Crime Suspect Arrested after Making Inquiry about Reward Money on Police Facebook Post

Crime Suspect Arrested after Making Inquiry about Reward Money on Police Facebook Post

  • Lorraine Graves was on the police's Most Wanted list, and the authorities shared a post to ask anyone with information to come forward
  • The suspect went on the comment section of the post to inquire where the reward money was
  • The police took a screenshot, and two days later, Lorraine was arrested and her bond set at KSh 54 million

A woman from Tusla, Oklahoma, led to her arrest after commenting on a police post on Facebook about a Most Wanted suspect.

Lorraine Graves commented on her suspect's post on Facebook.
A photo of Lorraine Graves after her arrest. Photo: Tulsa Police Department.
Source: Facebook

The Tusla Police Department posted about a lady suspect they wanted to get information on and offered reward money for whoever knew her whereabouts.

According to CBS News, Lorraine Graves, who was charged with being an accessory in the murder of Eric Graves, did not hesitate to comment on the police post.

The young lady was reportedly associated with the shooting of Eric back in March at an apartment complex, and two other men had been arrested and charged with the killing.

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Lorraine, the remaining suspect, gave police an easy way of getting to her after commenting on her own post, saying: "Where's the reward money at?"

Police took a screenshot of the comment, and on Friday, July 16, she was finally arrested and her bond set at KSh 54 million.

In a post shared after her arrest, Lorraine could be seen smiling while in cuffs, but what is clear is it will be sometime before she comments on a police social media post again.

Fugitive calls police

In another incident reported in October 2020, a fugitive on the run for three years was arrested after calling 911 to report a snake bite.

The convicted drug felon who was hiding in Oregon, USA, called 911 after a rattlesnake reportedly bit him.

He was walking in the hills in Kells Canyon area and got lost in the process forcing him to call the Sherriff’s office.

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At first, the guy identified himself using a fake name but was later discovered to be Ryan Henry, a 33-year-old man wanted for a felony.

Ryan’s criminal history caused the rescue mission to be cancelled, and instead, officers were sent to surrounding areas and boats were dispatched to the vicinity.

The felon was traced, checked for injuries by first responders and transported to jail afterwards.

According to a statement by the Sherriff’s department spokesperson Ashley McClay, paramedics found no proof of a snakebite on Ryan.


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