - A mighty ruler
  • Ignace - A person who is unstoppable and fiery
  • Gary - An individual who guards and is watchful
  • Edgar - Fortunate and powerful
  • Valeray - A brave boy
  • Louis - Famous warrior
  • Andre - Strong and manly
  • Antoine - The priceless one
  • Edouard - Guardian of wealth or wealthy guardian
  • Julien - Youthful and energetic
  • Nicholas - Victory of the people
  • Damien - One who tames
  • Roch - A generous giver, one who is bountiful, bounteous
  • Dax - A French town
  • Amoux - Eagle wolf
  • Lothaire - Famous warrior
  • Serge - A strong and durable woollen fabric
  • Thiery - Ruler of the people
  • Victor - A winner or conqueror
  • Clement - An individual who is merciful, thoughtful and reasonable
  • Armand - A great soldier
  • Alric - A noble and wise leader or ruler
  • Cyril - A person with a lordly character and highly masterful
  • Didier - Desire or longing
  • Emmanuel - God with us
  • Eugene - Noble
  • Florent - Flowering
  • Gabriel - A individual who is devoted, committed and dedicated to God
  • Gilles - Shieldbearer, defender, protector
  • Gustave - A servant of God
  • Hugo - Heart, mind and spirit
  • Jerome - The sacred one
  • Jules - Youthful, vibrant and energetic
  • Mathieu - A gift from God

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Old French boy names

For people who might consider old boy names, the meaning behind them matters the most. If you choose to follow this path, below are some boy names that your son will be proud of even when they grow up.

Old-fashioned French boy names
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  • Sebastien - An individual who is revered and highly respected
  • Theodore - God-given
  • Thibault - Bold, brave and courageous
  • Valentin - Strong and healthy
  • Yanis - God’s gift or the gift of God
  • Leon – Brave
  • Loris - Laurel
  • Luc - Illumination, light
  • Johan - God is gracious and merciful
  • Regis - A person with kingly or great leadership character
  • Rene - Born again
  • Timothee - A person who honours God
  • Emeric - A great ruler and worker or servant of the people
  • Eustache - An individual who is resourceful and fruitful
  • Javier - A person who is born in January
  • Thaddee - An individual who is bold and courageous
  • Marcel - Green of the sea
  • Laurent – Excellent, winner
  • Herve - A strong person
  • Felix – Happiness, joy
  • Ambroise - Immortal
  • Alphonse - Noble and ready
  • Alexandre - Defender of the people, protector
  • Gaspard - Smart, creative, friendly, strong, energetic and sophisticated
  • Martin - Generous and caring
  • Sacha - A defender or protector of humankind
  • Nael - Great success or triumph
  • Basile - Zeal, enthusiasm and energy
  • Amir - Commander or prince
  • Philibert - Much brightness, fame, a star
  • Albin - Innocent at heart
  • Balthazar - God protect the king
  • Benjamin - Son of fortune
  • Frederic - The power of peace
  • Gauthier – Commander, governor
  • Gilbert - Descendant of a high race
  • Hubert - Highly intelligent
  • Tristan - The dragon
  • Bertrand - Intelligent or glorious raven
  • Verdell - Green and flourishing
  • Gontran - A great fighter

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Medieval French boy names

Most medieval French names for boys are associated with good tiding. Therefore, parents believe that giving such to their kids will influence them positively. The medieval names below carry profound meaning.

Old-fashioned French boy names
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  • Perceval - Pierce or valley
  • Loic - A famed warrior or fighter
  • Hadrien - Dark
  • Marius - From the city of Provence in the south of France
  • Cedric - Bounty
  • Arsene - Manly, strong, gallant and energetic
  • Corentin - A violent windy storm, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon
  • Zachael - An angel
  • Fabrice - A person who works with his hands
  • Noah - Relaxed and tranquil
  • Quentin - The fifth
  • Pierrick - A rock or stone
  • Augustin - Majestic
  • Fenelon - Noble and creative
  • Fantin - Likable like a child
  • Gregoire - Wake and conscious
  • Martial - Mars
  • Octavien - The eight or of eight
  • Sylvain - The forest
  • Vincent - A winner conqueror, hero, master, champion
  • Pascal or Pasquel - Born during the Easter holiday
  • Beauvais - Clean heart and inward beauty
  • Aurelien - Golden
  • Etienne – Crown, wreath
  • Maxence - The greatest
  • Olivia - Olive tree
  • Patrice - Noble or patrician
  • Rafael - God has healed
  • Colin - A young dog
  • Gillet - A young goat
  • Regnault - Counsel power
  • Baptiste - To baptize or to dip
  • Jean-Claude - God is gracious
  • Jacques - An excellent planter of plants
  • Benoit - Blessed and favoured
  • Bastien - Highly respected and revered
  • Yoann - Yahweh is gracious
  • Baudouin - A brave friend
  • Morand - From the sea
  • Nestor - A person who has returned from travel
  • Sylvestre - Wood or woodland

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Giving your son old-fashioned French boy names will not only make him sound sophisticated among his peers but also make him feel good about himself. The above list is an excellent guide for parents who are fashionable and diverse when it comes to naming their children.

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