Confession: How African women are using STREPSILS to spice up things in the bedroom

Confession: How African women are using STREPSILS to spice up things in the bedroom

- African women have discovered another use of the Strepsils sore throat lozenges other than their intended use

- Women are using the pellets to spice things up in the bedroom

A post that appeared on Facebook a few nights ago claimed that Kenyan women had found a new use for the blue-Strepsils. Normal people use then as sore-throat lozenges.

A shocking confession of how women are using Strepsils sore-throat lozenges during lungula

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Scrap that. It was not even a claim. Scores of women were advising their fellow women to use the lozenges in their bedroom shenanigans.

The claims were not that far-fetched. It is claimed that that the menthol in the lozenges gives a man's phallus a tingling cool when having oral sex.

The reverse, when used by the man during fellatio, has the same cooling effects on the woman's petunia.

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See some of the reactions on social media:

Kenny: Am helping out mama wa shop as she attends church... Noticed something many ladies buying strepsils... I've run out of them. Kuna sore throat breakout, be careful.

Vellah : Kuja pole pole.. They use them for blow jobs

Jayden: Hahaa. .....its even more embarrassing to buy strepsils than condoms I presume

Catey: Strepsils-Cool has been used to give mind blowing BJ since 4years ago when it was discovered.

But it's only lately that even men all over the Internet want to know more about it and even experience it... but see the side effects. Lakini if you don't mind impotence,man,try strepsil-cool or anything with mint flavor - Yes

Not even claims that usage of strepsils can cause impotency or the manhood to shrink in size seems to be stopping these women.

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The Nairobi senator, Mike Sonko even made a post about it.


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