Beyoncé’s Mom Tina Knowles Attacks Trolls Over Daughter’s Renaissance 'White' Look

Beyoncé’s Mom Tina Knowles Attacks Trolls Over Daughter’s Renaissance 'White' Look

  • Beyoncé recently hosted the Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé launch and stuck to the metallic theme complete with a platinum blond wig
  • However, it appears not everyone was happy with Queen B's look, where some accused the singer of bleaching her hair
  • B's mom, Tina Knowles attacked the trolls who questioned her daughter's look
Tina Knowles defended Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé’ appearance
Beyoncé’s mom Tina Knowles attacked haters for questioning her daughter's ‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé’ look. Images: Getty, Amy Sussman/WireImage for Parkwood, Instagram: beyonce
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Beyoncé's look for the premiere of the anticipated Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé received mixed reactions and Tina Knowles decided to address the haters.

The singer's pictures from her launch made her look lighter in complexion and caused an uproar where netizens accused her of bleaching her skin and trying to be white (the platinum blond hair didn't help).

Tina Knowles defends Beyoncé

Mama bear to the rescue! Tina Knowles does not play when it comes to her babies and wanted to let trolls know where to get off.

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The businesswoman caught wind of the hate her daughter, Beyoncé has received from her Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé launch look and decided to step in on Instagram. B wore a metallic silver gown and gloves, complete with a platinum blonde wig.

Though many fans were blown away by B's look, others were taken aback and accused the singer of wanting to be white and addressed her fair skin. Tina reminded the haters that her daughter was neither the first nor the last to wear a blonde wig and told them to stop questioning her blackness:

"Black women have worn platinum hair since the Etta James days. Are they all trying to be white?
I am sick and tired of people attacking her. A white woman from TMZ had the audacity to reach out to Neal (Beyonce's hairstylist) to get a statement because fans are saying Beyonce wants to be white. That made my blood boil because that white woman felt so entitled to discuss her blackness."

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Netizens weigh in on Tita Knowles' rant

Celebrities cheered Tina on for defending her daughter:

issarae said:

"Go off!"

jackeeharry encouraged Tina:

"That’s how you go MAMA BEAR! Let ‘em have it, Tina! Your daughters and grandchildren are cosy in their skin - something these lowlifes will NEVER be."

tamiroman wrote:

"I hate you even had to address this! But they gon learn to respect yo gangsta!"

trinarockstarr hyped Tina up:

"Queen of the World! Unreachable, Unstoppable and Unbreakable, thy shall NOT entertain the jealous folk that didn’t manage to do anything with their lives."

iamlatavia posted:

"Educate Them they always try to break The Black Woman especially one they feel intimidated by. The true definition of a protector!"

hollyrpeete encouraged:

"Whewww -you better let them know!! This is what a GOOD mother does. She defends her child."

msvfox said:

"Haters are ALWAYS gonna hate! The higher u go the thinner the air!"

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Insider reveals Beyonce's plans to explore holding concert in Ghana for the Renaissance Album tour

In other news, reported a close source to US singer Beyonce, leaking information about the possibility of a Renaissance Album tour stop in Africa.

The insider disclosed that the American superstar may add Ghana to her list of countries for the world tour. Renaissance World Tour would kick off in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 10, with many stops across Europe and North America.


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