The list of all 26 Bank of Africa Ghana branches and codes

The list of all 26 Bank of Africa Ghana branches and codes

Seven years later after receiving the banking license from the Central Bank, Bank of Africa Ghana continues to be one of the leading financial institutions in terms of offering and developing customer relationships which has seen its spontaneous growth. With a well-connected network of Bank of Africa Ghana branches, their strategy is to get closer to the customers at the grass root levels. Their expansion strategy of the Bank of Africa Ghana branches is seen as a move to spread their exceptional services that not only bring convenience to the customers but also meets their needs.

Bank of Africa has shown a committed consistence in improving their customer relations over the years. This led to the development of Customer First Model, which brings a total new experience of banking to customers where they access a one-stop service in the banking halls. This technique has seen the bank earn a top spot when it comes to customer service in Ghana. Apart from the exemplary customer services, there a host of other exciting products and services that are tailor made to suit the needs of the different customers in Ghana.

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Another interesting fact about the different branches of BOA Ghana is that they are all interlinked together. Remember the hustle that comes with relocating to a different area where the bank branch lacks your personal information? Well with the Bank of Africa that is never to be among the list of your worries as all your details are backed up. Working across 7 continents of the world, they have partnered with valued customers in order to realize the strategic business units which consist of:

  • Retail
  • Business Center
  • Wholesale Banking
  • Treasury

Bank of Africa branches in Ghana

Every customer at any of the Bank of Africa branches is guaranteed of the top quality financial services from professionals which technical know-how of the banking industry from any of the branches. Below is a detailed list of all the Bank of Africa branches in Ghana with their contact details and location:

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Bank of Africa branches in Greater Accra

BOA has a well-set network that cut across the major parts of Accra and other regions on Ghana. With presence in 26 branches in Ghana and also in foreign countries, the bank is set to ensure that each Ghanaian is able to access their services at a place of their convenience.

Below are the Bank of Africa branches in Accra and Greater Accra:

1. Bank of Africa head office Ghana (210100)

Bank of Africa Ghana Address: 1st Floor, Block A&B, The Octagon, Independence

P.O.Box C1541, Cantonments, Accra

Bank of Africa Contacts: Tel: + 233 302 249 690

Fax: + 233 302 249 697


Bank of Africa Ghana has continued to show growth throughout the different parts of Ghana. It continues to fulfill their vision which is to be the preferred bank to the chosen markets. Also, their mission is to serve the customers with efficiency and courtesy. It also continues to contribute to the development of all the stakeholders.

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2. East Legon branch 9 (210111)

Address: Plot No. 38B Lagos Avenue, East Legon PMB L42, Legon, Accra


Tel: + 233 302 520 4535

Fax: 233 302 520 457

Are you a civil servant seeking financial solutions? Well customers can visit the East Legon branch to access the public service pack. The packs are bundled products and services that are offered for the public and civil servants which earn them an edge to the tariff advantages via the comprehensive set of products and services.

3. Accra Central branch (210104)

Ollivant Arcade, New Former UTC Building Accra Central


Tel: + 233 302 674 484/ + 233 302 674 486

Fax: + 233 302 24617

4. Airport City branch

Plot No. 19, Holiday Inn Hotel Airport City, Accra

P.O BOX C1541 Cantonments

Tel: 0302765624/ 0302765653

5. Business centre branch (210102)

C75 A/3 Kanda Highway Extension, Ridge, Accra

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P.O.Box C1541, Cantonments, Accra


Tel: + 233 302 242 100/ + 233 302 243 488

Fax: + 233 302 243 406

Bank of Africa Ghana

6. Dansoman branch (210117)

Located opposite the Sahara bus stop No. C 300, Dansoman Estates PMB 16 Dansoman, Accra.


Tel: + 233 302 312 840/ + 233 302 312 841

Fax: + 233 302 312 847

7. Farrar Avenue branch (210101)

C131/3 Farrar Avenue, Adabraka, Accra

P.O Box C1541 Cantonments, Accra


Tel: + 233 302 249 690

8. Kwashieman branch (210112)

Plot No. 248, MotorwayExt., Kwasheiman (Hong Kong), Accra.

P.O.Box C1541 Cantonments, Accra


Tel: + 233 302 420 045. Fax(s): + 233 302 420 049

9. Bank of Africa Maamobi branch Accra (210103)

Hertz House Nima Highway, Accra

P.O.Box C1541, Cantonments


Tel: + 233 302 769 58/ + 233 302 769 518

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10. Bank of Africa Tema branch (210116)

Located at the Ground floor, Heights of Greener pastures Plaza which is close to the community 1 roundabout PMB26 Tema, Accra.


Tel: + 233303 207 976/ + 233 022 207 960

11. Opera Square branch

Store no. 3 Ground floor, Opera House Building

P.O.Box C1541 Cantonments, Accra

Tel: +0302631168/ +0302631181/ +0302631182

Bank of Africa branches

12. Bank of Africa Osu branch (210113)

No. F88/1 Cantonments Road (Oxford Street), Osu

P.O.Box C1541 Cantonments, Accra, Ghana


Tel: +233-302-769 588 / 769 518

Fax: +233-302-769 856

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13. Teshie Nungua branch

Parcel No. 129 Block 6, Section 73 Nungua, Adjacent Kpeshie Divisional Police Headquarters

P.O.Box C1541, Cantonments - Accra

Email :

Tel: +0303 967676/ +0303 967677

14. Abossey Okai branch (210119)

House No. B659/6 Korle-Bu, Mortuary Road Opposite Central Mosque

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P.O.Box AO 805 Abossey Okai, Accra


Tel: + 233 302 685 225/ + 233 302 685 226

Fax: + 233 302 685 239

The numerous branches of Bank of Africa Ghana Limited, only means that there are more openings in terms of career opportunities in a number of fields such as Finance, Marketing, Communications, Sales, Human Resources and general operations.

15. Spintex branch (210114)

Next to Glory Oil Filling station Batsona -Spintex Road PMB 269, Tema

Tel: + 233-302-816840/41

Fax: +233-302-816847

16. Bank of Africa Michel Camp branch (210106)

Aseidua Plaza (Tulaku) PMB Community 11, Tema


Tel: +233-303-300770/300740

Fax: +233-303-300742

Bank of Africa Ghana Limited
Source: Products and services of Bank of Africa

17. Madina branch Bank of Africa (210118)

House No. B 90, MDN, MB 202, Madina


Tel: + 233 302 522 072/ + 233 302 522 073

Fax: + 233 302 522 216

In case you have been to the Madina branch and have some complaints on the service offered, you can file a customer complaint request. This caters in case the customer has been duly delayed at any of the branches, or in case you have been treated unfairly or you are dissatisfied with a service.

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18. Bank of Africa New Town branch (210105)

B Plaza, Hill Street Intersection Off New Town-Pigfarm Road Opposite Mid Land Press, New Town


Tel: +233-302-243310/243332/243306

Fax: +233-302-243321

List of Bank of Africa branches in the other regions of Ghana

1. Adum branch( 210602)

No. 10 Mission Rd, Adum

P.O.Box KS 14556, Kumasi


Tel: + 233 332 49112/ + 233 332 49113

Fax: + 233 332 49119

Customers from the branch can open a BOA current account which comes with a convenient means of managing the day to day finances. Through this account, the customers can access their account and carry out their regular payments and deposits transactions. This comes with the knowledge that the customers can access their money at any of the other branches countrywide through the respective offices.

2. Amakom branch (210601)

323 24th February Amakom, Kumasi

P.O.Box KS 14556, Kumasi

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Tel: + 233 322 34407/ + 233 322 36312

Fax: + 233 322 34241

Situated in the Kumasi region, the branch serves all the Ghanaians from the nearby regions. Customers can also open up a savings account which guarantees customers and other business enterprises an opportunity to save over a measured period of time. Due to the limited withdrawals, they attract high competitive rates.

3. Kejetia Bank of Africa branch

Former S.A.T Building

P.O.Box KS 14556, Kumasi


Tel: + 233 0244 340 342/ + 233 3220 46100/ 050 0153 000

Bank of Africa Ghana branches

4. Bank of Africa Suame branch

S.K. Bonsu Storey Building, Tarkwa-Maakro

P.O.Box Ks 14556 Kumasi – Ghana


Tel: +233 322 396233/4

5. Bolgatanga Bank of Africa branch

Plot No. 394, Central Residential Area

P.O.Box BG 408, Boltanga

Tel: + 233 382 023 023/ + 233 382 022 038

The branch is situated in a busy and industrious area full of Ghanaians who are ready to invest in the economy. Armed with a highly experienced and motivated staff who are ready to offer top notch financial solutions to the customers. Customers can also access other services such as ATM, SMS Banking and Internet Banking from the branch. All the products and services that are offered from other branches and other head offices are also available at the branch. The customer experience is of upmost importance to the institution that’s why it has invested heavily in training staff. Customers can also open up a savings and current account at the branch.

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6. Tamale branch (210801)

Plot No.8 Daboya Street, Old Market, Tamale

P.O.Box TL 1114, Tamale


Tel: +233-3720-27012 / 27013

Fax: +233-3720-27015

7. Bank of Africa Takoradi branch (210401)

10 Market Circle, Takoradi

P.O.Box AX 1306, Axim Road, Takoradi


Tel : +233-3120-23200 / 22413

Fax: +233-3120-24617

8. WA branch

Block “B” Dobile Residential Area, IEPER Street

P.O.Box 119 WA

Tel: +0392024449 / 0392024452

You can lodge the complaints at any of the Bank of Africa Offices. Then you will have to wait for a period of a maximum 20 working days in order to get the resolution. All this is done to ensure that the customer service is top notch and that the services offered at Bank of Africa Ghana branches are exemplary.


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