Homeless man returns wallet owner, gets GHC290k as reward for his kindness

Homeless man returns wallet owner, gets GHC290k as reward for his kindness

  • A homeless man, Sean Currey, with no hope of regular food saw a wallet containing a lot of cash
  • Instead of using the sum, he contacted the wallet's owner and was rewarded with over $50,000 (N20,578,000) raised online
  • Sean's life quickly took a better turn and he now has newer clothes with the plan of getting his own house soon

A homeless man, Sean Currey, never knew his life would change suddenly when he returned the wallet of a grandmother he found when he was searching for food in the trash.

The wallet full of cash also contained some credit cards. The owner was identified as Evelyn Topper, an 80-year-old woman living in California, Understanding Compassion reports.

Sean's life was turned around.
The homeless man was happy that his kind act changed his life. Photo source: Understanding Compassion
Source: UGC

She couldn't believe it was found

Evelyn said she had searched everywhere for it, not knowing that she dropped it while taking her 12-year-old granddaughter to school.

Despite being hungry and without shelter, Sean returned the wallet. In reaction, Evelyn said that anybody in Sean’s position would use the money to better their life.

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To trace the owner of the wallet, the homeless man called the contact on the purse. The owner said she could not believe it when she was informed that the item has been found.

A good reward for a kind act

The granddaughter, Mikayla, was able to raise $475 for Sean on her birthday and dropped it for him. Touched to do more, the family set up a GoFundMe account for him.

In weeks, the account raised more than $50,000 from kind people. They registered a bank account in the man’s name and deposited the sum.

Sean was very happy and is looking forward to building a house for himself from the money.

Another honest homeless man

Meanwhile, YEN.com.gh earlier reported that a homeless man, Elmer Alvarez, found a cheque of $10,800 on the floor at a street corner. Instead of thinking of how to cash it, he did the most honest thing.

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The man decided to call the number at the back of the cheque. It should be noted that he had been living on the street for years before that incident.

He soon found out that the cheque belonged to a real easter broker called Roberta Hoskie. When the woman got the call, she did not even know that she had dropped it.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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