Lancaster University Ghana fees and entry requirements

Lancaster University Ghana fees and entry requirements

The higher education was envisioned to impart innovative skills in various fields of study for the benefit of society in exchange for a compensation of course. Ghanaians can now reap the benefits of their tertiary training by enrolling at the recognized institution benchmarked against international standards. Lancaster University Ghana is one of the first full-fledged universities offering world-class training. It's affiliation to the UK parent campus award student access to the most excellent academic pursuit. Not only is it affordable considering they award UK degrees, but you get a lifetime opportunity to study in an ultra-modern campus in Accra. In this article, you will get to know the courses at Lancaster University Ghana.

lancaster university ghana admission fees
courses offered at lancaster university in ghana
lancaster university ghana postgraduate courses
fees at lancaster university ghana

Before you take the bold move to apply for their programs, do you know the entry requirements and the courses offered? This write-up focuses to enlighten you the variety of academics programs and the fees needed to undertake the courses. Also featured are scholarships in case you encounter financial constraints during enrollment.

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A brief summary about Lancaster University Ghana

The University offers a wide array of academic programs spanning several career options including; Accounting, Finance, Law, Marketing, Business, Economics, and International Relations. Lancaster University in Ghana is a branch campus of Lancaster University UK. This means that the degrees conferred by the institution have the same qualification as those offered by the parent university. Courses are taught meet the Ghanaian and British standards.

The teaching of postgraduate courses is executed by lecturers from the main Lancaster University campus in the UK. Students enjoy the luxury of being under the guidance and support of exceptional academic staff. Other benefits of taking up studies with the University are several outstanding scholarships grants. The British degrees granted at the completion of one’s academic study makes the university a unique institution in sub-Saharan Africa.

Just to show how the Lancaster University in Ghana commands recognition in the country, the main campus in the UK was named the 2018 University of the Year. Although the Ghanaian outfit is five years old, it takes pride in 500 students plus a whopping 240 alumni since its inaugural in 2013. September 2018 marked the second undergraduate graduation ceremony.

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The number of programmes offered by Lancaster University in Ghana looks limited, but the centre of excellence promises to introduce other courses like engineering as it seeks to broaden its academic offering.

Lancaster University Ghana admission fees

The amount of admission fee is not common among all students. A value that a candidate is expected to pay is pegged on the indicated tuition fees. Lancaster University charges 10% of the tuition fees as the registration fee. If aspiring to join the undergraduate program, you will have to part with around $900.Postgraduate students fork an amount ranging from $1400 to $2400.

Courses offered at Lancaster University in Ghana

Let us get down to the meat of the content and delve on the courses being offered by the university. The first two are additional programs and not part of the main courses.

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Foundation Pathways

lancaster university ghana admission fees
courses offered at lancaster university in ghana
lancaster university ghana postgraduate courses
fees at lancaster university ghana

This curriculum designed by Transnational Academic Group offers a lifeline to aspiring undergraduate students who fail to meet all the direct entry requirements. After completion of the program, one gains a qualification that guarantees entry into undergraduate programmes at either the Lancaster University UK or the Ghana campus.

Entry Requirements to enrol in this programme is at least a WASSCE qualification of C6 and an additional pass of C4 in Maths and English. Also acceptable is an IGCSE/GCSE ‘AS’ with five credits at ‘O’ Level inclusive both English and Math. Minimum admission age required is 17 years

The Foundation Pathways Program takes about three trimesters to complete. Total tuition fees for the whole programme inclusive of the registration fee is $21,700.

English Proficiency Program (EPP)

For a duration of one year, eligible students are trained in English language skills. The program’s main goal is to improve a student’s English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Within the one-year duration span over ten weeks, (four terms) a student will spend $2,000 for the whole course.

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BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Generally, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance course majors in both Accounting and Financial Reporting discipline geared towards imparting critical skills and knowledge in analyzing and drawing up accounting data. To earn an award in this undergraduate program, a student will undergo three years of intense studies. Expect to pay a total of $27,900 for the whole course.

B.A in Economics and International Relations

Hopeful candidates aspiring for a career in studying the interplay between politics and economy can drop their application. You will, however, be required to dedicate 3 years in study and set aside a total tuition fees amounting to $27,900.

B.A in Politics and International Relations

lancaster university ghana admission fees
courses offered at lancaster university in ghana
lancaster university ghana postgraduate courses
fees at lancaster university ghana

Interested in learning the geopolitical sphere and how the dynamics of global institutions and organizations shape the progress of development? With Lancaster University in Ghana, be assured to gain a deep insight into African political affairs.

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This three-year course will set you back $27,900 in tuition before you graduate.

BSc (Hons) Business Studies

One of the most popular academic courses tailor-made for business-minded people and professions working in the corporate world. The University endeavours to inculcate business values within the student’s mindset.

Before a student completes this undergraduate qualification, they will have spent $27,900.


lancaster university ghana admission fees
courses offered at lancaster university in ghana
lancaster university ghana postgraduate courses
fees at lancaster university ghana

Definitely one the most sought-after UK-administered professional courses. During the three years at the University, Ghanaian Law falls among the core modules taught. Students graduate with Ghanaian Law degree. Tuition fees for the full program are $27,900.

BSC in Computer Science

In a modern world where computer plays a big role in an economy, Lancaster University in Ghana has risen to the demand to create a curriculum that includes computing skills. All the three trimesters will cost $27,900.

BSc in Marketing

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The widening marketing niche in business informs the desire by the university to train a workforce with needed academic excellence to exploit various sectors and industries. Three years of study in this undergraduate course costs $27,900.

Lancaster University Ghana postgraduate courses

As of 2018, the faculty of postgraduate studies offers only two Lancaster University Ghana masters programmes:

MSC Management

For two years, students undergo background training tailor-made to advance their understanding of the complex and intricate world of management. Successful graduates should brace themselves for a career geared towards international roles in management. Although training is done part-time, the course is bound to take you back $14,000 for the whole program.

Entry requirements to study MSC Management is a minimum upper second class honours degree or an equivalent professional qualification. Also, the institution demands at least 2 years working experience. Before one applies, they must have an English proficiency qualification of 6.5.

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Executive MBA

lancaster university ghana admission fees
courses offered at lancaster university in ghana
lancaster university ghana postgraduate courses
fees at lancaster university ghana

The Executive MBA programme covers a period of two years of part-time study costing $24,000. Candidates enroled in this course are instructed on ways to develop knowledge, skills, and capability in various aspects of managing an organization. The condition that a candidate doesn’t need to attend regular classes makes it ideal for working professionals. To enrol, be sure to have an upper second class honours degree or an equivalent professional qualification. Additionally, five years is the bare minimum experience required. A high English proficiency score of 7 is also a requirement.

Fees at Lancaster University Ghana

Join the growing community or academia and students at Lancaster University Ghana and harness your potential in creating change in the world. For sure such privileged comes at a cost. As of this year, the standard annual tuition fees are as below;

  • Foundation Programme - $7,000
  • Undergraduate courses - $9,000
  • Postgraduate MBA - $24,000
  • MSc Management - $14,000
  • Medical Insurance - $600

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Admission requirements for Lancaster University Ghana

Aspiring candidates would have their education backgrounds scrutinised and double checked before admission is granted into various programs. The amazing Foundation Program is set up to rescue candidates who fail to meet Lancaster university Ghana entry requirements.

Foundation Program requirements

  • The West African Curriculum-Minimum average grade of grade C including pas of C4 in Math and C6 in English. English proficiency is mandatory for WASSCE candidates.
  • Overall IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 5.5. PTE (Pearson score) of 59 is an equivalent requisite.
  • For those who enroled for the British system (IGCSE/GCSE), a minimum 'AS’ level with five credits at ‘O’ level and at least a minimum grade C in Math and English.
  • Be of a minimum age of 18.

Undergraduate requirements

lancaster university ghana admission fees
courses offered at lancaster university in ghana
lancaster university ghana postgraduate courses
fees at lancaster university ghana

Lancaster University Ghana demands a minimum qualification from any of the listed academic backgrounds:

  • A-levels- Minimum grade C in three GCE Advanced Levels with five credits at ‘O’ Level and at least grade C in Maths and English.
  • Overall IB (International Baccalaureate) English score of 27 points with 16 points based on the three best HL. Also, IGCSE/GCSE credit at ‘O’ Level with a score of not less than a C in Maths and English.
  • International Foundation- minimum pass of 50% in the Lancaster University’s Foundation Program or an equivalent program approved by the University.
  • Have attained the age of 18.

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Executive MBA requirements

This being a master’s program requires some few application conditions:

  • First-degree achievement preferably with second-class honours or above or similar equivalent professional qualification
  • Prior work experience of not less than five years in a professional or managerial position.
  • For non-UK university candidates, a GMAT score of at least 600 (plus an excellent AWA score) is required.
  • Have two references, one being your employer (or manager) and another person in a position to examine your academic prowess.
  • An interview with a faculty member of the admissions team. All relevant academic documents will be required for this exercise.

Lancaster University Ghana careers

The ever-growing number of students calls for an expanded role of the workforce tasked with the running of the Lancaster University Ghana academic departments. In the spirit of advancing quality of duties conducted, the institution regularly hires staff to fill various roles within the campus. If you seek an opportunity to offer your skills as either a lecturer, manager or teaching assistant, drop those papers and get hired.

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Lancaster University Ghana scholarship

It’s pretty obvious that a student could have an exemplary academic achievement but not enough financial ability to get enroled into Lancaster University. The University has a dedicated scholarship initiative as a way of extending a helping hand to needy prospective students whose academic dreams are limited by financial ability to apply for the University’s courses.

Over 40% of the University's enrolled students have benefited from the noble scheme. The program covers part or full educational expenses. You can take advantage of the following scholarships;

  • Academic Merit Scholarship – To qualify for this scholarship, prospective students should prove a score of four A’s and one B in five WAEC subjects or an IGCSE A-Level score of four A’s and two A’s.
  • Sports Merit Scholarship - Candidates with exceptional sporting abilities with awarded honours are eligible to apply. However, the applicants must have obtained WAEC or A-Levels academic score of five B’s in five subjects.
  • Financial Aid Scholarship - This scholarship seeks to cover the expenses of students from a proven economically-disadvantaged family. On top of that, this category demands attainment of a score of two A’s and one B in 5 subjects.
  • Business Cup Challenge Scholarship – Have won either a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place during a sporting competition.
  • Sibling Scholarship – Siblings studying concurrently at Lancaster University Ghana receive a 10% waiver on tuition fee.
  • Direct Scholarship – A scholarship offered to high schools students in schools covered by the initiative with the aim to prepare their entry into the university in future. A student can receive between 10% to 15% off their tuition fees

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To claim a scholarship or financial aid, a prospective student is supposed to fill and submit a scholarship application form. If you are unsure about your eligibility, contact the University for inquiry. When submitting the form consider the following:

Claims on the basis of athletic prowess should be supported by awards in forms of medals or certificates. Application for a scholarship based on outstanding academic credentials shall be accompanied by certificated indicating minimum score result of two ‘A’ at least a ‘B’. The financial capacity of a parent or the household income will determine the eligibility for a financial aid.

Lancaster University Ghana address

One can contact the institution via their social media handle or reach out for help through the official contact platforms.

Physical location: Lancaster University Ghana, Jungle Road (near the A&C Square), East Legon, Accra


Telephone: 0209607008 or 030 274 7700

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Lancaster University Ghana admission form

Application for courses at the University is done by an application form for both prospective undergraduate and Foundation Programme students. One is expected to indicate correct details to enhance admissions into chosen courses.

Application forms are available for download at the official website. Details to make available include personal details, contacts, course preferred, education details, medical or disability status. Once the details are completely indicated, attach supporting academic documents and a copy of your international passport

Lancaster University Ghana scholarship application form is accessible for download at the same website. Take note that request for financial aid is based on factual information.

In conclusion, Lancaster University is a school that everyone would want to be a part of.


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