What happened to Natalie Morales from Access Hollywood? Latest updates

What happened to Natalie Morales from Access Hollywood? Latest updates

Natalie Morales is an American journalist that works for NBC news. The beautiful anchor is a familiar face for many NBC viewers and quickly became a household name. Her career is an impressive one that has spanned over 25 years. She has anchored several shows and has built herself a fanbase in the process. However, when it seemed she had reached the height of her career as a host on Access Hollywood, she suddenly left. This left her viewers confused and wondering what happened to Natalie Morales.

What happened to Natalie Morales
Natalia Morales. Photo:@nmoralesnbc
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Natalie was an anchor on Access Hollywood from 2016 to 2019 and became one of the most favourite anchors. She is a bold and beautiful woman that has managed to build a great career and a beautiful family at the same time. Do you want to know what happened to her?

Who is Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales-Rhodes, born Natalie Leticia Morales was born to a Brazilian mother Penelope, and a Puerto Rican father, Lieutenant Colonel Mario Morales, JR. Since her father was in the army, Natalie’s life consisted of a lot of moving. Her childhood was spent living between Brazil, Spain, and America. Because of this, she can speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently.

Natalie got her high school education from Caesar Rodney High School where she graduated in 1990. She then went to Rutgers University for her Bachelor of Arts degree. She pursued dual majors in Journalism & Media studies, and Latin American studies.

Natalie’s career path

After she graduated from college, Natalie worked at Chase Bank for some time before she got her journalism career started. The career that she is known for today started when she got a job as the first morning anchor under News 12. While there, she also worked as a camera operator, an editor and a producer for the network. She also was a weekend anchor at WVIT-TV in Hartford Connecticut.

From 2002 to 2006, Morales was an anchor and correspondent for MSNBC. While she worked there, she covered several major news stories. In 2016, Natalie moved from the East Coast to the West Coast to become the Today Show West Anchor. She also joined the twin syndicated shows Access and Access live (formerly known as Hollywood Access) where she remained until 2019.

Natalie Morales net worth

The talented journalist has managed to amass a great fortune for herself. Being in the industry for over two decades is only possible for the best, and that she is. Her net worth is estimated to be $16 million. Natalie Morales' NBC salary is also estimated to be a cool $6 million per year.

Why is Natalie Morales not on Access Hollywood anymore?

What happened to Natalie Morales
Natalia Morales. Photo:@nmoralesnbc
Source: Instagram

Is Natalie Morales still on Access? No, she is not. In 2019, fans were devastated when Natalie announced that she was relinquishing her duties as the host of Access and the co-host of Access Live. She did not specify the reason as to why she left the shows. However, she remains as Today’s correspondent out of LA.

In 2020, Natalie announced that she would be joining Dateline as an official correspondent. Some fans speculate that this new job is the reason why she stopped working for Access Hollywood. This remains to be proven.

Natalie Morales family

Apart from her career, Natalie also has a beautiful family. She has a husband, who she got married to on 22nd August 1998. In 2004, she gave birth to her first son Josh. The couple had their second son Luke in 2008.

Natalia is very passionate about helping Alhzeimers patients because of her family’s struggle with it. Her mother-in-law Kay Rhodes had younger-onset Alzheimer’s and lived with it for 17 years. The host is recognized for her passionate fight against the illness.

This is proof of how multifaceted she is. She managed to maintain her career, raise a family, and also fight for a cause, all at the same time. It is no wonder she is one of the best news anchors.

Her strength shone through when she had to make the tough decision to move her family from the East Coast to the West Coast when she got the job on Access. However, she has stated that they were all ready for it and that the kids adjusted admirably.

Is Natalie Morales still married to Joe Rhodes?

Natalie has been married to Joe Rhodes for over 20 years, and they are still married. The two have a beautiful family and form quite the power couple. While Natalie has been conquering the media world, her husband has also made a name for himself.

He received an MBA from Columbia’s Business School that led him to launch his career as a businessman. He currently serves as the managing partner of Hummingbird Brands LLC. He is also the president of Lenny & Larry’s LCC.

Natalie Morales is one of the most popular TV personalities in the country. She has had a long-lasting career that has spanned decades and that everyone would be proud of having. Therefore, it came as a shock when she announced that she would no longer be with Access Hollywood. For those asking about what happened to Natalie Morales, now you know.

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