Taraji P Henson mourns death of her dog K-Ball: "I will miss my baby"

Taraji P Henson mourns death of her dog K-Ball: "I will miss my baby"

- Taraji P Henson had earlier asked her fans to pray for her tiny dog K-Ball

- The French bulldog was going in for surgery to correct a breathing problem

- Sadly, it developed complications and died

- Taraji said the pup had suffered so much and had issues when it came to eating and playing

Over the weekend, as other people relaxed and drunk away their stress and frustrations, US actress Taraji P Henson was biting her nails and praying for a miracle.

Taraji P Henson Mourns Death of Her Dog K-Ball: "I Will Miss My Baby"
Taraji's dog before its sad death. Photo: Taraji P Henson.
Source: UGC

The celebrity’s French bulldog K-Ball had undergone an operation after falling ill.

Taraji hoped the tiny pup would pull through but sadly, her grey fur baby died.

It was reported that K-Ball experienced complications after the surgery.

The 50-year-old Empire actress said on a social media post that her long time best friend could not recover and she had to say goodbye to it.

“Had to say goodbye forever to my baby. I am going to miss my sweet baby so much,” Taraji emotionally wrote on Monday, March 29.

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Taraji spoke of how the sweet dog was always good to her and made her life so beautiful for three wonderful years.

“K-Ball you calmed mommy's anxiety. What will I do without you? Mommy tried everything to save your life,” she lamented.

According to the actress, K-Ball had breathing issues and could no longer play or eat in peace during its last days.

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