Former US President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn celebrate 75 years of marriage

Former US President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn celebrate 75 years of marriage

  • Former US President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn hold the title for the longest presidential marriage in history
  • The two met and started dating way before Carter got into politics, and have held on for years since leaving the White House
  • They recently celebrated their 75th marriage anniversary

Former US President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter have marked 75 years of marriage today, Wednesday, July 7, 2021.

Jimmy Carter revealed during an interview that he and Rosalynn always find fun-filled activities to engage in.
The Carters hold the title of having had the longest presidential marriage in history. Photo: The New York Times.
Source: UGC

It is a marriage that started when both were still civil servants, moved into politics, ascended to the top seat at the White House and have remained together mane decades later.

The Pinnacle of Carter's Life

CNN reports that Carter, who is also a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has always referred to the former First Lady of The United States as a pinnacle of his life.

"The best thing I ever did was marrying Rosalynn," said Carter.

Theirs is a marriage that started before both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama who would become US presidents later on were born.

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It is the longest presidential marriage in history.

Rosalynn Rejected Carter's Marriage Proposal

One interesting bit about the marriage is that when Jimmy first proposed to Rosalynn, who was by then known as Smith, she turned him down.

According to her, she was aged 13 when she promised her father on his death bed that she would only get married after completing college.

The two walked down the aisle after Rosalynn graduated from Georgia Southwestern College.

After turning down Jimmy Carter's proposal, Rosalynn finally accepted upon graduating from Georgia Southwestern College.
Jimmy Carter's first marriage proposal was turned down by Rosalynn Smith after she insisted on finishing college first. Photo: CNN Politics.
Source: UGC

Political Life

After leaving the Navy and running the couple's agribusiness, Carter took a stab at politics and was elected into the Georgia state Senate in 1962.

He soon became governor in 1970 and US President six years later, with Rosalynn as his biggest advisor.

According to the Carters' friends, Carter listened to Rosalynn above and beyond everybody else.

"He knows for sure that she is looking out for others. And I don't know if President Carter would have been president without Rosalynn," said Jill Stuckey, a longtime friend of the family.

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Part of Rosalynn's influence on Carter when he was at the top seat was the ability to tell him when he was both right and wrong.

One thing that made Rosalynn a revered first lady was her ability to tell Jimmy Carter when he was right or wrong.
During his era as the US President Jimmy Carter trusted Rosalynn's advice above and beyond anyone else. Photo credits: Diana Walker.
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Their Secret to Longlasting Marriage

According to the family's friends, the couple never gives up on a course whenever they put their mind to it.

"First of all, it's best to choose the right woman, which I did. And secondly, we give each other space to do our own things," Carter once said when he was asked about how they keep the marriage intact, as reported by USA Today.

He also added that they are always looking for something exciting to do together and, whenever they disagree, they reconcile before going to bed.


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