Heroic Police Officers Swim Through Flood Waters to Save 82-Year-Old Woman

Heroic Police Officers Swim Through Flood Waters to Save 82-Year-Old Woman

  • An old lady was stuck in her car in the middle of flooding water
  • The police received a call and rushed to the scene tp rescue the 82-year-old granny
  • They removed all the gear they had on and swam in the flooding water to release the lady from her car

Three police officers in Michigan have become an overnight sensation after helping an old lady who was trapped in her car.

The woman was trapped inside her car which was in the middle of the flooding waters.
The police dropped everything they had on them and swam in the flooding water to rescue the lady. Photo: Fox 2 Detroit.
Source: UGC

YEN.com.gh has learnt the cops from Clinton Township overcame all challenges to rescue the old lady.

Fox 2 Detroit reported that the cops swam through floodwaters on Saturday, June 26, to get to the lady's car which had been swept by floods over the road she was driving on.

Further reports indicate the 82-year-old woman was trapped in her car and it was being swept off the road.

Police confirmed that they received a call at around 8 am that a driver was in distress on Millar Road.

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The officers noted that the car was mostly submerged and sinking as the water levels continued to rise when they arrived at the scene.

Acting fast, the three officers could not wait any longer as they removed all the gear they had on and jumped into the water.

They swam through the flooding water and pulled the old lady from her car before it was completely covered by water.

The officers were more than glad to find the woman alert and conscious.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital for observation and treatment.

This came even as residents of Macomb County experienced heavy rains on Friday night, all through Saturday morning.

Lady proves her undying love for her boyfriend

Just recently, YEN.com.gh reported how a lady became a social media sensation after proving her true love to her boyfriend.

This is after her boyfriend faked his arrest during his proposal to the lady.

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The unidentified woman, in a heartwarming video shared on Facebook by OMGVoice Nigeria, engaged a police officer who had ‘arrested’ her boyfriend while they were having a meal together.

The irate lady continued to plead with the police officer to let her boyfriend go.

The police officer had claimed that he was arresting his boyfriend because he was conning people of their hard-earned money online.

In a well-scripted plan which undoubtedly involved the officer, the boyfriend brought out an engagement ring from his pocket.

The unsuspecting lady was astonished as she covered her mouth with both her hands in the unfolding melee.

A majority of the netizens felt that it was such a wonderful thing seeing the girlfriend stand with her man at his hour of need, unaware that the whole incident had been stage-managed.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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