Kris Elmer from Kindig-It: 5 facts you should know

Kris Elmer from Kindig-It: 5 facts you should know

Kris Elmer is a renowned fabricator. Kris has roots in automotive technology. For instance, his father is an old hot rodder and played a huge role in instilling passion and zeal for the industry. So, how well do you know Kris Elmer from Kindig-It?

Kris Elmer from Kindig-It
Kris Elmer and his wife Galia celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2017. Photo: @Kris Elmer
Source: Facebook


Most of his dedicated fans were wondering “What happened to Kris Elmer?” Kris Elmer from Bitchin ride has been working on various projects since the onset of Covid-19. Read on to get enlightened about the metal fabricator.

Here are 5 facts you should know about Kris Elmer

Kris Elmer wears many hats. He is a thriving metal fabricator, husband, and father, among many other roles. Get to know crucial facts about him.

1. Kris Elmer is a scholar

The fabricator attended Weber State University and studied Automotive Service Technology. His goals and plans were to be a technician for his entire life. However, it turned out to be old and redundant. During his career at the Automotive Maintenance Specialists, he received a call from Dave and agreed to become a Kindig-It member.

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Kris Elmer from Kindig-It
Kris Elmer and his father helping him work on his race car circa 1997. Photo: @loudpedalslc
Source: Instagram

2. Kris is a husband and father

The famous fabricator is married to his beautiful wife, Gaila. The couple is parents to four children. He is not shy about posting his wife and children on his social media platform.

Kris Elmer from Kindig-It
Kris Elmer and his family. Photo: @Kindig-it Design
Source: Facebook

3. Kris is the founding member of the Throttlers, SLC chapter

The fabricator is the founding member of Throttlers, SLC chapter. He has a soft spot for fixing first-generation Camaros. Worth noting, he holds two track racing records at Rocky Mountain Raceway.

4. Kris worked at a couple of car dealerships

Kris has worked in various car dealerships. He has also worked for Kevin Brown, the brain behind Classic Restorations. He has also participated in NHRA Division 7 and toured the West Coast racing.

5. Kris worked at Kindig-It

“Did Kris Elmer leave Kindig-It?” and “Where is Kris Elmer?” are some of the questions most fans want to find out. However, there is no available information regarding the speculation about Kris Elmer leaves Kindig-It.

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Kris Elmer from Kindig-It
Kris Elmer and his wife Galia at Orlando's Mexican Restaurant for dinner in 2018. Photo: @Kris Elmer
Source: Facebook

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