List of 2021 World's top 5 Safest Cities Post-Pandemic Emerge, US, UK, Germany Missing

List of 2021 World's top 5 Safest Cities Post-Pandemic Emerge, US, UK, Germany Missing

All over the world, wearing of face masks and other safety measures weren't really a thing until Coronavirus broke out.

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Top 5 list of post-pandemic safest cities in the world in 2021 emerge
US, UK and Germany cities are missing in the top 5 Photo Credit: Uji Ozeki, Andrew Merry, Bloomberg, Tonnaja, Tim E White
Source: UGC

Despite the pandemic, some cities in the world have managed to create a safe haven for their citizenry and visitors. presents top 5 cities in the world in 2021 that have been able to ensure higher safety indicators in areas of infrastructure, personal security, digital life, health and so forth.

It is noteworthy that this safest cities index was arrived and recently released by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

1. Copenhagen

Top of this list is the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen.

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According to BBC, the country has a massive COVID-19 testing programme in place that is free for all its citizenry as well as tourists.

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Copenhagen aside from its tremendous environmental security pillar that measures sustainability, air quality, waste management and urban forest cover, the city has an organized way of gathering data.

These data when gathered helps in the monitoring and catching of outbreaks early.

2. Toronto

With strong scores in infrastructure and environmental security, Toronto comes second on the list of post-pandemic safest cities in the world.

Canada's largest city also owes credit to its high safety rank to the community-specific vaccination programmes that was introduced.

3. Singapore

Singapore in Asia comes close in third place. The country has its strengths in its digital, health and infrastructural securities.

Pegged at 80%, the country also has one of the world's highest vaccination rates and yet hasn't slowed its strict monitoring and contact tracing in the face of new variants.

4. Sydney

Ranked number one in terms of digital security, Australia's largest city comes in fourth place.

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One interesting thing about its digital security is its Smart City strategic framework which outlines some of the innovations recommended for more connected and safer cities.

The country which has one of the lowest per capita COVID-19 death rate in the world was one of the first countries to completely shut its borders during the pandemic and hasn't relented in its strict lockdown ever since.

5. Tokyo

In fifth place, is Japan's city Tokyo. Its transport safety, pedestrian friendliness and transportation networks ensured it scored in the top five as far as infrastructural security is concerned.

It is said that vaccination has reached nearly 60% of the population.

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Meanwhile, previously reported that Africa Facts Zone has published a list of top 10 African countries that are the safest in Africa to visit in 2019.

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On the list, Rwanda tops other countries as Botswana, Mauritius, and Namibia get second, third, and fourth positions.

Morocco and Kenya also made the list at number sixth and 10th respectively. The list was published quoting Safari Bookings and Slate Africa as the sources.


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