Is prom worth it, or should you forego it? The old-school tradition explored

Is prom worth it, or should you forego it? The old-school tradition explored

What is your most memorable high school event? Obviously, none beats the popularity of the American promenade dance, also known as prom. This old-school tradition is one of the most anticipated events in high school. But with all the hype surrounding the event, is prom worth it?

Is prom worth it
Teenagers in formal wear at a prom party. Photo: Kali9
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Is going to prom worth it? Various school traditions exist around. Among the most popular ones is the promenade dance (prom). This American school tradition is one of the most famous and most anticipated by teens.

What is prom?

It is a dance party for high school students in the USA. The event is an old-school tradition that began in the late 19th century in colleges and universities. The custom advanced from college to high school extravaganzas in the early 20th century.

Traditionally, boys wear formal black or white, often tuxedos, while girls wear dresses or evening gowns with accessories.

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Is prom worth it?

Is going to prom worth it? The event is among the most anticipated school events for high school students all over the USA. It is a special night to celebrate with their peers before advancing to college or university.

Depending on your preference, the event is worth it and can offer memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Prom is a chance for students to dress up and feel glamorous with their peers. The event allows students to boost their social skills and self-confidence through mingling.

What are the benefits of going to prom?

Is prom worth it
Teens are having a good time at a prom dance. Photo: Jupiterimages
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Prom is one of the most anticipated school calendar events for high school students. Attending such events can positively affect students as they can mingle with one another and make lasting memories. What is the main point of prom? Here are the additional benefits of attending the promenade dance.

1. It is a great opportunity for students to socialise

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Prom offers an excellent occasion for students to enjoy and socialise. Here, attendees can forget about schoolwork for a night, have fun, dance and make memories with peers. Students struggling with self-confidence can improve their social skills here.

2. It is a fun experience

One of the highlights of the senior prom is the music and dance. Attending is an opportunity for you to let go and enjoy yourself with your peers.

3. It is an excuse to dress up

Because prom is a formal event, students can dress up in fancy clothing and pamper your self. For girls, it is a night to look glamorous. Because of this event, girls can dress shopping with friends and visit the salon to get their hair and nails done.

4. Helps to create lifelong memories

Is prom worth it for high school students? Yes, it is. And one reason why the event is worth it is because of the lifelong memories created during the dance. Prom is usually the biggest event before high school graduation; thus, the memories and experiences will last forever.

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5. It makes your parents proud

Parents, like their children, also look forward to the prom night. One reason is that they can bond with their teenagers by helping them prepare for the dance event. You can create memories with your parents about the journey of preparing for the dance night.

Is it worth going to prom without a date?

It depends. Going to the event without a date can make the experience less enjoyable, as you might need a partner to dance with. However, the good thing about the event is that you can attend without a date. Most schools are opening up to singles and groups of friends attending the promenade dance.

What does prom look like?

It is a colourful event held in a ballroom with a dance floor. The venue has beautifully decorated balloons, streamers and lights, with a DJ or a live band performing for students. The event begins with a grand entrance followed by dinner, speeches, and a dance.

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Is it OK to never go to prom?

Is prom worth it
Teenagers dance together at prom. Photo: Jupiterimages
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Yes, it is. Just because it is a school tradition does not mean attending prom is mandatory. Going to the dance event is a personal choice.

Reasons why prom is not worth it

There are various reasons why attending prom cannot be worth it to some. They include the cost of preparing for the event and the stress of finding a partner; not everyone will enjoy the experience. Other disadvantages include negative experiences such as bullying and clashing of personal values and interests.

Is prom worth it? Yes, it is. The tradition is among the most anticipated events for teenage learners graduating high school in the USA. For many high school students, the event marks the end of four years of school. However, attendance isn’t mandatory, with some students opting to skip the event for various reasons.

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