Ghana's version of Mortal Kombat is probably the best version out here

Ghana's version of Mortal Kombat is probably the best version out here

If you watched the 1995 version of Mortal Kombat, you probably agree with the popular notion that it wasn't a particularly good movie. Many people didn't find grade-Z acting and crazy soundtrack very appealing.

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If you are one of those people, you're in luck. The salvation of the Mortal Kombat franchise might be coming in from no other country than Ghana.

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Technically, the low-budget Ghanaian version of the Mortal Kombat is not better in quality than the 1995 version; and surely not better than the sequels that follow, but it appeals to a certain nostalgic feeling among people.

Mortal Kombat Game (Youtube)
Mortal Kombat Game (Youtube)

For most of us, our love for MK was not fueled by the movies but rather that videos game series, which was relaunched to some acclaim in 2011 and featured elaborate stories that carry out like alternate-universe versions of those films, albeit with much more complicated lore.

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In the Ghanaian version, most of the elements are directly taken from the video (maybe even as unlicensed assets).

That’s one hell of a trailer. There are drones! And martial arts! Even some pretty good costumes.

Even its special effects probably hold up against the 1995 version. If its three-minute trailer is anything to go on, it will be the definitive fictionalization of the eternal struggle between Earth’s greatest combatants and the fell inhabitants of the Netherrealm.

The Kumasi film industry—nicknamed Kumawood—is works on some very low budgets but is still able to churn out high intensity, comedic action movies. And there is no way you're not agreeing that that is one of the greatest trailers you have ever seen in your years.

Kumawood's Mortal Kombat is centered around the Princess Kitana whose peaceful homeland has been invaded by the dastardly Outworld warriors and Shao Kahn.

Ghana's version of Mortal Kombat is probably the best version out here
Ghana's version of Mortal Kombat is probably the best version out here

Kidnapped by the warlord and brainwashed into thinking Kahn is her father, Kitana trained in martial arts and lived her life unbeknownst of her true identity. Until...she takes part in Mortal Kombat? That's still a little spotty to me, but I'll roll with it.

The producer and film director of the epic movie, Alidu Amidu, spoke to Ghanaian website,, noted that he was very happy with how Ghanaians had received his work. "I thank God for making Ghanaians accept it. It's not easy at all to produce something that both media people and fans will find worthy of praise."

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The producer juggled a lot of responsibility to make the movie a reality after he had nursed the dream since he was the operator of a Game Center - a place where people gather to pay and play video games.

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