Kind Students Surprise Their Gateman With New Vehicle, Give Him Key in Emotional Video

Kind Students Surprise Their Gateman With New Vehicle, Give Him Key in Emotional Video

  • A group of generous students has helped their school's gateman who always came to school on foot
  • To get to his workplace every day, Joe would walk slowly and maintained pace so that he would not fall
  • During the presentation of his new truck, the man was blindfolded before he was finally shown the vehicle

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A group of kind students put a big smile on the face of the gateman that works in their school. They pooled together their resources.

The man, Joe, always had to trek to school every day because he did not have a vehicle to transport him, Understanding Compassion reports.

He hugged the students.
The gateman cried in the video when he saw the gift. Photo source: YouTube/OMG Videos for you
Source: UGC

A big gift indeed

The students who had seen the man’s plight on many occasions decided they were going to give him a big parting gift.

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On the day they were going to give him the gift, they blindfolded him and took him to the parking lot in the school.

When they got to the parking lot, they handed him a gift box and told him to feel inside for the content and guess what they gave him.

You don't have to walk again

After his blindfold was taken off, they pointed towards the truck they bought. The surprised man was helped into the passenger seat.

Joe cried when the students told him he does not have to trek again in his life. He hugged all of them one by one.

Watch the moment below:

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He slept during the day

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young student, Walter, had to trek 20 miles on his first day to resume at his new workplace. His car broke down the night before so he resorted to going on foot.

Before morning, the young man tried to see if his friends could take him but nothing came up as it was such short notice.

The young man never allowed that to discourage him. Instead of staying back, he decided to walk all the way.

He left home at midnight

After checking maps and seeing that he would need seven hours to get to Pelham, Walter decided to leave at midnight. He slept in the afternoon and woke at 12 am to begin his journey.

He said:

“I wanted to be there before 8. I wanted to beat the crew members there to let the company know how dedicated I am.”

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